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Adopted 5-year-old 'lights up' hearing sound for first time

03/07/2013 7:59am
A 5-year-old girl hears her first sounds after adoption by family uniquely equipped to help her.

Spring break trip shows process of raising children just as valuable as product

03/07/2013 7:40pm
When I was a teenager, my parents told us that a spring break trip hinged on us earning extra cash. That was fine until we learned that the jobs Dad had finagled involved alarming conditions like trash collection, paper cuts and utter humiliation.

10 ways to save big on your grocery bill (without clipping a single coupon)

03/07/2013 8:47pm
It doesn't take a lot of sacrifice to save money on your grocery bill; a bit of strategy and a little extra legwork can go a long way toward keeping your cash in your pocket.