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Adoption bill aims to maintain 'loving, stable' homes for children

02/06/2013 1:33pm
A Utah lawmaker has re-introduced a bill that would allow Utahns in unmarried relationships the right to adopt a partner's child.

Deaf woman hears 8-year-old son for first time

02/06/2013 4:15pm
Fifteen years ago, Dawn Keim lost her hearing entirely after hearing perfectly well for much of her life. Her reaction to hearing her son for the first time after receiving implants is heartwarming.

Dads patrol schools to stop bullying

02/06/2013 6:35pm
A father is doing his part to stop bullying and secure his children's school.

From cute to clean: 8 reasons to give the gift of a great love story

02/06/2013 7:59pm
Instead of giving the predictable and perishable flowers and chocolates, this year give your loved ones the gift of a great love story. From adorable board books for the little ones to clean romance for adults, this Book Matters list has it all.

Wednesday's Child: Jason

02/06/2013 9:28pm
This week's Wednesday's Child is a boy of few words, but plenty of heart. We caught up with him at a recent Utah Jazz game for some close encounters with some of his favorite players.

Single act of kindness affects change in Utah teen's life

02/06/2013 11:39pm
During our Be a Friend campaign over the last week, KSL has received dozens of heartbreaking emails. But we also had one mother write to tell us about a simple act of kindness that had a huge impact on her son's life.