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Growing number of teens don't want summer jobs, data shows

05/14/2014 8:15am
Recent data shows an interesting trend among teens. Analysts say a growing number of them don't want to have a summer job.

Kid's viral bullying video shows how frustrated parents can get

05/14/2014 3:06pm
Sarah Cymbaluk of Fosston, Minnesota, is a frustrated mom who took matters into her own hands. After claiming that her daughter was repeatedly bullied on the school bus and the school did nothing about it, she posted a video on Facebook.

Idaho scrambling over same-sex marriage ban ruling

05/14/2014 6:10pm
A federal judge's decision to allow same-sex marriages in Idaho starting Friday has attorneys for the state scrambling to appeal and gay rights advocates planning their next steps.

Pregnant drivers have higher risk of car accidents, study says

05/14/2014 8:04pm
A recent study has found that women in their second trimester of pregnancy are at greater risk for being involved in a car accident.

My hesitation with the new Entrepreneur Barbie

05/14/2014 8:38pm
Reluctantly, Barbie dolls are apart of my daughter's life. Thankfully she's not crazy about them, and I'm glad Mattel manages dolls more interesting than just Beach Barbie. But with the launch of Entrepreneur Barbie next month, I'm underimpressed.