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3 new studies show weight loss isn't all about diet and exercise

Pür Life Medical  |  Posted Aug 25th - 8:00am

If your doctor tells you it only boils down to diet and exercise, seek another opinion.

Tired of the outdoors? 9 options for indoor family fun

Robert J. DeBry & Associates  |  Posted Aug 24th - 8:00am

Whether your goal for staying inside is to beat the heat, avoid the crowds, or save a few dollars, each of the following activities can provide you with quality entertainment within the walls of your own home.

Store your valuables anonymously and securely at this local, private vault

Safe Haven Private Vaults  |  Posted Aug 21st - 8:07am

It's so anonymous, you don't even need to sign your name.

Unexpectedly homeschooling? Here are 4 tips to help you through it

B Y U Pathway Worldwide  |  Posted Aug 20th - 7:00pm

Homeschooling is no easy task, but taking advice from seasoned parents and experts can make a difference.

How can you help Utah's less fortunate mothers and babies

Woodside Homes  |  Posted Aug 20th - 3:38pm

The pandemic has left many new mothers and babies without the necessities they need.

Need a new car for the new school year? 5 things to consider

Volkswagen Southtowne  |  Posted Aug 20th - 8:28am

No matter what your school year looks like, be sure your car can handle it.

Utah employers are looking for this one thing more than anything else

B Y U Pathway Worldwide  |  Posted Aug 19th - 7:00pm

According to a recent study, 61% of Utah employers want their employees to focus on this.

Utah's less-visited destinations are treasures waiting to be explored — safely and responsibly

Utah Office Of Tourism  |  Posted Aug 19th - 3:00pm

While Utah’s most famous destinations certainly stand up to their reputations, you might be ready to venture off the interstate and onto the road less traveled.

11 tips to help you sleep better during the COVID-19 pandemic

Intermountain Livewell  |  Posted Aug 19th - 8:00am

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a negative impact on how people are sleeping. Intermountain sleep experts have 11 recommendations to help you have a better night’s sleep.

How physical rehabilitation made one teen's long road to recovery much faster

University Of Utah Health  |  Posted Aug 18th - 7:13pm

After a severe car accident left him badly injured, Zach had to learn how to do basic tasks all over again.

4 local businesses show leadership by committing to 'Stay Safe to Stay Open' pledge

Salt Lake Chamber  |  Posted Aug 18th - 8:00am

These four local businesses that took the "Stay Safe to Stay Open" pledge illustrate deeper principles we can apply to our lives.

4 surefire ways to prep for a job interview — and nail it

Bobby MacEy for KSL Jobs  |  Posted Aug 17th - 7:00pm

Interview skills need some work? We reached out to the owner and founder of, Bobby Macey, for advice on how to crush your next interview.

Free seminar series helps Utah doctors learn to treat psoriasis

University Of Utah Health  |  Posted Aug 16th - 8:00am

Medical providers can learn from the University of Utah Health's psoriasis experts.

5 reasons an eyelid lift can help you look awake and refreshed

Eyelid Center Of Utah  |  Posted Aug 15th - 8:00am

Call it sleep deprivation, stress or genetics, but for most people, droopy eyelids are just part of life.

Heart of Minky QUIZ: What cool dog are you?

Minky Couture  |  Posted Aug 13th - 3:00pm

Find out what dog you really are, and enter to win a free Minky Couture blanket!

5 home improvement projects you can finish this weekend

Giant Carpet One  |  Posted Aug 13th - 8:00am

Put your time off to good use and update a few things in your home.

Why the new Ford Bronco is awesome (and why you're going to want one)

Jason Bell for KSL Cars  |  Posted Aug 12th - 7:16pm

Here are five reasons why the new Ford Bronco is awesome — and why you’re probably going to want one.

What you should do if your landlord is threatening eviction

Utah State Bar  |  Posted Aug 12th - 8:00am

Take some free advice from Utah's legal experts—literally.

Skip the doctor's office and get an MRI on your own—for much less

Taylormed Mri  |  Posted Aug 11th - 7:00pm

Get straight to the issue of your chronic pain without several trips to the doctor and hospital.