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What you should know about debt consolidation

10/09/2012 8:27am
Consumers should understand the nuances of the debt consolidation process and the figures that will contribute to escalating personal debt.

5 biggest earthquakes ever to happen in Utah

10/09/2012 11:45am
The movers and shakers of Utah, exposed. The earthquakes that have left a mark on Utah are remembered here.

Local band up for national indie music award

10/09/2012 2:01pm
A local band is in the running for a national independent music award, just in time for the release of their first EP.

Why do you run? I ran to find personal redemption

10/09/2012 8:36pm
Not one to settle for less than what I feel is my best, I set out to run my races this year with something to prove to myself.

Mom arrested for tattooing 11-year-old: are charges warranted?

10/09/2012 9:08pm
A mother in South Carolina is drawing criticism from parents across the country for tattooing her 11-year-old daughter. While some question why she's not being charged with child abuse, others wonder why she was even arrested.