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Researchers suggest 3 hours of daily exercise for young children

01/11/2013 9:18am
Researchers recently caught the attention of parents across the nation by recommending that children under the age of six get at least three hours of physical activity each day.

LEGO comes to rescue after boy laments over lost toy

01/11/2013 9:29am
A 7-year-old boy who was heartbroken over a lost toy has a reason to celebrate after LEGO came to the rescue.

Newborns recognize language heard in utero, study says

01/11/2013 9:41am
Mothers have long known their babies recognize their voice in utero, but now researchers say they recognize language in the womb and remember it after birth.

5 things you need to know before seeing 'Gangster Squad'

01/11/2013 9:55am
Here are five things to consider before investing your time and money in "The Gangster Squad."

Google predicts spikes in flu before CDC

01/11/2013 10:16am
While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are tracking occurrences of the flu this season, Google is taking it one step further by predicting outbreaks.

NASA looks at capturing asteroid, dragging it into moon's orbit

01/11/2013 11:30am
NASA is reportedly exploring a plan to capture an asteroid and drag it into the moon's orbit, something officials say may help one day put a man on Mars.

5 more movies streaming on Netflix to watch this weekend

01/11/2013 2:03pm
With frigid temperatures and snow storms staying in this weekend sounds like a treat. Here are 5 movies worth passing the time with.

Miss America contestant pursuing double mastectomy

01/11/2013 6:53pm
Win or lose Saturday, Miss America contestant Allyn Rose will have conveyed a message about breast cancer prevention using her primary tool as a beauty queen: her body.

Prodigal Dad coughs up a lung

01/11/2013 7:49pm
When I let it slip that I am sick (like my pajama top has them fooled) everyone reaches for the gallon pump of Skin-Be-Gone hand sanitizer and tells me to use the automated website.

Overwhelming response to 92-year-old's blog about loss of wife

01/11/2013 7:58pm
A 92-year-old man who took to the Internet to help himself deal with the loss of his wife ended up touching people worldwide with his story of love and loss.

23-year-old melanoma survivor: 'I don't want this to define me'

01/11/2013 11:39pm
After fighting cancer for more than a year, Brittany Wilson is cancer-free. She said she wants to start a nonprofit organization that acts as a resource for young adults with the disease.