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Regular bedtimes improve children's learning, study says

07/09/2013 10:34am
Your child's bedtime may influence more than just their mood the next day. A new study suggests irregular bedtimes may negatively impact their test scores in early education.

Letter from NASA sends 7-year-old over the moon

07/09/2013 7:32pm
Dexter Anderson wants to go to Mars, and wrote NASA a letter asking how he could make his dream a reality. The response he received was nothing short of extraordinary.

Mother fighting to stop distracted driving after losing 2 daughters in crash

07/09/2013 8:48pm
Kim Schlau lost her two eldest daughters after a trooper responding to a crash hit their car five years ago. These days, Schlau travels around the country sharing her message of safety to those who are sworn to serve and protect.