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75 Gal Bowed Glass Tank And Stand


West Valley City, UT | 48 Mins
Comes with 160 watt mercury build and ceramic heater. No longer have my bearded dragon. more
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40 gallon


west valley city, UT | 1 Hour
Nice tank. Nothing wrong with it. Comes with heat lights and uvb light. And timer. more
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Will take in any reptiles


sandy, UT | 1 Hour
I am very passionate about reptiles and have kept them for 10+ years now. I will take extremely good care of them and keep them in a very naturalistic environment. Text is proffered, thank you for viewing my page!! more
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Male White Tiger Retic Plus Enclosure


Ogden, UT | 2 Hours
I have a male white phase tiger retic that I am possibly selling. He is 100% tame and has never struck or bit. He pushes on his tank quite often and has at least two missing teeth from biting his water bowl instead of his rat. From this he now has a weird whistle sound when breathing at times. He's about 8 feet long. Last weighed in March at over 1300 grams. He is in a 4'x2'x2' enclosure. The plexiglass door cracked but is taped back together. He is my baby but my main focus now is my green tree pythons. Let me know if you are interested.Also he had his first sperm plugs today so he can be bred soon if needed. more
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Bearded Dragon, $80 OBO


Sandy, UT | 2 Hours
We are selling our 6 month old bearded dragon. He/she has been great, loves to be handled and held, great with kids. We have loved having him over the past couple months but we are looking to get a snake and don't have room in our apartment for both. He's about 13 inches long, and a chubby little thing. He loves crickets and mealworms. We will also be including a cricket card. 300 crickets for free at Marks Ark, cricket food, a feeder box, and the food dishes. Text me if you have any other questions, if you want to come meet him, you will fall in love! more
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Ball python normal


Salt Lake City, UT | 2 Hours
I have a 1 1/2 year old normal female ball python. Very sweet and loves to be held. Never struck at anybody. Just down sizing my collection. Just snake for 50 or 100 for her and her living cage more
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Bearded Dragons


Magna, UT | 4 Hours
I have 5 baby bearded dragons for 35$ a peice. They are 6 weeks old. You'll need to get a cage and lights. I have them on a light system from 8am to 8 pm. I have been feeding them dried mealworms and small crickets. They all love to drink water and they are all unique in there own way. Feel free to text me at 8018911124 more
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Male Gargoyle Gecko


Salt Lake City, UT | 4 Hours
17 gram male Gargoyle GeckoWill trade for isopod cultures more
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Male hognose


Roy, UT | 5 Hours
Get little guy good temper and great eater more
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Children's python


Roy, UT | 5 Hours
He's still a little guy and great eater but can be nippy (apparently he'll grow out of it) will come with everything more
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large log


Salt Lake City, UT | 11 Hours
Paid $39.00 for this extra large turtle log 6 months ago my turtle is already way too big for it more
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18 In Cube


Layton, UT | 15 Hours
40 obo can deliver in the valley more
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Female python snake colebra


West Jordan, UT | 15 Hours
This girl is amazing with so much personality..unfortunately the husband says we need to cut down. She was born 10/13/2016. She eats frozen every other week, just shed a week ago. Selling with her heat pad (not heat mats, the one used for humans), container, thermometer/hydrometer, and that's basically what she has. Her "hide " has just been cardboard boxes. $50 more
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Chameleon Cages $50 Each!


Perry, UT | 15 Hours
2 chameleon cages for $50 each. I bought each of them for $120. They are in great condition. Need them gone soon! more
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Rice Flour Beetles


Layton, UT | 15 Hours
Prefect staple diet for any frog! 8 oz for 5$ more
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New Cultures Of Fruit flies


Layton, UT | 15 Hours
Cultures of fruit flies were made 6/6/17 Melo, Hydi, and golden hydi 7$ each more
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Red eared turtle + supplies


Salt Lake City, UT | 16 Hours
Tank, food, lights, filter, everything for only $100 obo. Need to get rid of him ASAP. He is about 10 inches long and healthy. It was a gift for my daughter and she doesn't want him anymore. Text is best 4806882822 more
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Russian Tortoise With Complete Set Up


herriman, UT | 16 Hours
I have a male Russian tortoise for sale! He is a good eater and healthy! I Usually just feed him lettuce and other leafy greens. He comes with a 40 gallon tank, everything in it, and a UVB light. The cage will fit him happily for the rest of his life so you don't need to worry about upgrading tanks. I just barely clean his cage and sand so he is ready for his new owner! If you have any questions pertaining feel free to shoot me a text! Thanks more
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X Large Water Dish


North Salt Lake, UT | 16 Hours
This is an x large water dish. Large enough for snakes to soak in. $20 new. Asking $8Call or text Chris at 801 647-2047 more
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Xlarge Reptile Hide


North Salt Lake, UT | 16 Hours
This is an x large hide for snakes, tortoise or other reptiles. $50 brand new. Asking $25Call or text Chris at 801 647-2047 more
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30 gallon reptile, scorpion, or snake set up


Roy, UT | 17 Hours
30 gallon tank set up. Currently set up for a scorpion or desert reptile terrarium or even snake cage. Could change to amphibian, or fish aquarium. Measures 30X12.5 and is 19" tall.Set up includes the sand, rocks, food dish, lid, heat lamp, and a black uv light.Take everything for $80Or just tank for $50TEXT IS BEST, calls ok more
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Blue Spotted Timor Monitor


Saratoga Springs, UT | 17 Hours
Young blue spotted timor monitor. Typical timor attitude; a bit shy and hissy but rarely bites. She was doing quite well with handling and getting better but I have been too busy to work with her much. I recommend an experienced reptile keeper who can handle some attitude from this dwarf monitor lizard. She's currently in a 40 gallon enclosure. 150$ for her and her set up: cage, lights water dishes and furnishings. She eats ground turkey with raw egg mixed in, roaches, pinky mice and other feeder insects. Texts is best. Thanks! more
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hermit crab


taylorsville, UT | 19 Hours
I have a very sweet hermit crab that need a new home. He comes with a tank (big enough to get him a friend) plants, hut, food and water bowls, decor, food and treats. Also a temp/humidity gage. Super easy pet to care forText if interested! Thanks! more
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High red bearded dragon with super worms and cage!


Spanish Fork, UT | 19 Hours
I have a high red female bearded dragon for sale with extra lights and vionate calcium mix and superworm farm. I cant keep her because im not there everyday to take care of him. I would like to give him to a home that will take care of her well. Call or text anytime 8015007266 more
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