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Parents, teens who interact on social media are closer in real life

07/19/2013 11:44am
Parents who comment, like and retweet their teen's posts aren't always invasive or embarrassing. A recent study shows parents who interact with their teens on social media are more connected in real life.

The great caffeine escape: How I quit a four-a-day habit

07/19/2013 7:32pm
Prodigal Dad has tried to kick the Diet Coke habit many times. When he can't think, or when things get loud at home, he hops into the van and makes a getaway to Diet Coke land for a scheduled unscheduled break.

Boy with rare chromosomal disease remembered as 'magnet of joy'

07/19/2013 9:20pm
The family of an inspiring boy who died after a three-year fight with a rare chromosomal disease is remembering their son, Paxton Norton, as a miracle child.