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Large study confirms flu vaccine safe in pregnancy

01/17/2013 8:58am
A large study offers reassuring news for pregnant women: It's safe to get a flu shot.

Some children may not show signs of autism later in life, study says

01/17/2013 10:16am
Some children may outgrow their autism diagnosis, according to a new study.

Utah County Health Department offers car seat class

01/17/2013 2:03pm
The Utah County Health Department offers free classes on how to properly install and use a child's car seat.

Getting kids to eat healthy begins with parents

01/17/2013 5:59pm
Many of us make New Year's resolutions to eat healthier foods, but getting everybody in the house to take part — especially kids — can pose a challenge. Utah dietitians say it takes hard work and dedication, mainly from the parents.

When was your last Keeper Moment?

01/17/2013 7:27pm
Keeper Moments equate to whole experiences. They engage all of our senses, which creates a whole experience, not emotional fragmentation. In these often random, simple moments, we feel, think and process in a way that multitasking doesn't allow.