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A letter to mom, on Mother's Day

05/12/2013 8:35am
An open letter to moms everywhere. Wherever you are this Mother's Day, I hope you know you're in my heart. I know we've had our differences, but you've been there for me from the beginning.

My mother is better than your mother

05/12/2013 2:26pm
In a head-to-head competition for the best mother, my mom wins hands down. She wins the sash, the diamond tiara, as well as the new car — and my own personal bias and the fact that I've been missing her for years has nothing at all to do with it.

Pregnancy: Why women wait to tell

05/12/2013 8:02pm
At the sight of those "two pink lines" of a home pregnancy test, whether you are a first-time mother or not, there are many wonderful feelings that are immediately present. Even with these feelings, many women wait to tell the good news.

Woman adopts 8 foster kids, named SLC foster mom of the year

05/12/2013 10:10pm
Sunday, the nation took time out to celebrate the mothers in their lives and the immense influence each of them has had on their children. For Jennifer Larkin, that meant being named foster mom of the year. So far, she's adopted eight forester children, ranging from 1-year-old all the way to 12.

Dying mother keeps promise to daughter with treehouse

05/12/2013 10:28pm
This Mother's Day means a lot more to one Cheryl Heaton than most. It could very well be her last, and she has a promise to keep to her daughter — a treehouse. And the community rallied to help.

Children of LDS First Presidency honor their mothers

05/12/2013 11:10pm
Many Utahns know the members of the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But many may not be quite as familiar with their wives: Frances Monson, Kathleen Eyring, and Harriet Uchtdorf.