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Macedonia to hold early vote after corruption allegations

Konstantin Testorides, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 7th - 5:00am

Macedonia is holding an early general election after a nearly two-year political crisis that has roiled the government and threatens the Balkan nation's ambitions of joining NATO and the European Union.

Ransomed: The freeing of 226 Christians from Islamic State

Lori Hinnant, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 6th - 9:40am

The millions in ransom money came in dollar by dollar, euro by euro from around the world. The donations, raised from church offerings, a Christmas concert, and the diaspora of Assyrian Christians on Facebook, landed in a bank account in Iraq. Its ultimate destination: the Islamic State group.

German conservatives back Merkel amid tough talk on migrants

Geir Moulson, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 6th - 9:21am

Chancellor Angela Merkel won a new term Tuesday as the leader of Germany's main conservative party after stressing her determination to prevent a repeat of last year's huge migrant influx and advocating a partial ban on face-covering veils.

UN humanitarian efforts running short of land near Mosul

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 7th - 3:21pm

The U.N.'s top humanitarian official for Iraq says finding enough land to shelter those displaced by the fighting to retake Mosul from the Islamic State group is just the latest challenge in their efforts to protect the one million people believed to still be holed up in the city.

Ellison says he'll resign from Congress if elected DNC chair

Lisa Lerer, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 7th - 1:51pm

Rep. Keith Ellison said Wednesday he'll resign his seat in Congress if he's elected chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Pope insists suggestion on remarried has church backing

Nicole Winfield, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 7th - 11:50am

Pope Francis says the majority of the world's bishops back his suggestion that civilly remarried Catholics can receive Communion, adding fuel to the debate that has riled some conservative Catholics.

Pope warns about fake news - from experience

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 7th - 10:21am

Pope Francis is warning about the dangers of fake news, and he should know: Earlier this year, he was reported — falsely — to have endorsed Donald Trump for U.S. president.

Christmas gifts for underprivileged kids stolen from church

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 7th - 6:30am

Police in Connecticut are investigating the theft of dozens of toys collected for underprivileged children from a Watertown church.

Germany: 3 teens go on trial over bombing a Sikh temple

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 7th - 6:10am

Three teenagers have gone on trial in Germany over an explosion at a Sikh temple in the western city of Essen.

The Latest: Judge refuses to delay Dylann Roof's trial

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 6th - 5:00pm

The Latest on the trial of Dylann Roof charged with killing nine people in a Charleston church (all times local):

Ransomed: The race to free 226 Christian hostages in Syria

Lori Hinnant, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 6th - 3:20pm

Deep inside Syria, a bishop worked secretly to save the lives of 226 members of his flock from the Islamic State group — by amassing millions of dollars from his community around the world to buy their freedom.

Court won't hear appeal of rabbi after wife beaten to death

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 6th - 2:41pm

New Jersey's highest court won't hear an appeal from a rabbi convicted of plotting the 1994 murder-for-hire of his wife at their home.

Muslim cleric in US court says he wasn't convicted in Israel

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 6th - 2:02pm

The leader of one of New Jersey's largest mosques took the stand in court Tuesday to defend himself against charges he lied on his green card application.

Graffiti welcomes Muslims at Islamic center in Missouri

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 6th - 10:31am

At a time when reports of anti-Muslim sentiment are rising, an Islamic Center in Missouri has received a different message.

Romania accused of discriminating against Hungarian festival

Alison Mutler, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 6th - 8:51am

The Romanian culture ministry has discriminated against Hungarians in the country by failing to win international recognition for a religious festival, an ethnic Hungarian politician said Tuesday.

Church matriarch gets jail for beating that killed teen boy

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 6th - 7:40am

The matriarch of a small New York church where two brothers were beaten for hours during a counseling session has been sentenced to two years in jail.

AP Explains: What's behind persecution of Myanmar's Rohingya

Grant Peck, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 5th - 7:01pm

Myanmar's Muslim Rohingya minority face discrimination and violence from the Buddhist majority in the Southeast Asian country. Their plight generally goes unnoticed by the world at large, even though some rights activists say their persecution amounts to ethnic cleansing. Here are several things to know about the group:

Muslim cleric appears in court fighting against deportation

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 5th - 5:50pm

The leader of one of New Jersey's largest mosques, who is accused of lying on his green card application, was in court Monday to fight deportation.

Argentina prosecutor: Priests abused at least 22 children

Almudena Calatrava, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 5th - 2:31pm

At least 22 children were sexually abused by two priests at a school for youths with hearing disabilities in Argentina, an investigating prosecutor said Monday.