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Gorgeous Ball Python


Spanish Fork, UT | 7 Hours
About 4 foot beautiful ball python. Includes tank, heater, light, hive, water bowl, lid. Everyting you will need. We are downsizing our home and kids are moving out. His name is Monty. more
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Ball Python For Sale


Roy, UT | 8 Hours
I have a 3 1/2 ft female ball python snake. I have had her for over 2 years. She is a sweetheart. She has never bitten me or struck out at me. Unfortunately with my job I'm not as home as I need to be to take care of her. I would like someone who will take care of her. Take her out. Play with her. Give her a good home. Everything in the cage comes with her. Everything I have is included with her. Her name is drako. Please message me or text me if interested or want more details more
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Baby Bearded Dragon And Full Setup


Pleasant Grove, UT | 8 Hours
I'm selling my bearded dragon he's 3 months old I love him but I'm moving and can't keep him contact with any other questions more
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Friendly Bearded Dragon w/ FULL setup!!!


Ogden, UT | 8 Hours
We are moving out of the state and sadly can't take this little guy with us. He is just over a year old and is super friendly! He'd be a great pet for any age! He comes with:Day lamp (w/brand new bulb)Night lamp (w/ brand new bulb and lamp)Uv lamp 40 gallon tankHalf log hideoutClimbing log3 feeding/water dishesHammockPoop scooperCricket bin (and crickets left inside)Calcium powderStick-on Heating padFor an additional $25 you can take the stand also, which fits his tank and supplies perfectly!Text works best. more
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Mack Snow Phantom Leopard Gecko


Salt Lake City, UT | 8 Hours
Mack Snow Phantom male leopard gecko. Hatched out July 24 2015. He's over 50 grams right now. Would make a great breeder or pet for anyone. Eats 4 to 3 large crickets every other day. Never missed a feeding day. Never had any health problems. Runs a little when trying to catch him, but once he's in your hand he calms down. Nothing comes with him. CASH ONLY. NO SCAMMERS. Text is best. Thank You. more
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Reptile Stuff


West jordan, UT | 9 Hours
All stuff in good condition text for more info more
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Madagascar Roach Colony


West jordan, UT | 9 Hours
This is a stable roach colony there's many mature males&females in colony also a bunch of nymphs and other size Roaches trying to cut pets down that's why I'm selling colony will include big tub and large under heat source 2 bowls Tuper wear for humidity this is great for person with big reptile please text if interested more
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Desert Horned Lizard


West jordan, UT | 9 Hours
This little guys name is spike awsome little lizard no problems with him eats his ants,small Roaches , pinhead crickets the only reason I'm selling him is becouse I'm cutting my reptile collection down this is a great deal lizard alone was $40 on backwater reptiles plus $40 shipping I'm asking $90 for whole set up it includes a 5gal tank all decotlrations, 2 small dishes digital zoo med thermometer, his vitamins ,zoo med dual Dome lights with uvb and basking light , this guy Is easy to care for just feed every day and once a week soak him I'm a tub to keep hydrated I don't know if male or female or age please text if interested thanks more
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Madagascar Roaches


West jordan, UT | 9 Hours
These are healthy roaches I'm trying to cut my colony down I would sell a mix of roaches this is a great opportunity to start a colony or use as feeders the roaches are nymphs to 2inch please text if interested I will sell 150 mix roaches or just one size for $25 I can also do stater colony I will do a 2mature male and 2female and 100mix Roaches for $30 I can also sale mature males or females there's are great feeders for big reptiles like tegus and monitors great for tarantulas also because these roaches climb or very fun to watch and keep as pets the adults are about 3/12inch I have all sizes these are tropical species please text if interested thanks I have lots i will also consider trade for a large wood decoration for enclosure or if you have a zoo med repti fogger or exo terra moonson mister also looking to sell my extra colony there's 100s off mature and all size Roaches for $150 more
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2 10 gallon tanks, 1 20 gallon


Salt Lake City, UT | 10 Hours
With assorted tops. 2 - 10 gallon tanks with mesh top $15 each.20 gallon with lighted top$30 . black metal stand that will hold two 10 gallon tanks, one on the Shelf one on the top 25.00 more
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red ear sliders


West Valley, UT | 10 Hours
2 female red ear sliders. 4 years old. They come with a 40 gallon tank, 2 filters with new pads, a night light, a day light, rocks, plants, moss ball, tons of food, and a ramp with platform. Both are friendly and love to be visited and love to be feed. more
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Bearded Dragon


