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Children encouraged to be active through technology

12/26/2012 4:25pm
From video games, to computer time to time in front of the television, technology has been blamed for our increasingly sedentary lifestyle. Now a small North Carolina company is changing that by turning technology into an impetus for active play in children.

Hope for peace on Earth, good will to men this holiday season

12/26/2012 7:34pm
Like most of you, I've been extremely distraught since hearing the news of the shootings in Newtown, Conn., earlier this month. But in a moment of helplessness, I stumbled upon something that gave me hope — a place to start in making this world better.

Utah birth rate drops for 4th year in a row

12/26/2012 10:25pm
Utah has had one of the nation's highest birth rates for quite a while, but over the last four years couples have chosen to have fewer children. One big reason for that: money, and the lack thereof.