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Red-ear Slider Turtle


West Jordan, UT | 25 Mins
His name is Charlie and he is in need of a new home, as I can not properly care for him with my lack of equipment. He does not have any terrarium at the moment but they're pretty cheap used. He likes celery and spinach. He would make a wonderful pet for a child who needs a friend or an adult wanting to take on a new responsibility. Overall Charlie is a good pet and a good friend. He may bite if not handled well more
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small glass snake tank


Taylorsville, UT | 1 Hour
Small snake terrarium. About 3.5 gallons. It was used for a small sand boa. more
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All Inclusive Breeding Pair Panther Chameleons


St George, UT | 1 Hour
All inclusive! Price includes all lighting, housing, stand, DUBIA ROACH COLONY (and roach food and water crystals and heating pad), and incubator with versiculite. Panthers have not bred yet but are healthy and eating well. This price includes everything. more
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Feeder Rats


Provo, UT | 2 Hours
med-large feeder rats more
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Baby Hedgehog


Magna, UT | 2 Hours
I have a super sweet 7 week old male hedgie available for sale, ready to go home anytime. $100 The have heat requirements similar to a reptile in cool weather. Call or text 801-205-6310(Text for quickest response) more
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Bearded dragon


Eagle Mountain, UT | 3 Hours
Bearded dragon (pretty sure male) for sale, about 9 months old. Includes 1 months worth of food supply (Dubia & Nutri grub), 40 gallon enclosure and all supplies. Handled on a regular basis, great family pet. $200. more
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Beautiful Red Tail Colombian Boa


North Salt Lake, UT | 9 Hours
4 foot male red tail Colombian boa. Great eater and super mellow. Includes full setup. Call or text Chris at 801 647-2047 more
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1 red eared slider and 1 painted turtle with suppl


ogden layton, UT | 10 Hours
I have 2 turtles for sale ,there is 1 red eared slider and 1 painted turtle, they are entertaining to watch but just cant afford to have them any more they are healthy and well taken care of and they come with everything youd need to take care of them which include a 30 gallon tank, gravel, 2 decoritive things for the tank a tiki statue and a log, some food,a net, a large filter to keep water crystal clear and from cleaning it also have some replavement filters od throw in,a water heater,water conditioner,2 floating basking platforms,and a uvb lamp with new bulb i also have another 10 gallon tank that id throw in for an extra $10. Really hate to see them go but cant afford to have them anymore and can really use the money towards bills, if your interested in buying the turtles call or text me at 385 383 1383 or 385 231 9969 thank you and have a nice day. more
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Boaphile Cages 421D


Orem, UT | 11 Hours
I have 3 Boaphile Cages 4'x2'x1' for sale. I just purchased a couple extendable cages so now I have extras. $175 each (cash only)All are in great condition and may need a quick wipe down inside. Text me at 801.825.9792 if interested-Will*I will not respond to emails or a text requesting me to send an email. No scams, No 3rd party responders, no "agents" to pick up "product". more
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Female breaded dragon


Salt Lake City, UT | 11 Hours
Selling my female breaded dragon, she's very active and likes to be pet. Asking for $100 Message me if you are interested more
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Fire Pinstripe HetPied PosHuffman Ball Python


Stansbury park, UT | 12 Hours
4 Gene Powerhouse - Fire - Pinstripe - 100% Het Piebald - Pos HuffmanYou can make some really cool morphs with this boy. A bit slow to get up to size, since he prefers live mice, but he's there now. more
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QueenSpin Enchi - 5 Gene Ball Python


Stansbury park, UT | 12 Hours
Add this powerful 5 gene male to your breeding program and make some amazing morphs. Enchi, Lesser, Pastel, Spider, PinstripeNot many like this out there. He is a consistent feeder and ready to add to your breeding project. He takes FT or live rats. No wobble. Purchased for $500 - Price reduced. Motivated seller. more
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Pastel Piebald Ball Python, Med White, Adult, Male


Stansbury park, UT | 12 Hours
Prefers live mice. He's at breeding weight (625g) and more food just makes them fat and often less effective breeders. He's a striker, which good eater, but would probably not be the best pet :-). Eyes are gold, like they should be on a pastel pied - kind of hard to see in this picture. I picked up a YB pied and decided to go that direction, so I'm making him available. more
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Piebald Ball Python, High White, Adult, Male


Stansbury park, UT | 12 Hours
I bought him from a local, who thought he was a she. Hence the name, Boy George. Since he's definitely a he, I don't need him for my breeding program..I also call him "garbage disposal", because he eats whatever I give him (live, FT) and comes back for more. Currently tips the scales at 1150g. more
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Pastel Het Pied, Female


Stansbury park, UT | 12 Hours
She's @ 900g and almost ready to breed, but my Pied girls have past her by - My loss your gain. She takes Live and FT. Prefers live - Rats or Mice. Gorgeous pastel snek - I always include feeding/weight/shed charts. Purchased from SPCL-G Morphs in KY. A very reputable breeder. more
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Het Pied Hatchling, Male


Stansbury park, UT | 12 Hours
He was the runt of the clutch, but the best feeder - got to love that! hatched 6/20 (see the Pied from same clutchI'm selling) He'll make up the weight in no time. Shed twice and has had 5 meals at time of this post. Eats every 5 days. Switched from live mice hoppers to FT. Bam! Pairing was het pied to Pied Male(s). So, he's 100% Het for Piebald. Will include feed/weight/shed chart as always. Guaranteed genetics. more
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Piebald Ball Python,High White, Hatchling, Male


Stansbury park, UT | 13 Hours
Hatchling born 6/20/17. 85 to 100 grams. High white. Excellent feeder. He has shed twice and has had 5 meals, switched from live mice hoppers to FT rat pups. Pairing was het pied x pied. Will include feed/weight/shed chart as always. Guaranteed genetics and health. more
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Adult Dubia sale


Herriman, UT | 14 Hours
I currently have an overstock of adults so I am doing a quick sale. 100 adults for $10. Sizes 1.5"-2" more
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120 Gallon Tank With Stand


Midvale, UT | 14 Hours
This tank was used for fish but since there is a crack in the glass then it can be used for reptiles such as iguanas and other reptiles.Asking $600 o.b.o.It's a very heavy tank. About 300lbs.The stand is not so heavy. Would need somebody with muscles to move it.Need gone ASAP. Call or text more
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Layton, UT | 15 Hours
18x18x 24 tank more
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Exoterra 18 Inch Tank


Layton, UT | 15 Hours
18 Inch cube as is. I'll clean it for 5$ more more
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Lizzard Lounge


lindon, UT | 15 Hours
This tank measures 36" long 18" tall and 18" wide. One end of the cage has a cracked piece of glass from a lamp that got too hot, and one side of the lid is cracked as well. This is a good cage with built-in venting and an electrical cord port. Please give me a call or text me if you have any other questions. Thanks for looking. more
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Large terrarium


orem, UT | 17 Hours
Price isn't fixed I'm willing to take offers. Originally bought it for over $200. It is in okay condition. I used it previously with my bearded dragon and had no issues. I don't have the dragon anymore and need to get rid of this before I move. It does have cracks in the bottom which are repaired so it's secure. Secure for a bearded dragon but nothing larger. There's also a crack on the right back corner however it is still sealed so doesn't affect temperature. This tank was still working awesome with the cracks I just had to get rid of my dragon. :Read Less more
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Bearded Dragons Setup


Orem, UT | 17 Hours
bearded dragon setup. including 2 bearded dragons. the tank . lights . hammack. food bowl etc price is negotiable ask for more info more
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