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How important are fathers in children's lives?

03/06/2014 7:57am
Recent remarks by Pres. Obama highlight how important fathers are in this country. He said even he would be better off with his dad in his life. This begs the question, how damaging is it if dad isn't there for his child?

Purpose, poverty and the rising number of single moms

03/06/2014 8:57am
Evidence continues to point to single motherhood as a link to poverty, yet single motherhood is on the rise. So why are so many women putting children ahead of marriage? The answers are in economics and human nature.

All Maine-born babies to get $500 for college

03/06/2014 10:19am
The scholarship fund started by the late Harold Alfond that has provided more than 20,000 grants of $500 apiece to help parents start college savings accounts is making it easier for families to receive the money.

Teen suing parents for cash, college tuition loses 1st round in court

03/06/2014 11:03am
A high school senior sued her parents this week for financial support and school tuition, claiming they tossed her out with no way to support herself.

Girl Scouts asked to end partnership with Barbie

03/06/2014 12:52pm
A few weeks after her foray into the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, Barbie is entangled in controversy again, this time over her ties with the Girl Scouts.

Have You Seen This? 3-year-old teaches lesson about giving

03/06/2014 1:17pm
Children can make things so simple, reducing choices to basic consequences. Like a 3-year-old who donates her hair because she doesn't "want any kids to be sad that they have no hair."

Center your soul by making 3 simple changes

03/06/2014 3:27pm
As busy women, wives and mothers, the daily challenge can be, as Anne Morrow Lindbergh shares in "Gift from the Sea," "how to still the soul in the midst of activities … how to feed the soul."

Lehi airman pulls off 'Operation Surprise' with 4 pleased daughters

03/06/2014 9:36pm
An airman who came home a week early after a six-month deployment to Afghanistan came up with an elaborate plan to surprise each of his four girls in a carefully orchestrated series of events Thursday.