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Turtle/reptile aquarium and supplies


Ogden, UT | 52 Mins
Turtle habitat and supplies. The glass on the bottom of aquarium is broken. Just needs new glass. Come with heat lamps , tortoise food, bark/wood chips, water bowl and did bowl, bath bowl, and log to hide. Just haven't used it since turtle ran away. Sad. Asking 75 obo. Text is best cause I work. 8017919818 Ann thanks more
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Special Leopard Gecko


Provo, UT | 1 Hour
This is Toby. He is a special needs gecko- the owner that I adopted him from took poor care of him. As a result, he as some trouble hunting for food on his own, and walks a little funny. He is such a sweet and calm gecko, and loves to be held. The last picture is the one I got from the owner (I do not believe in exposing my geckos to sand and moss impaction- Toby is on a mealworm diet and is situated with paper towel carpeting.) We need to find him a home as soon as possible. more
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Extremely tame ball python and all his stuff


ogden, UT | 1 Hour
Meet Ted. He is extremely tame and a great eater. Due to unseen circumstances he needs to find a new home. He comes with tank, lights, stand and feeding tank. more
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Pleasant Grove, UT | 2 Hours
Used reptile incubator. Works great. A rat got out and chewed the outside so its not perfect condition but it does not affect the incubator at all. Has been used for bp clutches before successfully. Just no need anymore Asking $60 more
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Pleasant Grove, UT | 2 Hours
Text for offers and questionsLight $5 each Gecko magnetic dish $5 Reptile dish $2 Cricket keepers $2-3 Decor $1 more
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29 gallon river paluderium


Pleasant Grove, UT | 2 Hours
Need to sell tonight! Can deliver in Utah valley or meet in the middle. Asking 200 OBO. If you have an offer or something to trade please text me! Willing to work with someone. Interested in reptiles and supplies. Mostly hogs, snad boas, and balls but would consider any offer Text only please more
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Desert exo terra


Pleasant Grove, UT | 2 Hours
Need to sell asap. Has live succulents and made of excavstor sand. 80 obo text is best more
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45 gallon corner bowfront paludarium


Pleasant Grove, UT | 2 Hours
Need to sell asap. Comes with lights and the cabinet stand. All live plants. Water feature. 150 obo Text with offers. more
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Crested Gecko


slc, UT | 3 Hours
Not exactly sure on this little gem. Colors and pattern are insane when it's fired up. Unsexed. Missing tail. Going to be a impressive adult. Outstanding head structure. Firm $50Text prefered. more
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Crested Gecko


slc, UT | 3 Hours
Yellow Tiger. Unsexed. Awesome yellow on this little gem. Going to be an amazing adult. Great head structure. Firm $50.Text prefered. more
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Orem, UT | 4 Hours
Beautiful Blue Tailed Skink! Really wish not to sell it but we just don't have time for it anymore. Selling the Skink and the tank, decor plant, log home, and water bowl all for $50!! If you have any questions or if interested please text me at (801)616-8426 more
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Crested Gecko


slc, UT | 4 Hours
Dalmation Partial Pinstripe. Unsexed. More spots with every shed. Full tail. Fires up nicely. Firm $40.Text prefered. more
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Leopard Gecko


Ogden, UT | 4 Hours
Easy beginner lizards ! Please come get everything asap. Cage... Net ... Log.... Lamp.... Food and food trays lizard carpet more
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Temperate spring tail cultures


Vineyard, UT | 5 Hours
I have a temperate spring tail cultures available. Depending on the size you are wanting the price ranges from $5-$20. Spring tails are a great clean up crew. The offspring also offer a good snack for smaller reptiles and amphibians. . more
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Adult male Crested Gecko


slc, UT | 5 Hours
Adult Male Red Dalmation Pinstripe. Missing tail. Very nice when fired up. $150 for gecko. $200 with cage. Firm on price.Text prefered more
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Magna, UT | 5 Hours
Striped knee tarantula (Costa Rican Zebra) I've had it for a little over a year. $50 more
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Fruit fly cultures


Vineyard, UT | 5 Hours
Healthy fruit fly cultures. These are Melanogaster flightless fruit flies. They are $10 ea or if you buy two or more they are $8.00ea. Please call or text with any questions. I have cultures in various stages currently. Fruit flies are a great staple for small reptiles or amphibians. more
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4 year old bearded dragon


Orem, UT | 5 Hours
Healthy, calm bearded dragon. We have had him around all ages of kids. Loves crickets and lettuce. COBE's with everything you need including cricket cage, cricket food, lights, tank etc. please text 918-841-3972 more
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Free great Basin Gopher Snake


Ogden, UT | 5 Hours
Free snake. About 18" long. Eats large crickets & pinkie mice. Text 801-564-5705 more
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Young iguana


Layton, UT | 5 Hours
I have a young iguana that needs a home, I received a job transfer at work that requires me to travel a lot and I can't be home to give him/her (i think she is female) the attention she needs. It is very important to me that she/he go to a good home and to someone that understands the time commitment an iguana takes. She has been handled quit a bit to this point but she does need to continue to be tamed. Please only serious inquires as I have taken the iguana back once already because the person didn't have enough time. All his/her supplies are included. Also, she will need another enclosure very soon. more
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FREE Leopard geckos


Orem, UT | 6 Hours
Moving and need two leopard geckos gone. Older brother left them here and the had not been fed for some time, I fed them recently but they need more attention. We are moving to Germany and cannot take them with. You can have both, the tub they use, and the heat pads all for free. First come first serve more
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Hog island boa / hogg


Orem, UT | 6 Hours
Healthy male (I believe) for sale, first come first serve, $50 if you pick him up today before noon. Comes with everything but he will need a cage upgrade soon. Text for questions, I'm just moving and I need him out asap more
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Two Baby Bearded Dragons


west valley, UT | 6 Hours
I have two baby bearded dragons who need a home they come complete with there set up and lights. One has orange spots. more
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Large Dubia Roaches for Sale


alpine, UT | 6 Hours
Large Dubia Roaches 10 cents each, great for bearded dragons, geckos, tarantulas and other reptiles. I am willing meet if you buy 100 or more. Text preferred (801)830-3741. more
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