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For 39th birthday, woman hopes to find biological family

02/19/2014 8:15am
For her birthday this year, Danni Carlsen wanted help finding her birth mother. Since Feb. 13, she has been asking people to share what she knows about her on social media.

Barbie's latest gig: Entrepreneur

02/19/2014 9:12am
Barbie probably boasts the most diverse resume in history. And after sailing through 150 careers, her newest gig is an entrepreneur.

Wednesday’s Child: McKayla

02/19/2014 7:25pm
The path to adoption for children in the foster care system isn't always smooth. But one Utah teen is choosing to make the most out of a sometimes bumpy road.

Kansas bill would allow spanking that leaves marks

02/19/2014 8:29pm
A Kansas lawmaker is proposing a bill that would allow teachers, caregivers and parents to spank children hard enough to leave marks.