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Bumblebee Ball Python


Holladay, UT | 14 Mins
Female Bumblebee Ball Python. About 2 1/2 feet long, no idea what she weighs. She's not very wide around. She's about 4 or 5 years old. Comes with 20-25 gallon tank, water dish, night time light bulb and hide. This snake has not been handled much. She does bite when you attempt to pick her up. After a mintue or two she relaxes and is fine to hold. Because she bites I do not recommend this snake for beginners. Best suited for a breeder environment or experienced snake owner.**Text only** more
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SLC, UT | 58 Mins
NEW COST 35$ more
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2 Red Eared Sliders


Clearfield, UT | 7 Hours
2 adult Red Eared sliders tank, light, & filter they are the best turtles evertext for pics more
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Desert Hairy Scorpion


perry, UT | 9 Hours
Adult desert hairy. Comes with enclosure. more
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Pinstripe Ball Python


Saratoga Springs, UT | 11 Hours
2015 Male Pinstripe Ball Python for sale. This snake is extremely healthy and ready to breed. He is 1120 grams and has always been a strong feeder. This snake is currently feeding on medium rats every 1 to 2 weeks. He's got a great disposition and has only struck on his food. Like most bball pythons he can be shy , but in I've never experienced any aggression from him. This add is for the snake only. You will need an enclosure that meets the proper husbandry requirements for ball pythons. If your unfamiliar with what that is I will be happy to help. I've truly enjoyed owning this animal, however he no longer fits into my breeding plans. He's a particularly nice looking pinstripe with great patterning. I'm sad to see him go but i really need the rack space. I'm willing to consider trading for female ball pythons of equal value and gargoyle or crested geckos preferably of breeding age. Text is the best way to reach me. more
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Albino Nielsons Milk


perry, UT | 11 Hours
Female albino nielsons milk snake. I was going to keep her for breeding but am doing others instead. Included exoterra small wide with substrate, water dish, heat pad, and hide. Will consider trades for female kingsnakes. more
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West Valley, UT | 12 Hours
Hoping to find someone willing to sell their female Tokay Gecko for a reasonable price. more
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Blood Emerine Leopard Gecko


West Valley, UT | 12 Hours
I have this full grown beautiful gecko for sale. Originally payed $250 for him but I will settle for $100 Or trade for some reptile equipment or for a crocodile skink, or leachie gecko. more
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Male Green Tree Python and Cage/Stand


Provo, UT | 12 Hours
Male Green Tree Python. I hatched him about 3 years ago from a Designer Sorong Male and an Aru type female. Currently feeding on Frozen/thawed mice. Comes with EcoTerra Cage, Homemade Wooden stand, Herpstat thermostat, Radient heat panel, a years worth of feeders, disposable water dishes and so forth. Green tree pythons are not for beginners, and he isn't particularly friendly either. Experienced keeper only. The cage was a planted vivarian, but I didn't do a great job keeping the plants alive. It's has a drainage layer on the bottom, mesh, soil and so forth. You can replant if you were interested. more
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Reptile Cages and Supplies


Provo, UT | 12 Hours
Lots of random reptiles supplies for sale:- Glass Tanks $10-$15 each- Shipping Supplies- Aspen Bedding- Heat Pads- Large Egg Incubator - $60- Stand for a 4ft Cage- Small and Large Homemade Racks - $20 each- Homemade Cage - $40- Water DishesPrices range from $5-$60. Just bring some cash and stop by to see what's available. Everything is in my garage in south Provo. I will not drive these supplies out to anyone, nor do I intend to meet halfway. It's not worth my time, so please do not ask. You would need a truck for the racks. more
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Bearded Dragon


south jordan, UT | 12 Hours
Young bearded dragon. Male. $50.00 OBOCall or text Baylee 3852586415 more
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Female Ball Python


