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Ring in the New Year with the old you

01/01/2013 7:46pm
New Year's resolutions often mean, a "new you." I say, ring in the year with the "old you" by remembering the child you once were. Children exemplify what it is to be kind, loving and carefree in the simplest of ways.

Utah Symphony remains resilient through difficult times

01/01/2013 8:05pm
The Utah Symphony and Opera remains resilient even through difficult economic times and they are still one of the success stories of the America arts scene.

Not making resolutions and trying your best instead

01/01/2013 8:33pm
This week in Reasons to Run: This year I'm not making resolutions. I'm not setting any goals to run a personal best or tackle a new distance. Instead I'm going to give this year a theme to live by. It's simple: "Try."