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Mentor to teen moms wins a High 5

11/09/2012 8:56am
Teen mothers find getting through high school a difficult task as they balance baby and schoolwork. Today's High 5 recipient has made a difference in the lives of countless teen moms.

5 reasons 'Skyfall' isn't just a great Bond movie, but a great movie

11/09/2012 2:39pm
The 23rd James Bond film, "Skyfall," is now playing and it may be one of the best, if not the best Bond's of all time. And not only is it a great Bond movie, but it's just a downright good movie. Here are 5 reasons why.

Utah 'Balloon Guy' creates Hobbit home from balloons

11/09/2012 5:01pm
A Pleasant Grove man is getting national attention for recreating Bilbo Baggins' home in "The Hobbit" — Bag End — out of balloons.

Prodigal Dad will sleep through space junk ... or at least try to

11/09/2012 7:56pm
I won't do a thing to discourage my kids from sleeping on the lawn ... even in November. Some of the most precious memories I have of my own childhood are from snoozing on the trampoline, watching for aliens to land in our corn. But I'm not staying out there with them.

Beauty, conformity go hand-in-hand

11/09/2012 8:36pm
A new study suggests that beautiful women are more likely to conform to social expectations and look for opportunities of self-promotion rather than tolerance of others who are different.