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State-owned Qatar Airways seeks 10 pct stake in American

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 22nd - 7:13am

State-owned Qatar Airways is attempting to buy a 10 percent stake in American Airlines, triggering U.S. antitrust oversight of deals that size.

Iran begins exporting gas to Iraq

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 22nd - 7:13am

Iranian media are saying the country has begun exporting gas to neighboring Iraq.

Sears Canada says it is seeking court protection

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 22nd - 7:10am

Sears Canada says it is seeking court protection from its creditors in order to restructure its business.

Greek municipal workers' strike hinders trash collection

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 22nd - 7:04am

Thousands of striking Greek municipal workers marched through Athens on Thursday to press for better employment status, in the latest of a series of protests that have hindered trash collection in major cities.

AP sources: Senate GOP health bill would reshape Obama law

Alan Fram and Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 22nd - 7:00am

Senate Republicans would cut Medicaid, end penalties for people not buying insurance and erase a raft of tax increases as part of their long-awaited plan to scuttle President Barack Obama's health care law, congressional aides and lobbyists say.

Applications for US jobless aid tick up to still-low 241,000

Christopher S. Rugaber, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 22nd - 6:45am

Slightly more people sought US unemployment benefits last week, but the number of applications remained at a historically low level that suggests the job market is healthy.

Foxconn founder: US expansion might top $10 billion

Joe McDonald and Johnson Lai, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 22nd - 6:35am

The chairman of Taiwanese electronics giant Foxconn said Thursday it may spend more than $10 billion to set up manufacturing in the United States, and will announce investment plans by early August for at least three states.

Line messaging digital theme park to open in Thai capital

Kaweewit Kaewjinda and Kankanit Wiriyasajja, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 22nd - 6:35am

The text-messaging service Line plans to inaugurate an indoor digital theme park in Thailand's capital, seeking to squeeze maximum advantage from its popularity in the country, its second biggest market after Japan.

Applications for US unemployment aid rise to still-low 241,000, a sign of healthy job market

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 22nd - 6:35am

Applications for US unemployment aid rise to still-low 241,000, a sign of healthy job market.

Oil prices rebound modestly but concerns remain

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 22nd - 6:24am

Oil prices recovered their poise Thursday after slumping to 10-month lows on concerns of a glut in the market. However, concerns about the outlook remain and they weighed on a number of oil stocks in Europe.

Boeing beats Airbus in order race at Paris show

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 22nd - 6:06am

Boeing flew past Airbus in the race for plane orders at this year's Paris Air Show, thanks to a surge in interest in the newest version of the 737.

In Yemen's secret prisons, UAE tortures and US interrogates

Maggie Michael, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 22nd - 6:05am

Hundreds of men swept up in the hunt for al-Qaida militants have disappeared into a secret network of prisons in southern Yemen where abuse is routine and torture extreme — including the "grill," in which the victim is tied to a spit like a roast and spun in a circle of fire, an Associated Press investigation has found.

Study links legalized pot with increase in car crash claims

P. Solomon Banda, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 22nd - 5:31am

A recent insurance study links increased car crash claims to legalized recreational marijuana.

Gaza power plant back on, with help of alliance of old foes

Fares Akram and Mohammed Daraghmeh, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 22nd - 5:15am

The sole power plant in electricity-starved Gaza Strip sputtered back to life Thursday after receiving fuel from Egypt — a shipment that resulted from a surprising alliance between bitter ex-rivals, including the territory's ruling Hamas and an exiled former Gaza strongman.

AP Newsbreak: US, EU urge China to limit food import control

Joe McDonald, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 22nd - 4:33am

Food exporters including the United States and European Union are stepping up pressure on China to scale back plans for intensive inspections of imports that they say would hamper access to its fast-growing market.

EU leaders to weigh terrorism, defense ties, migration

Lorne Cook and Raf Casert, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 22nd - 3:54am

European Union leaders are gathering Thursday to weigh measures to tackle terrorism, closer defense ties and migration, convinced that anti-EU sentiment and support for populist parties are waning.

Food exporters including U.S., EU press China to suspend inspection rules they say will hamper trade

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 22nd - 3:36am

Food exporters including U.S., EU press China to suspend inspection rules they say will hamper trade.

Trump using Trump hotel to hold Trump re-election fundraiser

Julie Bykowicz, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 22nd - 2:27am

President. Candidate. Businessman. Three of President Donald Trump's roles converge next week as he holds his first re-election fundraiser at his hotel in Washington.

Q&A: More questions than answers on legal pot in Nevada

Scott Sonner, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 22nd - 2:18am

The drug sellers aren't the problem when it comes to the highly anticipated launch of Nevada's recreational marijuana industry. It's the distributors who have muddled plans to allow people to light up July 1.

Former immigration detainees challenge labor practices

Colleen Slevin, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 22nd - 2:05am

Every day, immigrants are told to clean their living areas in a privately run Colorado detention center or risk being put in solitary confinement. Some also volunteer to do jobs as varied as landscaping, more cleaning and cutting other inmates' hair, but the pay is always the same — $1 a day.