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Mohave Ball Python


West Valley, UT | 15 Mins
Im selling my snake for $150, OBO. I don't have much time for her anymore. She is a good snake, has never bitten anyone and likes to be handled. She is about 2ft 6in. If interested please text me on this cell, 8015576797. more
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wanted turtles


orem, UT | 20 Mins
if you have a turtle you can no longer care for i will put it in with mine , i wont sell my turtles , all sizes accepted except the large tortoise my pen is not set up for them call / text Brian 8016870903 more
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Male crested gecko


Price, UT | 1 Hour
Phantom tiger striped gecko. Extreme escape artist. Does NOT come with cage Willing to sell his cage with waterfall for 120$ extra txt for photos more
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Male crested gecko


Price, UT | 1 Hour
Proven male crested gecko has given me some harlequin baby's. Does NOT come with cage unless bought with other gecko posted. Txt for photos more
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Crested gecko *Price Reduced*


Price, UT | 1 Hour
Proven female crested gecko. She's a great gecko and has given me healthy and colorful baby geckos. Unless bought with the male doesn't come with cage. Ask for photo more
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Frilled dragon


salt lake, UT | 1 Hour
I am selling my buddy Heisenberg he is a lot of fun but I had foot surgery and have not been able to spend as much time with him. He is eating super worms and large crickets and pinky rat as a treat the cage and light are included bulb is a power sun with plenty of hours left the cage will need at least two people to move it and a truck or van for transport. I will not be able to help move it because of foot. more
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Bearded dragon with great personality


North Salt Lake, UT | 2 Hours
Very well behaved good with kids comes with tank heat rock keypad key light do not have enough time to give him the attention he needs more
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Bearded Dragon + everything


Orem, UT | 5 Hours
$95 for bearded dragon or $140 for EVERYTHING. Click "more" below to see whole list..--- Adult 2-yr old male bearded dragon, great health--- Large 40 gallon breeder tank--- Heat lamp, on/off switch--- Heat bulb--- New UVB bulb--- New calci-sand, plus extra half bag refill if you want it--- some cricket / live feeders--- cricket / roach food + water--- some breeding male and female dubia roaches for food or to start your own colony...self-sufficient food supply! I saw some babies in there last week already.--- reptile heating pad for dubia roaches--- thermometer guage--- humidity guage--- sunning rock--- basking wood that is easily climbable--- knotted wood for climbing or enrichment--- plate for bearded dragon food--- rock water dish--- multi-vitamin powder with beta carotene for bearded dragon--- calcium power with vitamin D3 for bearded dragon.TEXT ME ! 385-248-8564 more
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Adult Blood Red Corn Snake


Salt Lake City, UT | 5 Hours
Rex is an adult blood red corn snake. He is a great eater, sheds well, and has never struck at anyone. He will eat live or f/t and eats about one weaned rat a week or an adult mouse per week. He will come with two frozen mice. Asking $40 or best offer. Just the snake more
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Ball Python plus equipment


Syracuse, UT | 5 Hours
Normal Morph Ball Python. Selling with all of the equipment. Equipment includes: Tub, Under the tank heat emitter, Jump start thermostat, temp gun, water bolw (may be time to get a new one) paper towels. He doesnt have a hide as I put a blanket over the tub for comfort. You may want to consider another heat source such as a Mini heater in the room or a Ceramic heat emitter (no light please, light stresses a ball python) I need to sell him to a good home asap. I can no longer afford to take care of him, he needs vet check(nothings wrong its just time for his vet check up) , and I'm moving in two months. more
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Fire Leg Tarantula


Magna, UT | 6 Hours
5 inch confirmed female. The coin is a 50 cent piece for size comparison. She is about 4 yrs old. Females of brachypelma species are know to live upwatds of 20 years. Easy to maintain minimal effort required, so she's an easy pet. Her diet consists of roaches mealworms crickets dragonflies and she's even had a few small fish. She comes with the 10 gallon tank and decorations and water dish.Texting or email is preferred as I work through the day.Christian801 803 3000 more
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Bearded Dragon Setup


