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Reptiles for trade or reasonable price


Salt lake city, UT | 12 Mins
I have 1 female red eye crock skink 1 spinnerblast het clown ball python male and 1 female lavender albino ball python for trade or give me a reasonable price I can throw in tanks for cheap too I have a 36x18x18 a 20 gallon long and tall more
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Screen reptile habitat .New Zilla fresh air


ogden, UT | 43 Mins
18x12x20H ideal for geckos and chameleons anoles. Locking door escape-proof ,PVC bottom, aluminum frame black mesh, cord and tubing port,assembled. comes with a reptile species guide more
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Vittatus Dart Frogs


Hooper, UT | 1 Hour
I have a whole bunch of juveniles for sale! These frogs are a really good beginner frog and they make a bird-like chirping call. I also have some cultures of fruit flies, isopods, and springtails for sale as well. more
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Everything Needed For A Reptile


Orem, UT | 1 Hour
Cage, light, heating pad, bedding, food and water dishes, and stuff for cleaning. We had two Rosie boas in this cage. Please text. Serious buyers only please. more
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Male Turners Gecko


North Ogden, UT | 1 Hour
Small male Turner's Gecko for sale. Is a good eater and is ready to breed. He comes with a nice ten gallon tank. Text if interested. more
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40 breeder tank with stand


layton, UT | 2 Hours
I have a 40 breeder tank setup with stand, light fixtures (no bulbs) timer, and locking lid that flips open on right side! Hide and decor all included. 140 or best offer. more
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1 pastel ball, 2 normal plus tank and extras


Ogden, UT | 3 Hours
1 male pastel ball python, 2 (male and female) normal ball pythons. All about 4 years old, good eaters (live large mice). Tank is 24.25"×18.5"×52.5". Stand included. Light, heat mat, water dishes, humid box, feed boxes, and all decorations included as well. We are moving and cannot take them with us. $100 or best offer. Text 801-920-8857 more
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Russian Tortoise


Helper, UT | 4 Hours
1 year old male Russian Tortoise. Heat lamp and custom built enclosure included in price. Travel to Utah County once a week willing to bring that far. Please text with any questions. more
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Crested Gecko (s)


Farmington, UT | 4 Hours
Well, the lesson about the birds and the bees apparently didn't properly explain where Crested geckos come in to play. Several years of playful cohabitation and gender confusion for Petrie and Ducky eventually led to 7 little runts that took over the place. Sure they're cute, but we fear they may never be disciplined enough to potty train, and purchasing a larger human home to house the required square footage for the baby reptiles just isn't going to happen. Alas- our gain is your gain. These hearty little creatures are cute and easy to take care of. They don't get too big and can survive on a diet of powder mix. Tons of forums online for how to care for them, but I'll answer any questions you have. Please buy these- you won't regret the smile on your small child's/immature husband's/unsuspecting elderly grandmother's face when the little guy uses that exact face as a landing pad. more
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Black Hole (Mack Snow Enigma Eclipse)


American Fork, UT | 5 Hours
This guy has some powerhouse genetics. He was bred by JB Leopard geckos. I bought him a couple years ago and he has successfully bred for me a few times, unfortunately I'm starting a job that will take me out of state so all of the reptiles have to go. They sell for $200 online. I'm asking $150 because I need to find him a home fast. Text with questions more
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Atomic Line, Tangerine Het Eclipse


American Fork, UT | 5 Hours
I bought this guy a while back with intentions of breeding, he has fathered a few clutches but unfortunately I'm starting a job out of state so all of my reptiles have to go. I paid $100 for him but I'm asking $75 because I need him to find a new home fast. Text me with questions more
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Bandit, Extreme Bold Breeding Pair


American Fork, UT | 5 Hours
JB Leopard Gecko line. Male bandit female extreme bold. On jbleopardgeckos.com bandits sell for $150 and extreme bolds sell for $255. At one point JB was selling the product of this pair (extreme bold bandit) for $350+ these two have been together for a few days and are ready to start breeding. unfortunately I'm starting a job that will take me out of state so all of my reptiles have to find new homes. 300 obo. text me with questions more
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Female Super Snow Leopard Gecko


