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Ball python


Salt Lake City, UT | 1 Hour
Normal ball python. She doesn't have a lot of experience being handled. She eats once a week, comes with all her supplies more
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Slider Turtle (&necessities)NEEDS SOLD BY SARURDAY


UTAH, UT | 4 Hours
I am moving out and my new home doesn't allow pets, I got this turtle a week ago, it will come with the tank, food, gravel, a log that has a thermometer and a warming lamp. I AM MOVING SATURDAY NEEDS SOLD BY THEN! more
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Dubia Roach - Feeders | Starter Colony


West jordan, UT | 4 Hours
Your search for roaches is over! We are 10 and 8 year old girls that convinced our parents to let us start our own roach selling business, and are excited to serve you. We are stocked and ready with the best Dubia Roaches in the valley! These are a must for anyone feeding beardies, geckos, tarantulas, or any animal that you may have been feeding crickets. These carry 10-15x's the nutritional value, do not smell, can live up to 18 months, and start reproducing 30-50 young per month at 6 months old! Amazing product, and we are here to help with education or simply supplying the monthly needs of your animals.Available for $20 each - Larger quantity discounts available. - 100 Feeder Roaches - (Specific Sizes available upon request) - Starter Colony - 20 Mature Female & 10 Males ready to start producing! more
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Gorgeous Male Ambilobe Panther Chameleon and Setup


Sandy, UT | 5 Hours
Selling my male Ambilobe Panther Chameleon. He's a gorgeous little guy, but I can't keep him anymore in my apartment. He is at least partially blind (one eye seems to be worse than the other) but it does not affect his ability to eat or drink. He comes with his complete setup (24"x24"x48") mesh chameleon cage with branches and fake vines, a large cricket keeper, repashy calcium supply cricket dust,large bag of repashy gut-loading cricket food mix, cricket gel/water, his long UV light (bulb burn out) and his heat lamp dome (bulb also burnt out). It also comes with a stand that I had custom built for his cage. He's never really been handled, so naturally with his partial blindness he puffs up and turns red whenever you put your hand too close. I don't doubt that with a patient owner he'd be able to be handled, but at the moment he is definitely not a pet to take out of his home. He was about $375, his setup was about $400, and that's excluding the custom stand. I only am asking $100 for him because I need him gone asap. I also have a plastic dripper and a waterfall for him that I can include, but the pump on the waterfall no longer works. His cage has a small hole in the top of the mesh for his dripper, and there's a hole in the bottom back left corner for the cord that powered the pump to the waterfall. Those can easily be sealed up with wire/thread if need be.Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I work two jobs so I typically won't answer my phone. Texting is best, or if you call and leave a message I'll try to return your call as soon as possible. more
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Garter snake and huge setup


ogden, UT | 5 Hours
Paid over $400 for everything shown. Medusa prefers goldfish and frozen hoppers, good eater, doesn't bite. Comes with everything shown including whats left of her food, few bags of sand and light and stand. Also a big block of moss and various cage vine decorations.The cage melted at the corner of the lid, it wont sit flat, a couple heavy books fixes the problem.You will need to bring something to put her in to transport.Asking $80 obo.Desperately need the money, she needs more attention than i can give her. TEXT ANYTIME more
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Adult male Crested Gecko


slc, UT | 6 Hours
Adult Male Red Dalmation Pinstripe. RTB. Missing tail. Very nice when fired up. Make some awesome babies of you have a red or pinstripe female. Came from Cold Blooded Science. $80 for just gecko. $50 large 18x18x24 Exo Terra, decor and heat pad.Firm on prices.Text preferedThank you. more
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Male/Female Ball Python Morphs


Ogden, UT | 7 Hours
Cheap prices, I just have too many animals and am going through a divorce. No trades.Two baby female pastels 100% het recessive desert ghost. Produced by me, genetics guaranteed. One is eating jumbo f/t mice, she is $200. The other is only eating live adult mice. She is $150. Easily half or less what they are worth.One proven breeder female pastel that may have locked with a pastel butter leopard male. She is pounding f/t medium rats and ready to go. Her last clutch was last year and was six perfect eggs. She has regained her weight. Best looking adult pastel you will ever see. She is $200.One proven breeder black butter pinstripe male. Eating f/t small rats and happy to lock up with any females. He is $200.No trades. Prices are firm. Read the ad before contacting me. First come, first serve. Cash only. Scammers will be mocked and reported to local reptile groups. Snakes are healthy and correctly sexed, with no mites, RI, or other issues.Serious inquiries only, please don't waste my time. I can meet within 30 minutes of Layton. more
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Motley Hypo Red Tail Boa


no ogden, UT | 7 Hours
Hate to have to let this girl go,but we both are working 2 jobs and just don't have the time she deserves. A little over 2 years old, and about 4 1/2ft long. She loves to be out and adventurous! Very sweet and loves to be held. Very good eater, does well with larger, live rats. Enclosure is 6 1/2ft x3x2. Made out of 3/400in lexan bullet proof material, will never need another home for her. Multi color led lighting, 2 lamps and a heat rock. Everything for $400, obo. Call or text more
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lepored gecko


salt lake city, UT | 7 Hours
very cool pet to have , I can't give him enough time .needs a nice home.. more
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Ball Python


