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5 Pioneer Day activities and festivals for families

07/23/2013 3:30pm
Utah has long celebrated its pioneers with a dedicated state holiday, filled with activities, pageants and fireworks. Reaching back to its 1847 roots when pioneers settled in the Salt Lake Valley, Pioneer Day rivals the Fourth of July in festivities

William, Kate, show off their royal newborn son

07/23/2013 5:08pm
Prince William and his wife Kate presented their newborn son to the world for the first time Tuesday, drawing whoops and wild applause from well-wishers as they revealed the new face of the British monarchy _ though not, yet, his name.

LEGO characters growing grumpier with time, study says

07/23/2013 7:32pm
One of the world's most beloved toys is widely known for bringing happiness to millions. But it would appear many LEGO characters have developed a bit of an attitude problem over the last few decades, according to a recent study.