American Fork, UT | 5 Hours
Bought this female super snow about a year ago with intentions of breeding unfortunately I'm starting a new job that will take me out of state so all of my reptiles need to find new homes. She is almost ready to breed and would make a fantastic Gecko to any collection. $75 obo. Text me with any questions. more
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100% Pure Bred Afganicus Leopard Gecko


American Fork, UT | 5 Hours
I bought this male Eublepharis afghanicus a year ago with intentions to breed it. Unfortunately I'm taking a job that will take me out of state, so all of my reptiles have to go. These guys sell for $150-$250 online. He does have a tail kink but it hasn't effected shedding at all. I'm selling him for $125 obo. Text me with any questions. more
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12x 6qt. Snake rack


West Bountiful, UT | 6 Hours
I have a prototype model snake rack that is designed by Terrarium Art. Each tub comes with two sections. The top portion allows you to place your bedding, while the bottom section can be used as a soaking bin. This rack is perfect for snakes that need more humidity. No water trays or bowls are necessary. It does not come with heat tape, so you will need it placed in a heated room. Cash only more
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Ball python


Salt lake, UT | 7 Hours
Little brother bought this guy a little under a year ago and than went of to college and left him with me 150 or obo more
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Dubia Roaches


West jordan, UT | 9 Hours
I'm trying to cut down on roach colony the bigest size I have are 1inch are the biggest these are healthy roaches I feed to my reptiles I'm selling 200 Roaches for $25 I can also do starter colony 15females5males and 180mix Roaches for $25 please text if interested text is better for response thanks more
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Madagascar Roaches


West jordan, UT | 9 Hours
These are healthy roaches I'm trying to cut my colony down I would sell a mix of roaches this is a great opportunity to start a colony or use as feeders the roaches are nymphs to 2inch please text if interested I will sell 100 mix roaches or just one size for $25 I can also do stater colony I will do a mature male and female and 50mix Roaches for $30 I can also sale mature males or females there's are great feeders for big reptiles or to keep as pets the adults are about 3/12inch I have all sizes these are tropical species please text if interested thanks I have lots more
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Fancy Bearded Dragons


S. Ogden, UT | 11 Hours
I am looking for a good home for my two female fancy bearded dragons. They were raised together as babies.. They are currently 4 months old. I will sell both dragons together for $100 firm or whole package for $250 firm which consists of 40 gallon aquarium, screen top, 3 lights and accessories'CASH ONLY!! more
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African female ball python 5ft+


logan, UT | 14 Hours
Gorgeous african ball python. She's a 3 year old. Great snake. Also included is a 15gallon screen top glass tank with thermometer, 2 water dishes, heat lamp, and a handling stick. I'm open to trades,or cash ($200). 4357546551 Thx... more
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African female ball python 5ft+


logan, UT | 14 Hours
3 year old female african ball python. Has heat lamp,screen top 15 gallon glass tank with thermometer , tortoise shell for a hiding spot, 2 water dishes, and handling stick. Great snake and package deal! $200 obo 4357546551 will accept trades lemme know what you have! Thx more
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West Jordan, UT | 19 Hours
2 female bearded dragons for sale, sacrifice for 60 dollars for both, funn pets , 7 months Old, we paid 70 at 2 weeks, my son wants snakes now, call mike or md at 801-864-4104 more
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Mack Snow Phantom Leopard Gecko


Salt Lake City, UT | 20 Hours
Mack Snow Phantom male leopard gecko. Hatched out July 24 2015. He's 50 grams right now. Would make a great breeder or pet for anyone. Eats 4 to 3 crickets every other day. Never missed a feeding day. Never had any health problems. Runs a little when trying to catch him, but once he's in your hand he calms down. Nothing comes with him. CASH ONLY. NO SCAMMERS. Text is best. more
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Ball Python with Custom 40 Gallon Aquarium


Farmington, UT | 20 Hours
3-year-old Ball Python approx 42 inches long. Vey healthy. Great eater. Not a biter. Comes with a custom aquarium, big log hide, water dish, all the accessories, additional feeding bin for meal time, heating pad for the tank, and a humidifier. Answers to the name Monty, loves to cuddle, sucks at fetch. more
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