Ogden, UT | 8 Hours
Asking $100.00 obo Great python she's comes with her cage, heating lamp, heating pad and water dish. My kid doesn't give her any attention looking for her a good home.. more
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Bearded dragon


wvc, UT | 8 Hours
16 inch bearded dragon friendly can be handled .all items included .50 gallon tank heat lamp water and food dish . more
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Dalmatian Crested Geckos


Clinton or Farmington, UT | 8 Hours
I have 3 baby crested geckos looking for new homes. They are are eating crested gecko diet, small crickets, and little dubias.The parents are shown here as well. The dad is a super dalmatian. They all have spots. I have included a picture of each of them fired up and fired down. Super cute and easy pets. Asking 30.00 each. Please text if you see one you like. Firm on price. Thanks for looking! :) more
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Hooper, UT | 8 Hours
I have a python. We've had it about a year not for sure what kind it is. I have little kids that don't like it and other animals in the house so its hard to have it out. Call or text 8013919562 more
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Gargoyle baby


Clinton or Farmington , UT | 8 Hours
I have one gargoyle gecko baby that is ready for a new home. He is super sweet and is held daily. I have included pictures of him/her fired up and down, as well as the same for both parents. Asking 75.00 firm. Thanks for looking! more
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Hooper, UT | 8 Hours
I have a gecko. Found him outside. Just don't have time for him. Call or text 8013919562. Asking $10.00 for him and the cage he is in more
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Dubia Roaches, Starter colonies, Breeders, smalls


Layton, UT | 9 Hours
Dubia Roaches are the very best food for most reptiles. They are very high in protein, do not fly, and do not stink. They cannot independently breed in or outside Utah homes. I have five Bearded Dragons and they love them. I can help you set up an environment for a colony or just sell you the bugs to feed your reptiles. You want a very low male to female ratio for the best colony results. Prices:20 adult females and 5 males...............................$2050 mixed sizes (contains 5 adult females and 2 males) with 43 of various sizes........$20200 small ....................................................................... $20 more
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Large Custom Built Terrarium - LOWERED PRICE!!


West Valley, UT | 9 Hours
I have for sale a custom built terrarium. Built to last. Plexi glass doors. Great for any room and decor. It was built for leopard geckos but could be used for any type of lizard or snake. It has 11 inch by 2 feet strips of heat tape heating the bottoms of each cage. It does have lights that are dimmable, but not set up for uvb lighting. It has storage along the bottom of the terrarium. It is roughly 4 feet tall by 4 feet wide by 14 inches deep, with 2 vents on each side for air flow. Asking $200. Please text it is the best way to get a hold of me. No deliveries. Thank you for looking at my listing. Have a great day! more
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Turtle and accessories


Roy, UT | 9 Hours
Painted turtle roughly 3 years old. Comes with 40 gallon tank and a huge castle filter displayed in picture. Comes with filters, heater, lamp, UV light, rocks, food, syphon for cleaning, outdoor turtle pool, aqua safe and water clear containers for cleaning the water, bubble maker. Cleaning supplies for tank: two brushes etc. more
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Leopard Gecko Female (accepting Offers)


kaysville, UT | 9 Hours
She is very sweet. Not sure about her age but she is pretty big. She eats crickets or worms. She does like to run around and explore. Accepting offers. Just email or text me for more info or offers. Thanks! more
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Green Iguana


South Ogden, UT | 10 Hours
5 year old male inguanaGreat temperment, use to dogs cats and kids He is my baby but I just divorced and moved to a small apartment his a free roamer and I just don't feel like this small apartment is what he needs his my baby and I will only let him go to some one I know will fall in love with him just as much as I have! more
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Reptile Rock Home


Lindon, UT | 10 Hours
ReptiRock pretty large size great condition, no cracks or anything! $5! Great deal! more
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Water turtle


Magna, UT | 10 Hours
Turtle for sale they are just a couple weeks old very cute very Hardy make great pets easy to care for call or text more
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soft shell water turtle for sale


Elwood, UT | 10 Hours
soft shell water turtle with tank and stand. more
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Green anole lizard


Salt Lake City, UT | 10 Hours
Green anole lizard & habitat. Easy to take care of. Great first pet. Text if interested more
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