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School fees prove costly for many parents

08/28/2013 7:40am
It's been an expensive few weeks for parents as students head back to class. Many ask, why are school fees so high? And is it like this everywhere? The answer is no.

10 safety tips for back to school

08/28/2013 11:18am
There is no denying it; it's back to school season. The sales have begun, sports teams are holding try-outs and teachers are heading back to prepare for the coming year. And although there is a lot of excitement about fall fashions and who might have gotten their braces off during the summer, it's important that we pay attention to the safety of our children who are heading back to school.

Navigating the motherhood identity crisis

08/28/2013 7:31pm
Many moms experience that moment when they no longer recognize themselves. This identity crisis can happen to any of us at any age. This MOMentity article offers three areas of focus to find our personal identity in our motherhood role.

Pay-to-play fees not as advertised

08/28/2013 10:40pm
Parents say the costs of extracurricular activities are often much higher than what they are told to expect at first.

PG mom fights for cannabis-based drug legalization

08/28/2013 10:48pm
A Pleasant Grove mother is hoping Utah lawmakers can find a way to allow a certain marijuana-based medicines into the state to help her son who suffers from a rare disease.