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Burn victims may say, 'Print me some new skin, please'

01/24/2013 4:31pm
Scientists at the University of Toronto are on the cusp of bringing to market a printer capable of creating human skin. One day the technology may even create custom internal organs. When available, it may revolutionize burn care around the world.

J.J. Abrams to direct new 'Star Wars' film

01/24/2013 5:04pm
The director of the latest "Star Trek" movie is set to try his hand at a different universe, according to reports: "Star Wars."

How to lose two girls in one day

01/24/2013 7:33pm
My daughters occasionally ask to hear my dating stories. This true story — a cautionary tale, if you will — is about one guy, two girls and one engagement ring. It's their favorite.

Earliest evidence of chocolate in N. America discovered near Moab

01/24/2013 7:55pm
Archaeologists have discovered the earliest known evidence of chocolate in North America near Canyonlands National Park. The findings show that chocolate was present on this continent at least 300 years earlier than previously thought.

5 real places that look like they're out of a movie

01/24/2013 8:39pm
Many natural phenomena appear so mysterious and ethereal they seem to belong on another planet; others give the feeling of being straight out of a movie, rivaling the best of modern CGI. Despite appearances, these five locations are actually real.

Salt Lake City ranks No. 10 in happiest-city-to-work-in survey

01/24/2013 11:31pm
If you work in Salt Lake City, chances are your employment is contributing to your happiness. According to, Salt Lake City ranked No. 10 in a survey analyzing the happiest U.S. cities to work in.