SLC, UT | 7 Hours
PRICE DROP! Bearded Dragon Setup The perfect setup for a happy Bearded Dragon. Includes Everything you need except your Bearded Dragon. 36 x18x18 tank with wire mesh cover, ZooMed heat lamps with bulbs, UV lamps with bulbs, ZooMed heating pad and heated basking rock, several flat basking rocks, large climbing branch, large water dish, large food dish, cricket keeper, cricket food, thermometer, large pooper scooper, metal feeding tongs. Great value for your money! Worth much more if purchased individually. more
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Ball Pythons-Pastel and Het for Pied


Salt Lake City, UT | 7 Hours
Three ball pythons for sale One male, one female Normal/Het for pied (100%)--$10NORMALS HAVE SOLDOne female Pastel--$20All less than one year oldText for questions more
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2 ball pythons trade for boas


salt lake city, UT | 7 Hours
Wanting to trade my male and female ball pythons they both are about 4 feet the male is a bit smaller than the female they're in a 40 gallon breeder tank with full set up willing to trade all or just snakes mainly looking for boas but open for other snakes let me know what you have text for pics 4 more info contact Carlos (801)702-7310 more
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Red Tail Colombian Boa With Cage And Equipment


Springville, UT | 8 Hours
This snake is a red tail Colombian boa he comes with the cage, the water dish, the heat rock, and bedding. He's friendly and a cute friend more
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Frozen Rats for sale very large!


Huntsville, UT | 9 Hours
These Rats are form RodentPro.com I accidentally ordered the wrong size and my snakes will never get this big so I am stuck with a freezer full of large rats. These just came in on March 24, they have not been opened. Please contact if you have any questions and if you want pictures of the Rats.20 -small Rats10- Medium Rats12- XL Rats more
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SALE***'Blue' Williamsi Lygodactylus


Sandy, UT | 10 Hours
***SALE - Young Male Blue Williamsi are on sale - $50 off regular price.These geckos are captive bred and from my unrelated captive bred pair. I only have 2 young males left that were $200 each now $150 each I also have two proven males - $200 each.Hatchling $150 SOLDFemale $250 SOLDPair $400 SOLDText or Call 801-910-0791 more
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Two young leopard geckos w/ cage


Portage, UT | 12 Hours
I am selling my young leopard geckos. They are a male and female pair, but are still too young to realize what that means. They are both handleable and eat well. They come with their cage. more
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Reptile cage


westjordan, UT | 14 Hours
New, size 40 by 23 by 19 inches high, lid light opens from the top and sliding front glass, holds heat and hunidity, good, free delevery ry in the salt lake. Valley, call and ask for Fred 1-801-282-2 059 more
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3 Fire Bellied Toads


DRAPER, UT | 21 Hours
3 Fire Bellied Toads. Comes with cage, 2 water bowls, night time heat lamp, rock house, and 2 fake scenery plants. Feed small crickets once a week. Mist toads every night and morning and make sure the water bowls are filled at all times. they cannot go more than a day without water or they will dry out and die. You will need to buy a daytime heat lamp for them. more
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Skunk Tailed Gecko


DRAPER, UT | 22 Hours
Nefarian the skunk tailed gecko. Lost tail when he was with previous owner. Very scared, use patience when trying to touch. (I think he was previously abused). Comes with cage, water bowl, fruit bowl, log hut, and night time heat lamp. You will need to buy a daytime heat lamp for him. Dust calcium on medium crickets once a week for him to eat, and feed fruit every other day. more
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SALE***Buy One Get One Young Giant Day Geckos


Sandy, UT | 23 Hours
***SALE***I have some young captive bred Giant Day Geckos. They were $50 for one. NOW they are on sale for $50 for two. That is Buy One Get One FREE!!!! Only $25 each when you buy two!***I ONLY HAVE TWO LEFT*** 1 MALE/ 1 FEMALE Text or Call801-910-0791 more
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Millcreek/ holiday, UT | 1 Day
Male p. Scrofa(CHILEAN COPPER) for sale. I don't have time for my tarantula's anymore so im downsizing big time. Text or call for more information. Text perfered. I also have others I'm getting rid of that are not listed. Thanks! more
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Millcreek/ holiday, UT | 1 Day
Curly hair tarantula with cage about 2in 20obo. I don't have time for my tarantula's anymore so im downsizing big time. Text or call for more information. Text perfered. I also have others I'm getting rid of that are not listed more
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