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Japanese Coturnix Quail


South Ogden, UT | 10 Mins
I have lots of beautiful colors and ages to choose from. 2 week old $3 each........ 3 1/2 week old $5 each....and.....5 week old $6 each......Please call if you have any questions...Habla Espanol.... more
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Quiet Rooster


Orem, UT | 17 Mins
I have decided not to breed any more chickens due to my lack of time and that's why I'm selling my beautiful and precious Quiet Rooster for $100. The price is firm. He's 3 years and a half old and he still has plenty of time to keep breeding. I don't know if you have heard of a surgery called "De-crow" Well, my rooster had this procedure done when he was still a cockerel. This procedure makes the crowing very quiet. Your neighbors will never know you have a rooster in your backyard! 100% guaranteed! He's a Silver Laced Wyandotte and he's just a normal rooster... he crows, cackles, mates, fights (actually, he's mean like any other rooster when "protecting" his girls, so I don't recommend to buy him if you have kids unless you have him in a locked enclosure like I do. If you want to know about this procedure, I'm attaching a link to Doctor Richards' website. That's where I got my rooster from.Here's the link: http://quietroosters.com/If interested, text me at 801.623.2134. I won't be able to reply until the afternoon when I get off work. or you're more tan welcome to come and check how quiet he is. Price is firm! CASH ONLY! Please, bring a box to carry them and check my other ads... Thanks! more
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Laying Hens


Orem, UT | 29 Mins
My work schedule has changed a lot and I have to get rid of some of my laying hens due to my lack of time, so my loss is your gain. 2 Barred Rocks - $25 each (Brown egg layers – 10 months old)1 White Leghorn - $25 (White egg layer – 10 months old)1 Buff Orpington - $20 (Brown egg layer – 15 months old)Price is firm. If interested, text me at 801.623.2134. I won't be able to reply until the afternoon when I get off work. CASH ONLY! Please, bring a box to carry them and check my other ads... Thanks! more
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Grow Sprout Feed for your birds


Payson, UT | 30 Mins
Are your birds locked up away from fresh green yummy plants? Would you like healthier and better tasting eggs with dark orange yolks? Grow Sprouts for them. This is easy to use and grows 24 pounds of sprouts a week. It's also great for rabbits and other animals! more
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French Black Copper Cockerels


Layton, UT | 34 Mins
I have 4-5 French black copper marans roosters for sale. They come from high quality dark lines, great feathering on the feet and legs. These can be used to create awesome olive egger crosses or to darken your lines! 5$ each or two for 7$. I'll let all 5 go for 20$. NO HENS AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME, sorry! more
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Eggs for sale read description


Riverton, UT | 36 Mins
(Chicken eggs 3.50 a dozen 2 dozens availble)( turkey eggs 2$ for each egg 7 avaible)( duck eggs 4 avaible 2 $ for each egg)( 4 avaible bantam eggs 6 1.50 for all )(1 goose egg 6$ per egg 1 avaible) text only.Free range chickens more
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Chicken Coop


Provo, UT | 46 Mins
Sturdy wooden chicken coop. Large enough for 6-8 chickens. Since this is very large, you will need a truck and at least 4 strong men/women to lift and move it. more
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Blue Slate Turkeys


Payson, UT | 1 Hour
Two year old female turkeys. more
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13 - 10 Week Old Chicks for Sale


Brigham City, UT | 1 Hour
--21 chicks in total avalible $10 each:--Barred Rocks - 3 Available - Born Feb. 13 - First Egg Between June 5 - July 3 - 280 Large Brown Eggs / Year--Buff Orpingtons - 4 Available - Born Jan. 25 - First Egg Between June 14 - July 5 - 190 Large Light Brown Eggs / Year --Red Sexlink - 7 Available - Born Feb. 20 - First Egg Between June 26 - July 10 - 300 Extra Large Brown Eggs / Year--Black Sex Link - 2 Available - Born Feb. 13 First Egg Between June 19 - July 3 - 300 Large Light Brown Eggs / Year--Rhode Island Red - 1 Available - Born Feb. 13 - First Egg Between June 19 - July 3 - 260 Large Brown Eggs / Year--Golden Laced Wyandot - 4 Available - Born Feb. 6 - First Egg Between June 12 - July 10 - 200 Large Brown Eggs / Year--Plastic Trough Feeder $2--Plastic Gravity Feeder $2--Plastic Gravity Waterer $2--Metal Gravity Feeder $5My wife and I had planned to raise all of these chicks to go out to the farm. A few things have come up, and that is no longer a possibility. They are now in a temporary enclosure in my backyard. They have outgrown this however and have started roaming my yard. I need to get rid of them ASAP! Please Text or call Jordan if interested. Willing to sell individually per costs listed above or altogether for $200 OBO. more
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We would love any Unwanted Roosters/Hens/Ducks!ect


