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Exo Terra Medium Turtle Bank


Ogden, UT | 23 Mins
New still in the box & price reduced from $27! Magnetic floating island with submerged ramp. Measures 11.73" x 7.01" x 2.13". Automatically adjusts to all water levels. SORRY NO TRADES & CASH ONLY. THANKS. more
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Young yellow bellied slider male


Pocatello, ID | 3 Hours
Asking $20 re homing fee.Just getting out of reptiles. No cage or equipment to go with the little turd. It's a male and he's still growing. Since he's still growing he has an itchy shell and loves a good shell scrubbing. He loves sunbathing, shrimp, and chicken. Not a huge fan of most fruits and vegetables. Easy to handle but shy outside of his tank. Playful and happy inside of his tank. He likes to follow your finger as you move it across the glass. Spends hours biting at stickers I've put on the glass. Please have turtle experience/knowledge, or I won't consider you. Thank you. more
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Orange and yellowed bearded dragon


West Jordan, UT | 3 Hours
Beautiful male bearded dragon with bright orange and yellow highlights. He is not your average dragon. 11 months old and loves to eat, swim and hang out with other dragons. He is growing quick and likes to be pet and hand fed veggies. We just don't have time to dedicate to him and hate to see him go. I can send with food for a few days since I bread it Does NOT come with cage for price - see other ad for price with cage. more
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Snake with full setup


Logan, UT | 3 Hours
Snake with full set up for sale.very nice,never bites. . Txt 907-355-1002 asking $150.00 more
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Spotted leopard gecko


riverton, UT | 3 Hours
One year old moving need to go to good home more
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Cedar City, UT | 4 Hours
Incubator made from a double wide soda pop cooler. No heat or Thermostat is included. Just the incubator and the shelves. This is a large unit. 47 1/4"L X 21"D X 60"H. There is a drainage tube in the bottom where all the wiring can go. Pick up ONLY. You WILL need a truck or very large SUV to transport it. more
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Custom enclosure design


Salt Lake City, UT | 4 Hours
I'm an experienced reptile keeper looking for flexible income while in college. I can build plywood terrariums, vivariums, 3D backgrounds, decor, stands, canopies, etc. Send an email to RepteriorDesignSLC@gmail.com for any inquiries. more
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Rats for sell


American fork, UT | 5 Hours
I have small medium large and some jumbo rats for sell the small rats are 3$ medium are 5$ large are 7$ jumbo are 10$ more
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Roy, UT | 5 Hours
Well working reptile heat lamp. more
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Like New 18x36x24 Front Opening Enclosure


Provo, UT | 5 Hours
This Natural Geographic brand enclosure was purchased last year and is in like new condition. It has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with a reptile/amphibian safe disinfectant and is ready for new occupants. Enclosure comes with key for locking the convenient front access doors (no need to risk breaking an expensive UV lamp filament trying to access from the top). Large floor with plenty of vertical space for climbing. 18"W x 36"L x 24"H. Text is best. more
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West Valley, UT | 6 Hours
I am selling a glass tank with lid (30"Lx12"Wx12"H) and a cool mist humidifier/FOGGER for $30.00. It was used to house a baby ball python, only selling because I upgraded it's housing. Both in great condition. Please TEXT Heath at 801-835-4468. PICK UP ONLY!!! NO EMAIL!!! NO SHIPPING!!! more
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Bearded Dragon/Corn Snake


Highland, UT | 7 Hours
Bearded dragon and corn snake. 75 each or 100 for both. Text for details. Thanks! more
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Bearded Dragon


Highland, UT | 7 Hours
This is my beardie REZ, he's about 2 years old. Im going to college this fall and won't be able to take care of him as much as I am able to now. He's friendly and docile, likes to take baths, and generally is a happy lazy lizard. I feed him a mixture of green veggies every day (kale cabbage etc), and crickets every other day. He comes with a large terrarium that has a heat and UV light. more
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Female Yellow Belly Pastel Ball Python


Provo, UT | 8 Hours
Just a little over a year old. I am only getting rid of her because I can't afford to keep my whole collection anymore. She's a great eater. Will take both frozen and live rats. more
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Female Candino (Het Pied) Ball Python


Provo, UT | 8 Hours
Less than a year old. I paid $350 for her at the reptile expo in salt lake last September, but have to downsize my collection so I am willing to make a deal. She's a great eater. Will take both frozen and live mice. more
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40 g. reptile terrarium


Sandy, UT | 8 Hours
40 g. terrarium tank. Comes with a long hammock, heat and night lamps, a thermostat , food and dish bowls, The 40 gallon reptile tank has a crack on the right side on the very top but i never had a problem with it. You can text or call me at 801-869-0533 for offers more
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Vulture Point Oophaga Pumilio Dart Frog


Highland, UT | 8 Hours
I have 5 sub-adult Vulture Point dart frogs. About 8-10 mo. out of water. At least one is already calling. The picture attached is not my own but is an actual picture of the parents. more
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Yellow Terribilis Dart Frog Subadults


Highland, UT | 8 Hours
I have only 4 left. One of the coolest, largest and boldest dart frog species. They have a pretty-sounding audible call. They are critically endangered in the wild so help keep the species around. Even though the Yellow Terribilis are the most poisonous vertebrate in the world in the wild, they are completely harmless in captivity due to their changed diet. With every purchase of a frog from me, i will give you labels for your vivariums for free. See photos for an example. Ages range from 6-8 months out of water. more
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Isla Colon Oophaga Pumilio Dart Frog


Highland, UT | 8 Hours
I have 4 froglets about 3 mo. out of water. Asking $100 each. Not sexed. Parents come from Shawn Harrington. Pictures are of parents. These are awesome thumbnails. Bold, active and good breeders as adults. more
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Turtle/reptile aquarium and supplies


Ogden, UT | 9 Hours
Turtle habitat and supplies. The glass on the bottom of aquarium is broken. Just needs new glass. Come with heat lamps , tortoise food, bark/wood chips, water bowl and did bowl, bath bowl, and log to hide. Just haven't used it since turtle ran away. Sad. Asking 75 obo. Text is best cause I work. 8017919818 Ann thanks more
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Special Leopard Gecko


Provo, UT | 9 Hours
This is Toby. He is a special needs gecko- the owner that I adopted him from took poor care of him. As a result, he as some trouble hunting for food on his own, and walks a little funny. He is such a sweet and calm gecko, and loves to be held. The last picture is the one I got from the owner (I do not believe in exposing my geckos to sand and moss impaction- Toby is on a mealworm diet and is situated with paper towel carpeting.) We need to find him a home as soon as possible. more
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Extremely tame ball python and all his stuff


ogden, UT | 10 Hours
Meet Ted. He is extremely tame and a great eater. Due to unseen circumstances he needs to find a new home. He comes with tank, lights, stand and feeding tank. more
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Pleasant Grove, UT | 11 Hours
Used reptile incubator. Works great. A rat got out and chewed the outside so its not perfect condition but it does not affect the incubator at all. Has been used for bp clutches before successfully. Just no need anymore Asking $60 more
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Pleasant Grove, UT | 11 Hours
Text for offers and questionsLight $5 each Gecko magnetic dish $5 Reptile dish $2 Cricket keepers $2-3 Decor $1 more
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