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Lawmakers look to stop alleged adoption agency fraud

02/20/2013 12:12pm
A bill has been proposed at the Utah State Legislature that would bar "fraudulent representations" in adoptions. If it passes, adoption agencies could face penalties, including having their licenses suspended or even revoked, for fraudulent activity.

Mother delivers two sets of identical twins in Texas

02/20/2013 12:24pm
One in 70 million. Less likely than being struck by lighting. Less likely than getting in a plane crash. Still, a mother in Texas beat those odds when she conceived two sets of identical twins simultaneously — without the help of fertility drugs.

Wednesday's Child: Thomas

02/20/2013 5:38pm
This week's Wednesday's Child doesn't have any shortage of enthusiasm or sense of humor. What he needs is a permanent family to share it with.

12 fictional characters every girl should know

02/20/2013 7:52pm
The books we read as kids help shape who we become; and the ones we love speak to the soul. Every girl should have a steady diet of strong, confident, quirky characters to admire, love and emulate. This Book Matters list includes 12 great examples.