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8 questions to ask yourself before acting like a drama queen

12/03/2012 6:15am
This week in LIFEadvice: Coach Kim gives useful advice on gaining clarity and avoiding unnecessary, drama-queen behavior. She suggests calming yourself down in the moment to avoid those tendencies.

Cellphones eating bigger part of family budgets

12/03/2012 10:46am
Have you ever looked at how much your family's cellphones mean to your wallet? Many people spend more on their phone plan than on almost anything else.

LEGO tracks down rare set for boy with Asperger's

12/03/2012 1:43pm
A Massachusetts boy had a dream come true recently thanks to his own determination and a little help from LEGO.

First 'Star Trek Into Darkness' poster is painfully familiar

12/03/2012 2:47pm
J.J. Abrams' newest film "Star Trek Into Darkness" has released its first teaser poster and there is something painfully familiar about it.

Pope joins tweeting masses with Pontifex handle

12/03/2012 3:16pm
Benedict XVI, the pope known for his hefty volumes of theology and lengthy encyclicals, is now trying brevity _ spreading the faith through his own Twitter account.

Mommy Medicine: Getting honest answers on herbs and supplements

12/03/2012 7:31pm
Purported benefits of dietary supplements in preventing disease and promoting health continue to evolve and are not exactly understood. Likewise, the use and effectiveness of herbal remedies has long been a hotbed for contention. So how do you know if these methods really work?