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Schools provide safety nets for children of military families

03/21/2013 7:51am
A normally quiet child suddenly starts acting out in class. An enthusiastic learner's grades slip. Or a teen becomes withdrawn at school. Their teachers and friends may not know that their mom or dad has been deployed.

Parents' public shaming of children called into question

03/21/2013 1:33pm
Multiple cases of parents publicly shaming their children as punishment for misdeeds have gotten attention recently as debate has grown around whether the punishments are appropriate or even effective.

Kids more distracting than cell phones in cars

03/21/2013 5:59pm
The greatest distraction to your driving isn't your cell phone or radio. It's the kids in your backseat. A new study out of Australia found that drivers are 12 times more distracted by children than cell phones while driving.

Courageous walk through a grocery store parking lot

03/21/2013 7:27pm
Since my brush with death while walking through a grocery store parking lot, I've hit a few rough patches. My biggest is that I couldn't get myself to go back to the scene of the accident. In this edition of Momsensical: what happened and what I learned when I finally braved it.