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Bill would require parents be notified of suicide threats, bullying

02/21/2013 6:27pm
Karen Peterson's 13-year-old son Buddy was bullied at school — "terrorized" in her words, on a near-daily basis by a group of male classmates.

Magic, mayhem and misery at a junior high talent show

02/21/2013 7:33pm
Ten years and three-and-a-half kids into our marriage, my husband Jeff told me a story. Over the years, I'd come to suspect that junior high hadn't been the highlight of his social career. This story removed all doubt.

Game time: How much is too much?

02/21/2013 11:47pm
Parents across Utah fear their kids are hooked, and their drug of choice is video games. But how far is too far, and what is considered "normal" gaming time? Those answers and a few suggestions on how parents can stop the obsession ecompass this KSL IN report.