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3 reasons to come to Zion Nov. 5-11 this fall

Zion National Park  |  Posted Oct 20th - 8:00am

Perhaps the best time to visit Zion National Park is the week beginning Monday, Nov. 5. The colors are turning, the air is crisp, summer crowds have dissipated and artists are on hand to capture the park's beauty.

DIY: Give your kitchen a new look with this easy cabinet makeover

KSL Classifieds  |  Posted Oct 19th - 9:00pm

On the lookout for some kitchen makeover ideas? You’re in the right place! We have a great one that will make your kitchen feel brand new without costing an arm and a leg.

Family safe blinds: how a local shop is making a difference

Allied Furnishings  |  Posted Oct 19th - 9:11am

If your old blinds aren't doing their job, it's time for an update. Your home, your wallet and your family will thank you.

7 crazy-awesome natural bridges and arches in Utah  |  Posted Oct 18th - 9:00pm

Utah boasts an architectural freak-scape of sky-spanning natural bridges. But what's in it for you? Here are our top seven natural bridges and arches you can immediately add to your bucket list.

10 of the best exotic cars on KSL Cars

KSL Cars  |  Posted Oct 18th - 3:00pm

With some patient searching on KSL Cars, you’ll find exotics that are being sold for a fraction of their original value — some with shockingly few miles.

What’s the best career for your personality? Find out here

KSL Jobs  |  Posted Oct 18th - 8:00am

Once you’ve narrowed down the fields suited to your personality type, go to KSL Jobs to search. Even if you aren’t changing jobs, understanding the personality types out there can help you understand your coworkers a little better.

4 tips for using your fitness tracker to maximize health benefits

Mountainstar Healthcare  |  Posted Oct 17th - 3:00pm

If you're hoping your Fitbit will improve your health and fitness, you'll need to "step" it up.

5 reasons cybersecurity should be a vital part of your daily life

Salt Lake Chamber  |  Posted Oct 17th - 8:00am

Cybersecurity has never been as important as it is now. Here are five reasons cybersecurity should be a part of your daily life.

5 must-have qualities of every good medical assistant

Eagle Gate College  |  Posted Oct 16th - 7:36am

While medical assistants need appropriate education and training, they also need some intangible qualities. Here are a few that can help them be successful.

Adventure wagons: A look at the versatility of Sprinter vans

KSL Cars  |  Posted Oct 15th - 9:00pm

Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit vans are making the switch from workhorse to adventure wagon. Both are available in a variety of height, length, and layout configurations to fit your lifestyle. Here are some things to know.

Boost the value of your home with these key improvements

Amsco Windows  |  Posted Oct 15th - 2:59pm

Homeowners across the country annually spend more than $300 billion on residential renovations and repairs. So what are they spending their dollars on? Learn essential improvements that will boost the value of your home.

Fall escape to Historic Park City will leave you wanting more

Historic Park City  |  Posted Oct 14th - 3:00pm

Don't wait for ski season — the fun in Historic Park City is happening right now.

5 reasons Utah residents are moving to solar

Solaroo  |  Posted Oct 14th - 8:00am

The percentage of people choosing solar energy for their homes continues to grow and it appears everyone is reaping the benefits. Here are some common reasons more Utah residents are opting for solar.

Body contouring without the pain

Crystallize Spa  |  Posted Oct 13th - 3:00pm

Cryolipolysis, or fat freezing, offers a totally new body contouring system with slimming results, but without the downsides of pain, potential risks and recovery time. Learn if it is for you.

50% off Grado's legendary headphones, great value on popular Gillette razor, cordless vac at a fraction of Dyson price

Tech Bargains  |  Posted Oct 13th - 8:00am

TechBargains' weekly deals feature electronics, computers, TVs and more. Prices and stock are accurate at the time of posting. Act quickly, because these deals can end without notice.

DIY: How to refinish kitchen cabinets with Chalk Paint

KSL Classifieds  |  Posted Oct 12th - 9:00pm

If you’re feeling inspired to do a chalk paint kitchen refinish, here are all the steps and the info you need for this awesome DIY project.

6 tips for simple, affordable kids' Halloween costumes

Intermountain Riverton Hospital  |  Posted Oct 12th - 8:00am

Halloween is on its way, which means crunch time for parents. DIY costumes can be the perfect affordable solution when you're not sure what to do for Halloween. These tips will help ease the process.

'Jane and Emma' movie highlights an unlikely historical friendship

Jane and Emma  |  Posted Oct 11th - 9:00pm

With "Jane and Emma" coming out this week, viewers may have questions about the background of the story and the making of the film. How could two women of different races be close friends at this point in history? Here's a more in-depth look.

Halloween is dangerous for pedestrians: tips to make it safer

Intermountain Riverton Hospital  |  Posted Oct 11th - 3:00pm

Halloween is a fun holiday, but unfortunately, it is one of the most dangerous days for pedestrians.

5 things you don't know about how vaping is impacting Utah youths

Robert J. DeBry  |  Posted Oct 11th - 8:00am

While traditional smoking has gone down among U.S. teens, tobacco use hasn’t. Presented as a less innocuous, more flavorful option then cigarettes, vaping with e-cigarettes has become a trendy activity for today’s teen.