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'Striking mom' teaches 'disgusting' children a lesson

10/12/2012 11:28am
Many a mom has daydreamed of going on strike one day — no more dirty socks, sticky counters or crumbs ground into the floor. But a Canada mom made her daydreams come true to teach her kids a valuable lesson: she's not a maid; she's a mother.

Matt Damon thinks he's done with Jason Bourne and Die Hard 5 has a trailer

10/12/2012 2:52pm
Matt Damon explains why he doubts he'll return as Jason Bourne and the fifth installment of the Die Hard franchise "A Good Day to Die Hard" is heading to theaters in the coming months and we've got the first trailer for the action flick.

Prodigal Dad blows it big time

10/12/2012 7:37pm
When I am over my head, I do what any desperate, clever … did I say desperate? … father would do. I get out the leaf blower. I plug it in to the longest extention cord I can find, grab my earplugs, and clean the house one room at a time.

LDS Church says it won't go forward with 9-story MTC building

10/12/2012 10:46pm
After nearly seven months of dispute over a proposed nine-story building as part of the Missionary Training Center in Provo, leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have dropped the building proposal.

Fall, the season for comfort in a bowl

10/12/2012 11:59pm
Remember it is the season for comfort in a bowl. Give it a try, find a recipe, get some ingredients, add a little love and make some memories.