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User submitted: Winter scenes and accidents on slick roads

Mary Dalrymple  |  Posted   Dec 20th - 3:30pm

Utahns snapped photos last week as a massive winter storm rolled quickly over the Wasatch Front.

User submitted: Kicking off the ski season with beautiful views

Mary Dalrymple  |  Posted   Dec 6th - 4:00pm

Many Utahns headed out to the slopes for the first ski of the season this week, and they captured magnificent mountains view while they were at it.

User submitted: Storms hit Utah over Thanksgiving holiday

Mary Dalrymple  |  Posted   Nov 29th - 3:30pm

While last week we celebrated the first snowfall of the season, this week Utahns were just trying to make it home without sliding off the roads.

User submitted: Sunsets after the 1st snowstorm of the season

Mary Dalrymple  |  Posted   Nov 22nd - 3:30pm

Last week, most of Utah saw the first snowstorm of the season, quickly followed by some dazzling sunsets.

User submitted: Supermoon rises over Utah

Mary Dalrymple  |  Posted   Nov 15th - 3:30pm

This weekend the moon was closer to the Earth along its elliptical orbit than at any time since January 1948, and Utahns captured several stunning photos of the astronomical event.

User submitted: Fiery fall scenes across Utah

Mary Dalrymple  |  Posted   Nov 1st - 3:30pm

With November officially here, winter is just around the corner. This week, Utahns captured fall scenes for what may be the last time before snow blankets the state.

Photos: 2016 local halloween costumes

Mary Dalrymple  |  Posted   Oct 31st - 2:00pm

Halloween is here, and so are the spooky, scary and all-around silly costumes.

User submitted: Traveling around Utah, beautiful skies

Mary Dalrymple  |  Posted   Oct 18th - 4:29pm

SALT LAKE CITY — It’s about that time when students and families across Utah hit the road for fall break adventures before the winter snow settles in.

User submitted photos: Rainbows, sunsets and fall colors light up Utah

Faith Heaton Jolley  |  Posted   Oct 12th - 3:59pm

It’s a gorgeous time of year. Not only are the fall colors in full force, but the skies are beautiful too.

User submitted photos: Incredible lightning storm

Faith Heaton Jolley  |  Posted   Oct 4th - 7:26pm

If you didn’t see the incredible lightning storm from this last week, you missed out.

User submitted photos: Storm damage, brilliant fall colors

Faith Heaton Jolley  |  Posted   Sep 27th - 3:40pm

Weather has been top of mind for Utahns this past week. Take a look at all the photos from the intense storm, as well as the beautiful fall foliage.

User submitted photos: Fall colors, stormy weather

Faith Heaton Jolley  |  Posted   Sep 20th - 3:31pm

This week’s photo gallery is dominated by gorgeous fall colors and scenic stormy weather.

User submitted photos: Fall is in the air

Faith Heaton Jolley  |  Posted   Sep 13th - 3:02pm

The mornings are starting to get a little colder and the leaves are already starting to change in some areas of Utah. With the beginning of fall comes bonfires, scarves, hot apple ciders and pumpkin spice everything.

User submitted photos: Incredible lightning, sunsets

Faith Heaton Jolley  |  Posted   Sep 7th - 3:15pm

Summer is winding to a close and it’s graced us with some gorgeous sunsets the last week.

Photos: Cosplay at 2016 Salt Lake Comic Con

Amanda Taylor, Contributor  |  Posted   Sep 2nd - 2:13pm

This gallery will feature photographs of SLCC goers on the first day of con who have dedicated time and energy to dressing as their favorite characters. Also some anecdotes of the best ones.

User submitted photos: Panguitch tornado, beautiful sunsets

Faith Heaton Jolley  |  Posted   Aug 30th - 2:01pm

Nature is a fickle thing. It can produce gorgeous sunsets and then produce tornadoes shortly after. It just so happens that we had both this last week, and residents submitted photos of each.

User submitted photos: Semitruck accident

Faith Heaton Jolley  |  Posted   Aug 23rd - 3:57pm

It’s been a busy week in news. There have been more fires, several vehicle accidents, some crime and a paraglider crashed into an LDS church building early Sunday morning.

User submitted photos: More flooding, incredible lightning

Faith Heaton Jolley  |  Posted   Aug 16th - 3:40pm

Remember when it felt like the whole state was on fire a couple weeks ago? Well now, the burning has been replaced by flooding.

User submitted photos: Intense weather, flooding around the state

Faith Heaton Jolley  |  Posted   Aug 9th - 3:38pm

During the past week, Utahns experienced some interesting weather throughout the state.

User submitted photos: A snake eating a fish, more wildfires

Faith Heaton Jolley  |  Posted   Aug 2nd - 3:33pm

From the bizarre and random to the intense and tragic, our readers submit a wide variety of photos each week.