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1 in 5 teen births is not mom's first child

04/03/2013 10:26am
Doctors are encouraged because the number of second babies born to teens is down a little from years past. Still, about one in five teens is having not one, but two or more babies.

Wednesday's Child: Kolby

04/03/2013 5:35pm
This week's Wednesday's Child is a curious boy who loves to learn. He recently showed KSL's Jennifer Stagg around Discovery Gateway, and they ended the day with a big dish of frozen yogurt.

Utah librarian starts one-of-a-kind program for teens with autism

04/03/2013 8:06pm
A Utah librarian is helping a segment of the special needs population that is often overlooked. Learn more about her new literacy program for older kids and teens with autism and a special Autism Awareness Month event at Kearns Library.

4 things to consider before committing to extracurricular activities

04/03/2013 8:33pm
Ever find yourself dreading yet another swim, flute or soccer practice? Each family creates its own balance between family and child-centered activities. Here are four ways to make sure you're on the sure path to sanity and stability for everyone.

Utah students with ADHD need more help, experts say

04/03/2013 11:02pm
According to a report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this week, one out of every five boys will be diagnosed with ADHD. Utah experts say the numbers show that more needs to be done to help these students.