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Chicks For Sale


Coalville, UT | 1 Hour
The parents to these chicks did not come from an IFA or any other store. The parents came from a reputable breeder that has good blood lines and even show lines. The parents to these chicks have been taken to shows. Have no idea on placings. These are good healthy chicks that will be awesome egg and meat production birds. Chicks are Plymouth barred rocks, Buff Orpington, and Jersey Giant/Buff Orpington cross. They are very cute and about a week old. Text works best for me. more
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4 Mini Chickens


Grantsville, UT | 2 Hours
I have 4 small breed chickens for sale, 2 pullets, 2 roos. All were hatched on February 5th, and are now 3 months old. Three of them are bantams (feathered legs/feet). They will stay very small, and are only 1/3 the size of my laying hens that were hatched the same day. They are all healthy, I am just wanting to focus more time on my Silkies. I am asking $5 each.1-Buff Bantam Cochin pullet1-Mini Easter Egger pullet2-Buff Bantam Cochin RoostersLocated in Grantsville. FCFS. Text is preferred. more
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Chicken Coop


Ogden, UT | 3 Hours
Great coop. 9x5x66 layer boxes Easy access from the outside to collect the eggs. Comes with the 3 sides dog run. (If you don't want the dog run I would be happy to discount it). Also comes with water bucket and hanging feeder. I've had 10 chicken in here at a time and had no problems. more
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Female Leghorn Chicks


Payson, UT | 7 Hours
Female pearl white leghorn chicks hatched approximately 4/9. They have been vaccinated for Marek's Disease and Coccidiosis. These leghorns are excellent producers. of large, white eggs. Same white eggs as are sold in grocery stores. Text with questions. more
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9 week old Ancona cockerels


Santaquin, UT | 7 Hours
Hatchery stock Ancona cockerels 4 available $5 each Text or call if you are interested more
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Delicious Free Range Farm Fresh Eggs


Provo, UT | 7 Hours
PHOTO IS AN ACTUAL PHOTO OF OUR LADIES EGGSFarm fresh eggs for sale from happy and healthy free ranging feathered ladies! Our hens free range from morning until night and are fed only the best quality foods and natural supplements, You'll get a beautiful arrangement of brown,tan,cream,blue and green colored eggs. Our ladies produce such delicious eggs with ORANGE (healthier, richer, creamer!) colored yolk...you'll never want to buy your eggs from a grocery store ever again! For the foodies and chefs out there....you'll appreciate how rich and creamy the yolks are! Our customers describe our eggs as "addictive"....yesss..they're THAT good! We look forward to meeting you and establishing new life long customers and friends!! Text Megan at 912-614-6347. We are located in Provo near the new Lakeview Drive Extension.. Also to come...DUCK EGGS AND GOAT MILK/CHEESES!!! Our farm is really taking off with so many additions to our feathered and furry family!We will post updates as soon as these products are available!Thanks for looking! And much love from Gypsy Acre Farms!(website in progress and to be up and running soon with online order availability!) more
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Chicken coop/rabbit hutch


Santaquin, UT | 8 Hours
This can be used as a small chicken coop or a rabbit hutch. Nesting box with a separate lid. more
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Chicken coop


Santaquin, UT | 8 Hours
We bought this coop last year, but it's too small for the amount of birds we have. Would work well for a small flock of about 2-3 chickens. We paid $300 for it last year. more
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Payson, UT | 9 Hours
Baby Chickens for sale, hatched every Friday. Birds are hatched from March 1, through July 31st. I currently have both newly hatched, and started birds. There will be .50 cents per week added to the starting price for the feed I have into the older birds. These birds are sold straight run (girls and boys mixed) of the following breeds :White LeghornBrown LeghornRhode Island RedBarred Plymouth RockAmeracuanaBuff OrpingtonNaked NeckJersey Giants both Black and WhiteLight BrahmaI am located in Payson, UtahPlease, Phone calls only, no textsPlease call Brent anytime between 8 AM and 10 PM(801) 592-0577 more
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KUHL Pheasant & Gamebird Transport Coops


