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5ft sub saharan ball python w complete set up


logan, UT | 5 Hours
Female ball python with complete set up. Screen top glass tank dual heat lamp with daytime and nighttime lamps, extra single lamp, tortoise shell hider, 2 water bowls, extra snake bedding, sunning stick, and handling stick. $275 obo 4357546551 more
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Female subsaharan african ball python 5 ft


logan, UT | 5 Hours
Great snake package. 5ft female sub saharan african ball python. Screen top glass tank, dual lamp fixture with 2 lamps one nighttime one daytime, 1 spare single lamp fixture, 2 water bowls, 1 tortoise shell hider, 1 sunning stick, and a handling stick. She's a great snake. $275 cash obo 4357546551 would trade/barter for something worth of value as package. more
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Female sub saharan ball python 5ft


logan, UT | 5 Hours
Female 5ft sub saharan african ball python. With screen top glass tank, 1 dual lamp fixture, 1 single lamp fixture, tortoise shell hider, sunning stick, 2 water bowls, extra bag of mulch, and a handling stick. Great package very pretty snake. $275 sold as a whole! 4357546551 more
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Leopard Gecko w/ tank and supplies


lehi, UT | 7 Hours
Comes with a tank w/ lid, the decorations in the cage and another box full of decorations, water bowl and two food bowls, poop scooper, water conditioner , calcium, and of course the reptile. more
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Bearded Dragon


West jordan, UT | 7 Hours
This is a female bearded dragon her name is Fiona she's a year old she eats Roaches and greens as well I soak her every week since she was a baby the only reason I'm selling her is becouse I'm cutting down my reptile collection only selling bearded dragon thanks more
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Reptile Tanks and Supplies


Salt Lake City, UT | 7 Hours
(2) 20 gallon tanks(1) 5 gallon tank(1) 12x12 ecoterra tankmultiple water and food bowls(1) light fixturevarious hides(1) timer more
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Breeding Pair of Western Hognose Snakes


Salt Lake City, UT | 8 Hours
Breeding pair of hognose snakes, female laid 6 eggs last year more
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Ball pythons- pastel and recessive pastel


Provo, UT | 8 Hours
Female recessive pastel 5 years old and male pastel almost three years old lived together all life. Tank 40 if wanted. more
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Chameleon and setup


American Fork, UT | 8 Hours
I have a young chameleon. He is just under a year. He enjoys being held and climbing onto your shoulder. He will come with his cage and set up. Unfortunately we can't keep him because our landlord doesn't allow pets. I want him to go to a good home. If you are interested, feel free to text me at (385)259-3872. Thank you! more
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Ogden, UT | 8 Hours
ZOO MED Reptibator digital egg incubator. I bought his new and used it once. It is basically new. more
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Reptile cage shelter


Ogden, UT | 9 Hours
This is nice cage for your animals first $25 takes this glass case that used to be our lizards bome its about 30 in wide 20-24 in tall and about 18 inch deep more
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Reptiles For Sale


Tremonton, UT | 9 Hours
Young green iguana. Madagascar giant day gecko. Two yellow bellied sliders. A map turtle. Red headed agama. A savannah monitor. A Colombian Tegu. And a pink toed tarantula. I'm pregnant and just can't do it anymore. Please ask for prices and pictures for individual animals. $400 for all. Text only. more
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Savannah Monitor


Washington, UT | 10 Hours
3' Savannah Monitor...I am looking for someone who has adequate knowledge, supplies, and ample housing, to take on the temporary or permanent care of this lizard...I am in the process of looking to upgrade its enclosure to an adequate size and there are some delays. If you are interested please text only. more
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Farmington, UT | 10 Hours
I have the absolute sweetest baby corn snake for sale! He comes with everything including: food (for a couple months), two hides, thermometer, heating pad, water dish, plant decor and extra bedding. I love him and hold him all the time so he's really friendly! I had some things come up and I need some extra money. If you have any questions feel free to text or call me. more
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Two male leopard geckos


Ogden, UT | 12 Hours
All included, cage..heat lamp, etc. more
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2 red slider turtles with tank


Ogden, UT | 12 Hours
gallon stand tank with 2 red slider turtles with all the ceanung supplies you need decor and 300 dollar filter the tank is foggie from the clean the filter works great has a light but needs a new one both turtles are healthy about 2 years old more
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Yellow Footed Tortoise


Peoa, UT | 12 Hours
Selling everything for $250 includes tortoise, cage, heating lamp, heating pad, spray bottle, and water dish looking for a good owner who has time to take care of him more
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Desert Horned Lizard


West jordan, UT | 12 Hours
This little guys name is spike awsome little lizard no problems with him eats his ants,small Roaches , pinhead crickets the only reason I'm selling him is becouse I'm cutting my reptile collection down this is a great deal lizard alone was $40 on backwater reptiles plus $40 shipping I'm asking $90 for whole set up it includes a 5gal tank all decotlrations, 2 small dishes digital zoo med thermometer, his vitamins ,zoo med dual Dome lights with uvb and basking light , this guy Is easy to care for just feed every day and once a week soak him I'm a tub to keep hydrated I don't know if male or female or age please text if interested thanks more
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Madagascar Roaches


West jordan, UT | 12 Hours
These are healthy roaches I'm trying to cut my colony down I would sell a mix of roaches this is a great opportunity to start a colony or use as feeders the roaches are nymphs to 2inch please text if interested I will sell 150 mix roaches or just one size for $25 I can also do stater colony I will do a 2mature male and 2female and 100mix Roaches for $30 I can also sale mature males or females there's are great feeders for big reptiles like tegus and monitors great for tarantulas also because these roaches climb or very fun to watch and keep as pets the adults are about 3/12inch I have all sizes these are tropical species please text if interested thanks I have lots i will also consider trade for a large wood decoration for enclosure or if you have a zoo med repti fogger also looking to sell whole colony if interested for $150 this is my extra colony more
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Perfect Reptile Habitat


South Jordan, UT | 14 Hours
OBO!!!!!!Little hours used in this equipment and is in need of a new owner that would love to house anything that will fit in a 36x18x18 Exo Terra cage with watwerfall-pond, also water heater to keep that pond at a desired temperature! Comes with the lighting system too that also comes with the bulbs! Everything works like new and has only housed one reptile! PLEASE CONTACT FOR INFORMATION, preferably text me! more
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Tarantula Collection


Salt Lake City, UT | 15 Hours
Would like to sell as a lot and willing to work with you on the price so feel free to make an offer! Text is best way to reach me. 3 OBT's 1 1/2, 1 1/2,1 3/4 inches 2 curly hairs 3, 2 inches 1 Chilean copper 2 inches 2 chaco gold knee 4, 5 1/2 inches 1 rose hair 5 1/2 inches 1 A. Seemani blue more
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Terrarium setup


Provo, UT | 16 Hours
10 Gal terrarium Decor, basking lamp, and lid included more
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X-terra Cage And Lizard


South Jordan, UT | 17 Hours
X-terra cage comes with decorations and a Green Anole lizard, also a heat lamp and cricket cage with food more
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