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Syndrome increases toddler's risk of leukemia, helps her fight against it

03/11/2014 9:41am
No parent can imagine hearing that their baby has cancer. But for one girl from Sandy, the condition that made her more likely to have cancer is also giving her a greater chance of surviving.

Mother of three loses 110 pounds

03/11/2014 10:35am
Alanna Gerwitz-Stern hadn't worked out a day in her life. She never watched what she ate, either. But after having her first son, Jacob, in December 2009, she couldn't seem to shake the baby weight.

'Burger King Baby' seeks birth mom on Facebook

03/11/2014 4:35pm
Woman who was left in a fast-food restaurant bathroom as an infant is looking for her mother.

Woman, 3 children to run race to remember father killed by drunk driver

03/11/2014 7:12pm
When Melinda Kunz first found out her husband had been hit by a car, she said she braced herself for a trip to the hospital, but never imagined he had been killed. A short time later, she discovered he'd been killed by a drunk driver.

Facebook executive working to 'ban bossy'

03/11/2014 7:35pm
A new movement created by prominent businesswomen aims to change the way we use the word "bossy."

‘Hot Facebook Mom’ defends latest controversial photo

03/11/2014 8:46pm
The woman known around the Internet as "Hot Facebook Mom" who stirred up outrage for her first "What's Your Excuse?" motivational poster talks to about her latest campaign and why she thinks it's beautiful.