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6 essential Marvel movies to watch to prepare for 'Avengers: Infinity War'

Amanda Taylor, Contributor  |  Posted   Apr 19th - 7:32pm

Below are the essential must-watch Marvel movies to be sure you’re familiar with before strolling into the — I’m sorry — gauntlet.

Payson students treated to rock show in the middle of the school day

Jacob Klopfenstein,  |  Posted   Apr 18th - 8:05pm

Students at Payson High School had an experience earlier this month that not many high-schoolers get: A rock concert in the middle of the school day.

Steven Spielberg is doing a superhero movie, so get ready

Sandra Gonzalez, CNN  |  Posted   Apr 18th - 11:00am

Steven Spielberg, an iconic maker of movie worlds, is about to join the DC Universe.

Bill Cosby’s graphic testimony could undercut his defense

Michael R. Sisak and Claudia Lauer, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 17th - 8:12pm

Bill Cosby’s own words from 2005 might have undercut his defense on sexual-assault charges. Prosecutors on Tuesday sought to maximize the impact of Cosby’s graphic deposition, in which he testified about his sexual encounter with chief accuser Andrea Constand.

Netflix is proving to be a tough act for copycats to follow

Michael Liedtke, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 17th - 1:38pm

Netflix's video-streaming service has been thriving for so long that other companies are striving to duplicate its success in other kinds of digital entertainment and content.

Meet the deaf Utah teen who stars in thriller ‘A Quiet Place’

Liesl Nielsen,  |  Posted   Apr 16th - 4:13pm

"A Quiet Place" is the stuff of nightmares as two parents fight to keep their children safe in a post-apocalyptic world. But for deaf Bountiful actress Millicent Simmonds, it’s been more a dream than a nightmare.

In a close race, 'Rampage' takes No. 1 from 'A Quiet Place'

Lindsey Bahr, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 15th - 1:29pm

After a wobbly start, Dwayne Johnson muscled his way to a No. 1 opening for "Rampage" — but just barely. Close on its heels was the word-of-mouth sensation "A Quiet Place" in its second week in theaters, and not too far behind that was the Blumhouse horror "Truth or Dare" in a competitive weekend at the box office.

8 best new titles streaming this April on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted   Apr 14th - 3:02pm

It’s a new month, which means we have a whole new batch of titles streaming for our viewing pleasure. Some solid titles have shown up in April on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu and I’m here to let you know what some of the best ones are.

High note: Utah Symphony members find joy, talent in Haiti workshops

John Hollenhorst, KSL TV  |  Posted   Apr 14th - 12:06pm

When Utah Symphony musicians went to the Caribbean, it wasn't to hang out on a beach. They put their musical skills to work helping people in a downtrodden place.

Review: The Rock’s ‘Rampage’ is entertaining, but lacks substance

Dave Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted   Apr 13th - 3:30pm

It's been 32 years since the video game "Rampage" was released. Is it still too soon to make a movie based on the game? Apparently not.

U2’s record-breaking 360° tour stage to be featured at Loveland Aquarium

Connor Richards,  |  Posted   Apr 13th - 10:15am

"The Claw," a massive concert stage that was used during U2's record-breaking 360° tour from 2009 to 2011, has a new home: the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium in Draper.

Rebecca Clyde: Chrissy Metz shouldn’t have to defend her self-esteem

Rebecca Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted   Apr 12th - 8:37pm

Chrissy Metz is on the most recent cover of People Magazine. Here are three things you can learn about body acceptance from her life experiences.

FanX adds Chuck Norris, Tom Welling to celebrity guest lineup

Liesl Nielsen,  |  Posted   Apr 12th - 5:28pm

It’s been said when the boogeyman goes to sleep, he checks under his bed for Chuck Norris. Well, the monster can rest easy in early September because Chuck Norris will be far away.

Spotify and Hulu team up for $13 subscription bundle

Jackie Wattles, CNN  |  Posted   Apr 12th - 8:13am

Spotify and Hulu are joining forces in an attempt to draw more subscribers to their platforms.

Provo band Grey Glass is unabashedly alternative

Spencer Sutherland, Contributor  |  Posted   Apr 11th - 3:00pm

When Grey Glass singer and guitarist Tal Haslam moved from San Diego to Provo, he started playing open mic nights —not just to show off his songwriting skills, but to find musicians who wanted to start a rock band. But that was easier said than done

After Vegas, Jason Aldean carries the weight of tragedy

Kristin M. Hall, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 9th - 10:25am

Last October, Jason Aldean was in a Las Vegas hospital visiting some of the victims injured in a mass shooting at a country music festival a week earlier. On that Sunday afternoon, the country star turned to his longtime manager, Clarence Spalding.

'A Quiet Place' roars at box office with $50M debut

AP Film Writer, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 8th - 12:41pm

John Krasinksi's "A Quiet Place" made a thunderous debut at the box office, opening with $50 million in ticket sales and rumbling to the year's second-best weekend after "Black Panther," according to studio estimates Sunday.

What parents need to know about 'Isle of Dogs'

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted   Apr 7th - 3:49pm

Here I’m going to lay out for you why “Isle of Dogs” is rated PG-13 and hopefully help you make some decisions on whether or not you should take your family to the new Wes Anderson flick.

Wes Anderson fetches laughs with stop-motion 'Isle of Dogs'

Dave Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted   Apr 7th - 11:55am

If you've been wondering why there haven't been any good animated movies about dogs all year, your wait is over. "Isle of Dogs" is an offbeat but genuinely funny movie about the unspoken bond between dogs and humans.

What parents need to know about 'A Quiet Place'

Dave Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted   Apr 6th - 3:00pm

Here's a content guide for John Krasinski's new horror film "A Quiet Place" that will help you decide if it's appropriate for you and your family.