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Experts warn parents of dangerous YouTube video challenges

04/30/2013 8:10am
Parents need to do a better job keeping tabs on what their kids see on YouTube, counselors say, especially with dangerous and risky challenges flooding the channels. However, some challenges may seem harmless are silly, so it may be difficult to convince teens not to take on these challenges.

Mother draws incredible art on sons' napkins each day for lunch

04/30/2013 10:50am
Some people leave notes in lunch boxes for their children, or write on the outside of a paper bag lunch if they're feeling like embarrassing their children. But one Brooklyn artists has taken the lunch note to another level.

Police take baby from parents who sought second doctor's opinion

04/30/2013 2:13pm
You might think seeking a second opinion on whether an infant needs heart surgery is a prudent move. Or you might think the child is in such danger that leaving the hospital is irresponsible.

Newborn baby found alone on Hawaiian beach

04/30/2013 4:51pm
Detectives are searching for the person who abandoned a newborn overnight at Hawaii's Sandy Beach Park.

Flight attendant 'humiliated' mom for trying to use breast pump on plane

04/30/2013 7:31pm
American Airlines is experiencing some turbulence after an Indiana mom claimed she was publicly chastised by a flight attendant when she tried to use her pre-approved breast pump on the plane.