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4 movies with great messages for your family

05/12/2014 2:03pm
Looking for a movie with a good message for and about families that the whole family will enjoy? Here are four that you should check out.

Media promoting self-esteem may be detrimental, experts say

05/12/2014 2:31pm
Movies and TV for kids and teens that say "you can do anything!" may be giving a typically narcissistic generation false perceptions of the reality of hard work and good luck.

Family of boy with rare genetic disease treats each day as a gift

05/12/2014 7:33pm
Greyson Brown is no ordinary 5-year-old. Doctors diagnosed him with a severe case of nemaline rod myopathy when he was 1.

My kids are taking a school sabbatical

05/12/2014 8:46pm
With work, school and the usual activities of suburban family life, all five members of my family were giving our best everywhere else. By the end of the day, we didn't have much left for each other. I wanted to slow it all down.