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West jordan, UT | 30 Mins
In good condition no cracks pump works just don't have use for it please text if interested more
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Baby crested gecko with supplies


sandy, UT | 1 Hour
Baby crested gecko eating repashy gecko diet. Comes with 16 quart tub, 3 plastic plants, & some repashy food. I CAN TEXT PICTURES. Interested text (801) 326-9950. more
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Bearded dragon


Ogden, UT | 1 Hour
For sale 1yr old bearded dragon great with people...she comes with feeding bowl water bowl log and lights as well as big tank....text me 3854053315 more
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grantsville, UT | 2 Hours
I have six bunnies $10 each more
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Pastel python for sale comes with everything


Taylorsville, UT | 2 Hours
Come with everything needed more
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Caiman lizard


Ogden, UT | 2 Hours
Looking to trade for a beautiful snake. young caiman lizard eats well on live snails and frozen snails (defrosted and calcium dusted) been working with him to tame him down but my schedule has gotta pretty crazy he's tamer then he used to be but still flighty and nervous he's one gourgeous boy. I'm looking to trade him as well for beautiful snake or monitor message me thank u. It's just the lizard and his harness have possible cage for him if needed more
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2 Sub Adult Axanthic blue tongue


Salt Lake City, UT | 2 Hours
Halmahera locality. I bought these two a year and a half ago from Omni reptiles for 1000 a piece. They are about 20 inches long and eat a varied diet. Not picky at all! Super chill lizards I hate to see them go but my bills are winning the battle to hold onto them. They have had mouth infection in the past that went away with antibiotics from the vet. they still have a little scar tissue and that's why I'm going to let them go for the same price I bought them for. I would like 1000 each. would think about taking a little off both If you could buy them immediately. Not looking for trades at this time. You could easily resell these or breed them and get your money back they are by far the coolest lizards I have ever seen. I have not been able to surely decide on genders so selling them un sexed. more
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provo, UT | 3 Hours
Silkworms are a excellent food source for reptiles. They can also make really fun pets. The price is $1 each the minimum amount is 10 and they come with food and a container to keep them in. Text is best thanks. more
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Crickets, dubia roaches, super worms, meal worms,


Spanish Fork, UT | 3 Hours
I've got crickets 1/2 and 3/4 inch 50 for $5.00 or 250 for $20.00. Dubia roaches are $20.00 for a colony of 20 producing adult females and 5 adult males. Meal worms are $5.00 for 50 or 250 for $20.00. Super worms are $10.00 for 50.Text is best thanks. I've also got silkworms for $1.00 each must get at least 10. more
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Hydei flightless fruit flies


provo, UT | 3 Hours
These are great for small reptiles and frog's. Text is best thanks. more
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Color changing chameleon shirts


provo, UT | 3 Hours
These shirts are awesome they change color in the sun. Text is best thanks. more
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Panther chameleons


Provo, UT | 3 Hours
I have some juvenile ambilobe panther chameleons for 200 for females and 250 for males. they are over 3 months old and showing color and extremely healthy. If you buy a pair of juveniles I will take 50 off the total price. I've got unrelated males and females if you wanted to start breeding. I've also got sub adults and adults males and females. Panther chameleons in my personal opinion are not only the most colorful and beautiful of all the chameleons but are also the most personable and friendly. Text or call anytime thanks. more
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Egg crates


provo, UT | 3 Hours
Egg crates are great for keeping all different types of insects like crickets dubia roaches and many more. 0.50 for large egg crates and $0.25 for small. Text is best thanks. more
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Jackson chameleons


provo, UT | 3 Hours
Jackson chameleons are truly amazing, and great for someone just getting into the hobby. We have some sub adults and adults for 65. If you're thinking about breeding them they have a live birth so no incubating necessary. If you get a pair I'll take 10 off the total price. Text is best thanks. more
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Live Mealworms for less (regulars = Bonus)


