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'How to Train Your Dragon 2' is what we love about summer cinema

06/13/2014 9:03am
The Hiccup and Toothless we grew to love in the original "How to Train Your Dragon" are in for some big changes in this summer sequel.

Parental parenting: Learning how to be a dad

06/13/2014 9:28am
Despite high levels of fatherlessness in America, more and more men want to be there for their kids, both physically and emotionally. Yet many dads still struggle to know what it means to be a good father, and how to become one.

Sending love to my kids' other 'dad'

06/13/2014 9:56am
After an accident left him paralyzed, an uncle helped raise kids with the same praise, care, love and guidance as a biological parent.

Tips to help kids spot a fake cop

06/13/2014 5:35pm
In the wake of an 8-year-old girl who was sexually assaulted by a man accused of impersonating an officer, police are warning parents to teach their children how to tell the difference between a real cop and an imposter.

Understanding the male side of the infertility struggle

06/13/2014 8:31pm
Undoubtedly men experience all the same feelings anyone dealing with infertility does: inability to plan one's future, difficult decisions about family building, financial strain, feelings of loss, watching friends/family experience parenthood, anger, shame. But, just as women experience infertility layered in our inevitable cultural expectations, men have their own version.