Ogden, UT | 11 Hours
Male bearded dragon almost 4 years old. Comes with log. Will need Lights and tank. Contact: Erin Macavinta 801-719-8719 more
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Pinstripe Ball Python


Roy, UT | 11 Hours
We have a Female Pinstripe Ball Python. She is docile and eats great! we are feeding her live adult mice/ tends to be a little aggressive when hungry. We are asking $100.00. If you have any questions or want to know more info. Please TEXT Gabe. Thanks! more
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Albino Ball Python


Roy, UT | 11 Hours
We have a Male Albino Ball Python. He is very docile and eats great! we are feeding him live hoppers. We are asking $250.00. If you have any questions or want to know more info. Please text Gabe. (CASH IN HAND ONLY, NO FORM OF CHECKS.) (NO TRADES) Thanks! more
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Banana/Pinstripe/Spider Ball Python


Roy, UT | 11 Hours
We have a Male Banana/Pinstripe/Spider Ball Python for sale, $550 Firm on the price. He is very docile and eats great. We are feeding him live small rats. He is also ready to breed. If you want more info. or have any question Please text Gabe. (CASH IN HAND ONLY, NO FORM OF CHECKS.) Thanks! more
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Chameleon (or Other Reptile) Habitat


Springville, UT | 12 Hours
16x16x 20 in tall. Complete habitat for a reptile that needs heat. Includes the cage with a heat lamp and light. Also includes water mister and cricket holder. Texting preferred @ 801-592-6188 more
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(3)Exo Terra Single Socket Hood Lamps W/Bulbs


Orem, UT | 13 Hours
I have 3 of these hood lamps in great working and looking condition!! They will all come with working lights. Asking $15 each, $25 for two, or $40 for all. Firm. Fits 12"L x 12"D x 18"T exo Terra's.NOTE** The Enclosure pictured is NOT FOR SALE!! Just a picture example.Texts only please. Thanks for looking. more
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Yellow Terribilis Sub Adult Dart Frogs


Sandy, UT | 14 Hours
I have a few subadult Yellow Terribilis that are available. Many of these have all their yellow coloring. They are a bold frog and as adults can eat tiny crickets. The pic is of an adult. The frogs vary in sizes and prices - starting at $50. more
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Cobalt Proven Female Dart Frog


Sandy, UT | 14 Hours
I have a beautiful female cobalt adult dart frog that is proven.Will also buy adult male Cobalts. more
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2 Bearded Dragons & ALL accessories &More!


Ogden, UT | 15 Hours
2 Bearded Dragons: 1 Male (14 months), 1 female (7 months). The make is very tame and Lives to ride along with you as you do your chores. The female needs more training. I'm a disabled parent of an autistic child and just do not have the time they deserve. Included is 3 tanks; 90 gal, 29 L and I think 25 gal (for the crickets. 4 dome light fixtures 2 tube light fixtures. Multiple food and water dishes (for Dragons and Crickets), multiple basking rocks and logs, 2 extra sand mats to rotate during cleaning also a hide out. The 29L has a reptile heat pad on bottom of one side of tank plus 2 hanging plants she likes to climb and often sleep in. I just purchased 250 crickets so the cricket cage will come fully stocked as well as 2 bottles of the calcium supplements and the Bearded Dragon food supplement. Also a portable cricket cage for when you clean their tank.Feel free to call/text me with any questions 801-663-2245 more
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Baby crested geckos


Clinton, UT | 19 Hours
I have 7 baby crested geckos looking for new homes. They are are eating well. The parents are the last two photos. The dad is a super dalmatian. The all have spots. Asking 30.00 each. more
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Bumblebee Ball Python


Holladay, UT | 20 Hours
Female Bumblebee Ball Python. About 2 1/2 feet long, no idea what she weighs. She's not very wide around. She's about 4 or 5 years old. Comes with 20-25 gallon tank, water dish, night time light bulb and hide. This snake has not been handled much. She does bite when you attempt to pick her up. After a mintue or two she relaxes and is fine to hold. Because she bites I do not recommend this snake for beginners. Best suited for a breeder environment or experienced snake owner.**Text only** more
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SLC, UT | 20 Hours
NEW COST 35$ more
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2 Red Eared Sliders


Clearfield, UT | 1 Day
2 adult Red Eared sliders tank, light, & filter they are the best turtles evertext for pics more
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