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Caretakers of adult parents could get tax break, expert says

03/18/2014 11:32am
Caretakers of adult parents might be eligible for a small break on their taxes. But getting this tax relief can be trickier than people may expect.

Surviving bad weather with children, no screen time

03/18/2014 11:58am
Activity ideas to keep antsy kids entertained during bad weather days, without TV and other screen-related technologies

3-D printer saves toddler struggling to breathe

03/18/2014 4:59pm
When Garrett Peterson was born, nurses couldn't rotate his head from side to side. Doing so made him turn blue instantly.

Is it possible to never argue with a spouse again?

03/18/2014 8:34pm
Using some humor, realistic advice and personal experience, here are five ideas to help avoid unnecessary quarrels with a spouse.

Plumber ad concerns couple whose child died following toilet mishap

03/18/2014 11:16pm
A Utah family is outraged by an ad they claim is insensitive, and they're warning parents about the hidden danger that lurks for their small children in bathrooms.