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Utah no longer No. 1 for autism, rate holds steady at 2 percent

03/28/2014 8:19am
The rate of autism spectrum disorder diagnoses in Utah is holding steady, at 2 percent. Utah is no longer No. 1 in the nation for prevalence of autism spectrum disorder.

Exile from polygamous sect gets custody of kids

03/28/2014 9:44am
A Utah judge has awarded an exiled member of Warren Jeffs' polygamous sect sole custody of children who were being raised by his wives who remain members of the religion.

Firefighters belt out ‘Let It Go’ to cheer up little girl stuck in elevator

03/28/2014 8:32pm
Rescue crews are often known for their strength, bravery and poise under pressure. But when a little girl got stuck in an elevator, a group of firemen turned to their extensive knowledge of Disney princess ballads to save the day.