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Photo shows baby reach out of womb, grasp doctor's finger

01/03/2013 2:55pm
A photo snapped in a proud father's moment of joy has taken the Internet by storm.

Workshop taps into spatial-visual strengths of children with autism

01/03/2013 5:47pm
The University of Utah's iSTAR educational program focuses on children with autism; specifically teaching them how to use computers for 3-D modeling.

The power in making just 1 change

01/03/2013 7:28pm
Overwhelmed with too many goals to achieve? Choose one key goal to get the ball rolling. You'll accomplish and become more while enjoying the process.

Jordan School District creates contest to increase parent volunteers

01/03/2013 8:12pm
The Jordan School District has developed a fun way to increase parent involvement in the classroom. The volunteers are being rewarded a pizza party with the students.

Boy, kicked off Facebook, creates kid-safe social network

01/03/2013 9:29pm
Zach Marks' parents kicked him off Facebook, so he built his own social networking site.

Tips for setting resolutions with your children

01/03/2013 11:05pm
Kids' resolutions often seem like a lot more fun than those of adults: some want to play with friends more; others just want to eat more ice cream. Parents, though, seem to have higher expectations for their children.