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mt pleasant, UT | 41 Mins
Young rooster ready for his new home. He's laced wyandotte and half bantam. He's a full sized bird. That's his mother he is pictured with.. he resides in mt pleasant.435 262 2024 text Nick more
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Narragansett Tom


Honeyville, UT | 9 Hours
Looking to purchase a tom to go with my hen for breeding. more
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Pullets and 2 cockerals


salt lake, UT | 10 Hours
I have 6 Barnevelders left and 2 silkies, silkies just started laying 20 for all!! 0r 5 dol each more
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Doves, I Have Juvenile Doves $12 each One


park city, UT | 11 Hours
I have juvenile doves ,12 dollars each more
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Two week old muscovy ducklings


West Jordan, UT | 11 Hours
I have 11 ducklings ready to be taken home. These are great ducks. They are pure Muscovy. Asking $10 each. Call or text for more info. more
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Utah County Fair small animal show


payson, UT | 11 Hours
Okay everyone the Utah County Fair just asked me if I would be willing to do the small animal show and exhibit August 16th through the 19th so I agreed to do this and I need to let everybody know that we will be having a show for small animals and poultry and if you would like to enter you're more than welcome to get ahold of me to get in an application to let me know what you have in the ages and everything they do not need to be pedigreed preferably purebred but they don't have to be this is for rabbits guinea pigs poultry such as chickens turkeys Ducks pigeons pheasants chuckers more
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Egg Cartons


Layton, UT | 12 Hours
20 egg cartons. Six 18 count paper cartons, Eight 12 count paper cartons Six 12 count polystyrene foam egg cartons$4 for all 20 more
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Mobile Chicken Run Folding coop/run Hen/Rabbit


Layton, UT | 12 Hours
We are free ranging our chickens so no longer need this genius 8' mobile chicken run (or rabbit). It folds up and can be drug around your yard, keeping your chickens/rabbits safe and happy as you rotate where they graze and eat bugs around your backyard. Both ends will open and close and are adjustable. Homemade, but a great design and easy to use. A perfect solution for cooped up backyard chickens! Dimensions are about 8 feet long, with 4 feet wide sides. Materials probably cost close to our asking price of $75. Located in Layton. Call or text anytime-- more
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Buff Silkie Hens Old English Duccles Ect


Ogden, UT | 12 Hours
18 week old bantams silkies Cochins old English rose comb duccles seabrights Seremas all pure bred $10 for hens roosters are free have around 30 left more
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Free Bantams!


Morgan, UT | 12 Hours
I've got silkies, d'uccles, some Cochins, old English, seabrights, porcelains, rose comb, brahma, etc more
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Pleasant View /north Ogden, UT | 12 Hours
Stron and healthy Chukars in the flypen and ready to go. more
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Lindon, UT | 14 Hours
Pair of young turkeys. $25 for the pair. Call or text with any questions more
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Chicken coop


Riverton, UT | 15 Hours
Has a sliding floor for easy cleaning and egg removal 7 foot long by 3 feet wide and tall the roof also lifts up so you can hose the inside out call or text anytime, more
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Roosters for sale


Riverton, UT | 16 Hours
The breeds are silkie, road iland red,cochin,old english roosters are 1 year old except for the road iland red he is 3 months 5$ each more
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1 year old bantam hens laying free range


Riverton, UT | 16 Hours
The breeds are cochin,plymouth rock, 10$ each more
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1 year old free range hens for sale


Riverton, UT | 16 Hours
I have 5 leghorns and 1 road iland red 10$ each more
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Fertile hatching eggs( Buff Orpingtons)


Milford, UT | 16 Hours
I have a bunch of fertile hatching eggs for sell and getting about a dozen every day! They are Buff Orpingtons and I have a good hatch rate every time I incubate them. That are $4 a dozen or $6 for 2 dozen. Located in Milford. Pick up only. Text 435-421-9470 for more info more
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ISO RARE COLOR Orpington Rooster


Hooper, UT | 18 Hours
My lavender rooster died last night and I really need a new roo because this one was protecting me from my husbands mean rooster and I would prefer a big sized older rooster who is a protective rooster. He also must be tame and able to be caught and he cannot be aggressive because I have a three and four year old who play outside and Brett would always stay near them and chase off my husbands rooster if he got close so that is the temperament I'm looking for humane deformities like a weird beak or crooked toe are fine I will not accept diseases looking birds or birds who are clearly in pain. I am not interested in a small bodied submissive rooster who is not established himself as a dominant rooster text is preferred I will come pickup anywhere I'm desperate for a new one before my husbands rooster figures out this guy is gone please text me a pic of your rooster, the age, location, and price and I will let you k ow yes or no I'm not interested in a buff Orpington rooster I would prefer lavender or any of the other unique colors. I love my birds they are free ranged only cooped when they hatch out chicks and then once the chicks are big enough they go back out with the flock I have an acre and I'm allowed to have roosters I also won't be eating him I will just use him to keep my husbands roo at bay and to breed with my hens I will consider most prices but really don't want to spend more than $50 so let me know what you have I am also in the market for hens of odd color as well I have a blue, chocolate, and buff Orpington hen so I would like to add a lavender, cuckoo, Isabel, English or any other unique color to my flock as well text me with what you have and help me get a rooster who I can love as much as I loved my brett more
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White Call Duck baby


Hyrum, UT | 18 Hours
White Baby Call Ducks more
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We would love any Unwanted Roosters/Hens/Ducks!ect


Lehi, UT | 20 Hours
Have a Hen that turned out to be a Rooster? Or Hens that are not pulling their weight and are not currently laying?We are zoned agricultural and are able to have Chickens/Ducks/Goats/Pigs. We live in Lehi and have lots of property and lots of bugs! I let them free graze all over and they love it. If you are looking to find a new home for any I would love to help take care of them.We are located in Lehi just off the freeway and are on an acre with lots of trees. There is about 3 acres north of us where our birds free graze and eat lots of bugs.€‹ We do have coops for them to come into at night and have access to fresh water. I do supplement them with feed also.Laying or non laying is fine. I hope to have hens sit on eggs and possibly hatch out some chicks. If you have left over feed that would be appreciated, but is not necessary.Calls or texts Thanks very much! more
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Laying hens


Payson, UT | 20 Hours
One year old laying hens available, $20 each firm. I have limited amounts in the following breedsNaked NecksBarred Plymouth RocksBuff OrpingtonsWhite LeghornsBrown LeghornsCall Brent between 8am and 10 pm at (801) 592-0577. more
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Young roosters for sale


Payson, UT | 20 Hours
I have young roosters for sale, hatched every Friday. Birds are hatched from March 1, through July 31st. Currently there are many roosters that I need to sell. I would be willing to lower the price for someone who wants to take quite a few of them.I am located in Payson, UtahPlease, Phone calls only, no textsPlease call Brent anytime between 8 AM and 9 PM(801) 592-0577 more
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Meat chickens


Payson, UT | 20 Hours
I have several older chickens, hens and roosters for sale. These are larger, older birds that would make a good Sunday dinner. They are $10 each.Call Brent (801) 592 057... more
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Bantam Cochin chickens


Payson, UT | 20 Hours
I have Bantam Cochins for sale. Hatched every Friday. Birds are hatched from March 1, through July 31st. I currently have both newly hatched and started birds. There will be .50 cents per week added to the starting price for the feed I have into the older birds. Birds after 6 weeks old can be sexed. These birds are sold straight run. ( girls and boys mixed ) in the following colorsWhiteMottledRedBarredSilver LacedBuffI am located in Payson, Utah. Phone calls only please no texts.Call Brent (801) 592-0577 more
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