Santaquin, UT | 9 Hours
KUHL Pheasant & Gamebird Transport Coops; Used but in really good shape; 39 available$45 a piece; Cash ONLY; you pick up; Located Santaquin; Call or Text GarthDimensions:•31 1/2" L x 23 1/2" W x 11" H•Side and top doors are approximately 8" x 13"•Inside height of only 8.85"•Weight: 17 lbsFEATURES:•Raised bottom •Stackable and can be arranged so the birds can be released from a truck or trailer without unloading or unstacking more
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I will buy any unwanted hens or roosters


west valley, UT | 10 Hours
I will pay 5 dollars a bird i will buy old or young chickens or roosters i can pick them up or they can be dropped off just call or text anytime thanks more
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ducklings (Peking) - hand fed


Provo, UT | 10 Hours
I have 2 Pekings ducklings left that have been hand fed and are very friendly.Hopefully they can find a friendly home soon.They are about 3 weeks old and cute as can be!I want them to go together as one duck doesn't do well alone. They need buddies.They will be the classic white duck when their flight feathers come in.I also have all the supplies they will need till they grow into adults. Ask about them if you don't already have supplies. more
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Custom Chicken Coop


Nephi, UT | 11 Hours
This Coop has it all perch area window vents and comes painted this is the one a cal ranch that sales for way more get yours now for 675 text me with any questions 801-819-9413 thanks KASEY 10% discount this weekend only more
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Custom Chicken Coop


Nephi, UT | 11 Hours
This is a sweet Coop comes painted and fenced holds 8to 10 chickens this is very sturdy high quality coop for a great price text with any questions 801-819-9413 thanks KASEY 10% discount this weekend only more
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Custom Chicken Coop


Nephi, UT | 11 Hours
This is a great Chicken Coop come as is I do have options of painting and fence on the bottom for extra I do charge a delivery fee or you can pick it up this one is 4 feet wide and 5 feet long has three laying stations in the back asking 360 for this one I also have a bigger coop for 575 text me with any question 8018199413 thanks KASEY 10% discount this weekend only more
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Custom Chicken Coop


Nephi, UT | 11 Hours
This is a4x4 with 4 laying stations this is a great starter Coop it comes as is painting is extra so is the fence on the bottom. and a delivery fee are extras asking 325 for this is a great deal and great quality thanks for looking text is best 801-819-9413 thanks KASEY 10% discount only this weekend more
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Custom Chicken Coop


Nephi, UT | 11 Hours
This is an awesome design for a Chicken Coop it will fit 4 birds it's 3 feet wide and 4 feet long comes shingled paint in his extra and fence is too asking 325 text KASEY with any questions 801-819-9413 10% off this weekend only more
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Grey gamefowl


Nephi, UT | 11 Hours
I have grey toppys for sale, i nees to make room for other bird, they are around a year old the rooster is 1/12 yrs old , price is firm good GAME BIRDS, more
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Black Copper Maran x Chocolate Orpington cockerels


Newton, UT | 11 Hours
I have five Black Copper Maran/Chocolate Orpington cockerels for sale. I am asking $1 each. They were hatched on April 18. They are black in color but carry the chocolate gene. If one of these was bred with a Black Copper Maran hen, then 25% of the chicks could be expected to be chocolate pullets. Otherwise, they are from large enough breeds to be worth raising them as meat birds. more
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White Ameraucana and Easter Egger Chicks


Newton, UT | 11 Hours
I have two white and three darker Easter Egger chicks that were hatched on April 18-30.. I am asking $3 each, all straight run. The whites were hatched from blue eggs and the darker chicks from green. I also have some straight run Chocolate Orpington chicks for $6 each. more
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Chocolate Orpington chicks


Newton, UT | 11 Hours
I have eight straight run English Orpington chicks hatched on April 20, $6 each. I have three Chocolate Orpington hens and a Blue Orpington hen running with a LF Chocolate Orpington rooster. Seven chicks have Chocolate, or possibly mauve coloring from my blue hen. One chick is black and carries the Chocolate gene. This is beautiful and rare breed with chocolate brown feathers. I a.m also offering Ameraucana/Easter Egger chicks for $3 each, more
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Young Mature Roosters


Pocatello, ID | 12 Hours
Last years Hatch. Handsome Young Mature Roosters. $10,00 each. Located in Pocatello, Idaho more
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Call duck eggs for sale


Huntsville, UT | 13 Hours
Call duck eggs for sale.Fertile call duck eggs collected fresh ever dayI have 4 call duck eggs in my incubator right now, send me a text if you are interested in them.$10 per egg more
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Austrolurpe Cockerel


West Haven, UT | 13 Hours
Austrolurpe cockerel and barnevelder cockerel more
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