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'Being a nerd is maybe not so bad' — 10K kids see physics in motion at Lagoon

Ashley Imlay, KSL  |  Posted   May 20th - 8:17am

Once every year, students from around Utah and neighboring states converge on Lagoon to put skills they've learned in school to the test and to see physics in motion during what may be the most fun day in science class.

Families celebrate the 'light' from premature births

Wendy Leonard, KSL  |  Posted   May 19th - 6:05pm

Hundreds of Utahns walked during the March of Dimes March for Babies at Sugarhjouse Park on Saturday.

West Valley preschool granted STEM Imagination Playground

McKenna Park, KSL  |  Posted   May 19th - 8:34am

Utah Community Action granted a new Imagination Playground system to Catherine C. Hoskins Head Start preschool Monday, consisting of custom-designed, oversized foam pieces allowing children to create and re-create play spaces.

Parents' guide: How 'Deadpool 2' earned its R rating

Dave Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted   May 18th - 6:29pm

This year we will see no shortage of Marvel movies but please keep in mind not all superhero movies are created equally. "Deadpool 2" is not a film for everyone, and it has an R rating to prove it.

Utah lawmaker wants to raise legal marriage age to 18

Lindsay Whitehurst, Associated Press  |  Posted   May 18th - 5:15pm

A push against underage marriage in the U.S. is coming to Utah, where a lawmaker wants to raise the legal marriage age to 18 to prevent girls from being pressured into the unions associated with higher poverty and lower education rates.

Herriman community searching for solutions after teen suicides

Liesl Nielsen,  |  Posted   May 17th - 10:41pm

For Utah teen Elijah Dean, it was the fear of worrying his friends and family that kept him silent.

US births hit a 30-year low, despite good economy

Mike Stobbe, Associated Press  |  Posted   May 17th - 10:02am

U.S. birth rates declined last year for women in their teens, 20s and — surprisingly — their 30s, leading to the fewest babies in 30 years, according to a government report released Thursday.

Mother warns about dangers of 'fainting game' after South Jordan boy dies

Alex Cabrero, KSL TV  |  Posted   May 15th - 8:38pm

A funeral is planned Wednesday morning to remember the life of a 12-year South Jordan boy who died this past weekend playing a dangerous game with is friends. Now, his mother is warning others.

4 games you may not know your kid can use to chat online

Carrie Rogers-whitehead, Contrib...  |  Posted   May 14th - 2:51pm

While parents usually feel comfortable letting their young children play online games now and then, those games often have a social component that most parents don't expect.

US stillbirths and newborn deaths down 11.5 percent, study says

Mark Lieber, CNN  |  Posted   May 14th - 10:33am

A recent drop in stillbirths and newborn deaths in the United States might be linked to an increase in term or near-term births, a new study suggests.

He donated blood plasma every week for 60 years and saved the lives of 2.4 million babies

Doug Criss, CNN  |  Posted   May 13th - 9:48pm

Most people, when they retire, get a gold watch. James Harrison deserves so much more than that.

5 movies about moms to help you celebrate Mother's Day

Jacob Klopfenstein,  |  Posted   May 13th - 2:47pm

Here are five movies that explore the roles of moms in a variety of ways.

Study: 69% of Colorado dispensaries recommended marijuana to treat morning sickness

Lance Hernandez, CNN  |  Posted   May 12th - 8:38pm

Nearly 70 percent of marijuana dispensaries contacted during a health study in 2017 recommended that expectant moms suffering from morning sickness use marijuana.

Salt Lake VA baby shower celebrates veteran mothers

McKenna Park, KSL  |  Posted   May 12th - 1:01pm

The Department of Veterans Affairs celebrated local veterans welcoming new children into their families in 2018 with a baby shower Friday in Salt Lake City — one shower of dozens thrown by the V.A. around the country this Mother's Day weekend.

Classics on the rise on list of most popular US baby names

Andrea Diaz, CNN  |  Posted   May 11th - 8:37pm

It looks like the name Emma will not go out of style any time soon.

Treat mom with one of these 8 local Mother's Day deals

Liesl Nielsen,  |  Posted   May 11th - 5:21pm

Most moms are veritable angels on earth, and Mother's Day is a good time to show them we care. Here are eight deals to treat the mothers in your life.

Delaware becomes first state to fully ban child marriage

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 11th - 11:20am

Delaware has become the first state in the nation to completely ban marriage for anyone under 18.

Baby born in Chipotle parking lot gets a burrito-themed baby shower at restaurant

Ashley Michels, CNN  |  Posted   May 9th - 7:38am

Chipotle doesn't deliver, so a Denver couple took matters into their own hands? by delivering their baby in the restaurant's parking lot.

Soldier's reaction to daughter's birth goes viral

Aj Willingham, CNN  |  Posted   May 8th - 9:10pm

Army soldier Brooks Lindsey just barely missed his daughter's birth, but while sitting on the floor of the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport he got the next best thing: A FaceTime call that let him see her first moments.

Free-range parenting law among hundreds taking effect

Julian Hattem, Associated Press  |  Posted   May 8th - 4:30pm

Starting Tuesday, restaurants across Utah can take down state-mandated signs saying they aren't bars. Parents can be protected if they let their children roam freely. And farmers can begin to eye the prospect of legally growing marijuana for a narrow range of purposes.