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Mothers petition Kraft to remove artificial dyes from mac n' cheese

03/08/2013 11:03am
Two mothers are petitioning Kraft to remove the artificial colors that give their macaroni and cheese its iconic orange hue, hoping that other food companies will follow suit.

Finding a few Zs for Generation X

03/08/2013 7:31pm
Like many of my friends born in the first few years of Generation X, in the "Why me?" years, I need help to get to sleep. It will come as no surprise that the Prodigal Dad believes in better living through appropriate pharmaceuticals — and that includes better sleeping.

Couple adopts baby with the help of Facebook

03/08/2013 8:29pm
The Hances waited for years to add a child to their family and with the help of friends and strangers on Facebook, they finally did.

Former foster child adopts 15 special needs kids

03/08/2013 10:28pm
A Layton couple with experiences in foster care of their own have adopted 15 children out of the Utah foster care system, all of whom have special needs.