Lehi, UT | 2 Hours
Have a Hen that turned out to be a Rooster? Or Hens that are not pulling their weight and are not currently laying?We are zoned agricultural and are able to have Chickens/Ducks/Goats/Pigs. We live in Lehi and have lots of property and lots of bugs! I let them free graze all over and they love it. If you are looking to find a new home for any I would love to help take care of them.We are located in Lehi just off the freeway and are on an acre with lots of trees. There is about 3 acres north of us where our birds free graze and eat lots of bugs.€‹ We do have coops for them to come into at night and have access to fresh water. I do supplement them with feed also.Laying or non laying is fine. I hope to have hens sit on eggs and possibly hatch out some chicks. If you have left over feed that would be appreciated, but is not necessary.Calls or texts Thanks very much! more
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Gunnison, UT | 2 Hours
At least 75 ton of barley for sale at $6.50 a hundred weight. Must buy at least 3 ton. Will give price brake for all 75 ton. Can dry roll for $2.00 a hundred weight. Great for fodder or feed. more
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Salt Lake City, UT | 2 Hours
Red Sex Link Chickens for sale. Approximately one year old. Currently 50% laying eggs. Dark meat. If interested please text me at 801 759 6531 more
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Salt Lake City, UT | 2 Hours
White Cornish Cross Meat Chickens for sale. Approximately 3 pounds. $7.50 each. If you are interested please text me at 801 759 6531 more
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Salt Lake City, UT | 3 Hours
Black and White Barred Rock Chickens for sale approximately 10 to 12 weeks old. They do not need heat. If interested please text me at 801 759 6531 more
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Small Breed Pullets and Roosters


Grantsville, UT | 3 Hours
Hi there, I have 5 young chickens I am looking to find new homes for because I would like to thin down my flock to a more modest size. I have 3 young roosters and 2 pullets available right now. All 5 are "mini" breed chickens and will stay about 1/3 - 1/4 the size of an average sized laying hen. All are very healthy and were vaccinated for Marek's as chicks. I have them listed below with gender, color, breed and age.1- White Silkie roo, 8 wks2-Buff Bantam Cochin roos, 12 wks1-Mini Easter Egger pullet, 12 wks1-Buff Bantam Cochin pullet, 12 wksThey are $5 each, except the Silkie who is $10, discount if you take all 5 birds. Located in Grantsville and text is preferred. Thanks for looking. more
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Breeding Turkeys for Sale


Payson, UT | 4 Hours
Two Merriam Tom Turkeys ( one is a Narragansett cross) and three Merriam Hens. All hens are laying well.Please call Cheri at 801 471-6825 with any questions. Calls are preferred. more
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In need of any unwanted roosters


Salt Lake City, UT | 5 Hours
Too many chickens.... not enough roosters. Please help more
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Chicken Coop


Bountiful, UT | 5 Hours
We recently bought a house and the previous owners left their chicken coop. It is about 4 ft wide and about 7.5 ft long, 7 ft tall. The roof is aluminum, nice paint job, good closed-in area with a ramp. Lovely little chicken coop that is extremely sturdy (and heavy!). Call or text. We'd like to get rid of it ASAP. $400 OBO more
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10 weeks old Pullets !¡ and 4 weeks old Pullets


Roy, UT | 5 Hours
I have a bunch 10 week old Pullets and 4 weeks old There is black Sex Links, white leghorn, red Sex Link, Some American, etc ...Asking $12 each for 10 week old Asking $6 each for 4 weeks old ¡! more
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Large Rustic Chicken Coop


Taylorsville, UT | 6 Hours
$375 oboLarge 12' x 4' rustic chicken coop. 2 separate roosting areas with 8 nesting boxes, total.Removable side panels for cleaning.Full height door makes cleaning the run easier. Windows open for air flow or latch closed.Bottom of the coop is wired as well. There are still areas of the roof that are not finished, as shown in the pictures. This is why I am offering this at such a low price. Also, need to have it gone ASAP.Needs to be removed within the week.We are having an estate sale 4/29/17 and this will be offered then also, so it may go soon.Call or text more
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Custom Chicken Coop


Nephi, UT | 7 Hours
This Coop has it all perch area window vents and comes painted this is the one a cal ranch that sales for way more get yours now for 675 text me with any questions 801-819-9413 thanks KASEY 10% discount this weekend only more
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Custom Chicken Coop


Nephi, UT | 7 Hours
This is a sweet Coop comes painted and fenced holds 8to 10 chickens this is very sturdy high quality coop for a great price text with any questions 801-819-9413 thanks KASEY 10% discount this weekend only more
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Custom Chicken Coop


Nephi, UT | 7 Hours
This is a great Chicken Coop come as is I do have options of painting and fence on the bottom for extra I do charge a delivery fee or you can pick it up this one is 4 feet wide and 5 feet long has three laying stations in the back asking 360 for this one I also have a bigger coop for 575 text me with any question 8018199413 thanks KASEY 10% discount this weekend only more
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Custom Chicken Coop


Nephi, UT | 7 Hours
This is a4x4 with 4 laying stations this is a great starter Coop it comes as is painting is extra so is the fence on the bottom. and a delivery fee are extras asking 325 for this is a great deal and great quality thanks for looking text is best 801-819-9413 thanks KASEY 10% discount only this weekend more
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