Provo, UT | 4 Hours
Live mealworms. Better price than the pet store. Healthy and lively. Not refrigerated unless YOU put them in the fridge.Locally and organically grown. $2.00 for 50I will throw in extras if you become a regular customer :)Various sizes available for large or small pets.I can fill larger orders too.Text (801) 259-1188 more
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2 Leopard Geckos & Tank Etc


Saratoga Springs, UT | 5 Hours
$100 OBO2 beautiful leopard geckos with rare Morphs,Both are female and are 2 years old. Very healthy with fat tails.EVERYTHING INCLUDED -20 gallon tank, total of 3 hides for them, water dish, 2 food dishes, fake succulent, rocks, dry wood and of course the 2 geckos. ...........................The blizzard is very friendly and docile you can hold her all day long and pet her. She has snake eyes which is very cool, she looks like a dinosaur. The Mack Snow raptor is GORGEOUS she has pastel colors and is larger than the other one. She doesn't like to be held as much as the other one but shouldn't be a problem with a little time with her. more
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Reptile tank with accecories


Nibley, UT | 5 Hours
This is about a thirty gallon reptile tank that comes with 2 lamps, 2 water dishes, a log and a mat that goes on the bottom of the tank more
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Assorted Geckos


Sandy, UT | 6 Hours
I have some Captive Bred - CB - geckos that are available, prices vary from $20 and up:*Blue Williamsi - young pair $400, young males $200, females $300 - CB*Standingi Day Gecko Adult Males - CB - SALE: $100 each.*Giant Day Geckos 2 Adult Proven Females and 2 Adult Females (haven't bred yet) SALE: Buy 1 Get 1 Free - CB - now $100 for 2, normally $100 for 1.*Crested Gecko Adult Female Creamy Pinstripe $150 - CB.*Gargoyle Gecko Hatchlings - varies - 4 striped, 3 blotched - CB.*Gargoyle Proven Striped Adult Male, $150 - CB.*Sphaerodactylus Nigropunctatlus Granti Sub Adults $75 each. SALE; 2 for $100 - CB.*Mourning Day Gecko Hatchlings 2 for $50 - CB.*Gold Dust Gecko Hatchlings 2 for $50.*Dubai Day Gecko $20 - CB.Cages available for additional price.Thanks,Christine801-910-0791Frogmania66@gmail.com more
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3 red ear slider turtles.


Ogden, UT | 6 Hours
3 red ear slider turtles, 80 gallon tank, stand, lights, filter and food we have left more
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Proven Male Phantom Yellowbelly ball python


Bountiful, UT | 6 Hours
Proven Male Phantom Yellowbelly, he's a big boy at over 1600 grams. Eating frozen thawed rats every week. Asking 200 OBO. Feel free to text me with any questions or concerns. --------I also have a Spark female (500 grams) for sale, I'd send the pair together for 300- make phantom pumas. more
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Chameleon Cages!


Perry, UT | 6 Hours
I am selling these two chameleon cages for $50 each. They are in great condition! 16x16x30. I am willing to deliver. Need them gone soon! more
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Female Proven normal ball python


Bountiful, UT | 6 Hours
Proven female normal, laid 7 eggs at the beginning of may this year. She's currently 1400 grams, and eating Frozen thawed rats like a champ. Asking $45 OBO. Feel free to text with any questions or concerns. more
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Female GHI ball python 175 OBO


Bountiful, UT | 6 Hours
Female GHI ball python, almost 200 grams. She's a sweetheart, and an amazing feeder. Eating frozen thawed rats. Asking 175 OBO, feel free to text with any questions or concern. more
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Female Spark Ball python $150 OBO


Bountiful, UT | 6 Hours
Female Spark ball python just over 500 grams, feeding great on frozen thawed rats. Asking $150 OBO. Feel free to shoot me a text with any questions or concerns.----I also have a proven phantom Yellowbelly male for sale, id let them go together for $300 obo. Make phantom pumas. more
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