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Eagle Mountain students give Christmas to family after tragedy

12/21/2012 9:31am
A family has a reason to smile in the midst of tragedy thanks to a fifth-grade class at Eagle Mountain Elementary School.

3 reasons 'This is 40' is better than 'Knocked Up' and 1 reason it isn’t

12/21/2012 10:25am
"This is 40" has a lot working for it, but because of its mature humor and very specific subject matter, it isn't going to find the same outpouring of love "Knocked Up" received.

Toddler hatches deadly snakes in closet

12/21/2012 10:47am
A toddler who took home a nest of eggs treated his mother to a surprise when the creatures inside turned out to be deadly snakes.

Satellite images show a dark North Korea

12/21/2012 11:45am
City lights are normally a fairly accurate predictor of population size, with some exceptions — the most glaring of which is North Korea.

Rudolph's red nose not a myth, researchers find

12/21/2012 12:08pm
Researchers in the Netherlands and Norway solved the mystery of Rudolph's red nose by employing thermal imaging techniques of both reindeer and humans.

Click, print, shoot: Downloadable guns possible

12/21/2012 2:24pm
Downloading a gun design to your computer, building it with a three-dimensional printer that uses plastics and other materials, and firing it minutes later. No background checks, no questions asked.

Boeing uses potatoes, not people, to improve airplane Wi-Fi

12/21/2012 6:45pm
Wi-Fi on flights can be frustratingly inconsistent, but Boeing is trying to improve it — by using potatoes.

NRA calls for armed police officer in every school

12/21/2012 7:04pm
Guns and police officers in all American schools are what's needed to stop the next killer "waiting in the wings," the National Rifle Association declared Friday, taking a no-retreat stance in the face of growing calls for gun control after the Connecticut shootings that claimed the lives of 26 children and school staff.

What's in a baby name?

12/21/2012 7:34pm
Prodigal Dad is about to be a grandfather once again. Before I mention the names my daughter wants to use to name her new baby, let me apologize to all the boys out there named Caius. Or Kayious. Kayak? Why don't you just name him "my mom may have been dropped on her head?"

Kidnapped LDS sister missionaries freed in Guatemala

12/21/2012 8:05pm
Rodrigo Trevino was informed Thursday morning by his LDS Church bishop that his missionary daughter, Sara Catherine Trevino, had been kidnapped in Guatemela.

The dark side of a million dollars: A story of debt

12/21/2012 8:33pm
Forget Pink Floyd's enigmatic exploration of "The Dark Side of the Moon" — those who have traveled into the recesses of the dark side of a million dollars will never forget their time as a negative millionaire.