Salt Lake City, UT | 13 Hours
Really don't want to sell but I am moving and need to find King(snake) a new home. He is around 4 ft. And is fed a medium rat and mouse, usually once every week or two. $75 OBO. Comes with enclosure, light, bedding, etc everything you need. Text or call anytime 3852586415 Baylee more
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Chameleon Gecko (vieillardi)


Provo, UT | 13 Hours
These guys are from New Caledonia and they seem to be even easier to handle than crested geckos while maxing out at less than half the size. She was born 9/26/2015 and is currently 5 grams. She has the same care as crested geckos but only needs a 5 gallon tank. She eats repashy and the occasional meal worm and cockroach. I'm only selling her this cheap because it turns out the kink in her back is genetic and I can't breed her. It has not affected her health in any way so she will still make an awesome pet. The end picture is the same gecko placed in a lighter colored environment. Their color changes are amazing. Text me with more questions. Will consider trades for other reptiles of equal value. more
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Pastel yellow belly Female


Ogden, UT | 14 Hours
Female pastel yellow belly for sale. She is healthy and very well taken care of. She is currently sitting at 883 grams. Eating frozen thawed. Please, text is best. Thank you. more
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Snake babysitter needed!


Holladay, UT | 17 Hours
I'm in need of a trustworthy and snake smart person to look after a couple of my snakes for a few months. I'm moving out of state for work for the summer and am taking most of my collection with me, but would be a big help to place these two somewhere else during that time. Will pay you of courseI have two midsize Florida kings. Eating thawed mice placed in their container. Little maintenance required.I would like to meet you first and also would ask that we sign a contract of sorts that ensures both that I pay you for your services and that I get my snakes back. Thanks more
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4 Gene Girl Beauty


Holladay, UT | 17 Hours
4 Gene: Enchi, Pastel, Pinstripe, Ghost. Lots of breeding potential with her. I paid $750 for her, original owner. She's close to 1000g and 2+ yrs old. Could potentially lay a clutch next year. Takes live and thawed rats. Calm demeanor. Moving next week and won't have the space more
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Bearded Dragon & Supplies


Orem, UT | 17 Hours
About 6 month old bearded dragon for sale. Male. Calm but has character. Never bites when petting him. Will likely need a bigger cage soon. Comes with tank shown and everything inside along with two insect carriers, sand, and calcium powder. We love him but won't be home much this summer. more
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Rainbow Boa Male


Holladay, UT | 17 Hours
Full grown male, 6ft long. Eats frozen thawed rats, chicks. He is a little cranky lately getting him out of the cage but calms down pretty quick. Never been bitten. Beautiful guy, I call him LaVar Burton (props if you get it). Paid $350 originally for him. Asking $270. No cage. Moving next week and can't take him with me. more
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Female Cal King


Holladay, UT | 17 Hours
Nearly 4 yrs old, 3ft long. She's very well tempered, kid friendly snake. No cage included more
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Female Ball Python


magna, UT | 17 Hours
great eater, good temper, likes to be held, 350 g range ,text for pics and details. more
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Female Adult Ball Python


magna, UT | 17 Hours
good eater. 1400g range, great temper, laid 5 good eggs last year , ready again for this year, text for pics and details. more
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Male Lemon Pastel het Ghost


magna, UT | 18 Hours
good eater, great temper, 150g range. text for pics and details more
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Male Enchi Ball Python


magna, UT | 18 Hours
good eater, 400g range text for pics and details. more
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Red Eared Slider


Logan, UT | 18 Hours
$80. Hate to sell buttercup, our red eared slider, but we don't have as much time for her anymore and will be moving soon. She was a classroom pet for my wife and is great with kids and other pets. Super chill turtle who loves to roam around. Includes everything you would need, 40 gallon tank with custom built turtle topper. Also comes with marineland penguin 350 power filter and two extra filter pads. Reptisun uvb bulb and ceramic heat emitter. Water heater, some cleaning tools and reptomin adult turtle food. Looking to give her to a good home! Text is best to contact me with any questions. more
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