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3 babies born to 3 sisters in the same month

07/30/2013 6:38pm
Tiny fingers, tiny toes, and tiny clothes are all things newborn babies have in common. In this case they were all things shared by three cousins born in the same month, two of them born on the same morning, in the same hospital, and by the same doctor.

Have you tried an 'I'm a Fabulous Mother' list?

07/30/2013 7:32pm
As mothers, we don't often realize the good that we do. Try writing down why you're a fabulous mother — a list of good things you do for your children — to remind yourself on one of "those" day that you're doing more than you think.

App helps parents, kids choose healthier school lunches

07/30/2013 8:49pm
Getting kids to make healthy food choices can be tricky, and a new app promises to help with that.