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Wednesday's Child — Breckin

08/13/2014 7:37am
Breckin is a 10-year-old boy with an enthusiasm for life, but he's looking for a permanent home and a forever family.

New post-concussion test for student athletes 92% accurate

08/13/2014 9:14am
There's a new tool helping to determine when a concussed brain has healed enough to let kids get back to their sport: baseline balance testing.

Wednesday's Child — Kody

08/13/2014 11:08am
Kody is a 16 -year-old boy who loves to paint. He's been living in foster care for almost two years and is anxious to be adopted by a loving and accepting family.

A Utah mother shares a personal message about heart disease

08/13/2014 12:14pm
It's the leading cause of premature death in women, and men, but often the first sign that anything is wrong is sudden death. Lori Prichard introduces us to a Utah mother who has a message for other women about Heart Disease.

Wednesday's Child — Sorensen family

08/13/2014 1:08pm
Dennis and Romanza Sorensen saw a Wednesday's Child segment featuring Jordan one year ago. They have since adopted him.

Have You Seen This? Hip-hopping baby

08/13/2014 1:15pm
A baby stops crying and starts hip-hopping when her apparently favorite rap song starts playing.

Wednesday's Child — Gabe

08/13/2014 1:59pm
Gabe is a 12-year-old boy who loves Legos and ice cream. He's looking for a permanent home with loving parents.

Time hacks: 10 ways to find an extra hour each day

08/13/2014 7:31pm
What would you do with an extra hour each day? Sleep? Read? Cook? Here are 10 easy time hacks that will help find an extra hour each day to do, well, whatever you want.