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NY couple charged after toddler calls 911 15 times

02/04/2014 10:02am
Authorities have charged a northern New York woman and her boyfriend because the woman's 2-year-old daughter used their cellphones to dial 911 a total of 15 times last month.

Brothers mourning loss of mother receive support from opponent

02/04/2014 10:08am
Kopa Iole Siatunu'u battled breast cancer for 14 years. She never let it keep her from watching her sons Albert and A.J. Semeatu play sports at Cyprus High School. Thanks to support from the community, the family is getting through a difficult time.

Traditional marriage is the best place to rear children, appeal says

02/04/2014 6:19pm
Utah has the constitutional authority to define marriage, and the union of a man and a woman is the best setting to bear and rear children, attorneys for the state argue in an appeals court brief filed just before midnight Monday.

Getting to the other side of impossible

02/04/2014 8:25pm
My faith in my husband is reasonably high, sure, but tackling the Ping-Pong table assembly job seemed beyond crazy — and in my experience, faith doesn't compensate for crazy. What happened next, and what my husband showed me about eliminating impossibilities.