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How (and why) to be the meanest mom in the world

12/07/2013 11:34am
When your kids tell you you're mean, take it as a compliment. The rising generation have been called the laziest, rudest, most entitled kids in history. Don't give up. They may think you're mean now, but they'll thank you later.

Fertility drugs lead to more big multiple births

12/07/2013 12:02pm
Triplets-and-more increasingly are the result of drugs given to women to make them produce eggs — not from using multiple embryos from IVF, or lab-dish fertilization, new research shows.

Victim's mother: Why 'evil did not win' at Sandy Hook

12/07/2013 7:38pm
Next week will mark the one-year anniversary of the deadly shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. To mark the event, Emilee Parker's mother is sharing how she and her family are working to honoring her daughter's memory through giving to others.