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riverton, UT | 2 Hours
i have 4-5 week old jumbo brown quails for sale. they start laying eggs at 6-8 weeks. they can be used for eggs, meat, training dogs or just as a pet. the eggs are delicious and can be used as snacks or appetizers besides the good taste they are beneficial to health, health benefits of quail eggs include their ability to improve vision, boost energy levels, stimulate growth and repair, improve the metabolism, reduce blood pressure, soothe allergies, cleanse the body, meat is delicious and packed with nutrients and great source of protein. quails are fed 18% protein grain. if interested text/call 8018195259 or 8012438347 more
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White Leghorn pullets - 3 months old


Provo, UT | 4 Hours
I have a few left. Great layers of white ex large to jumbo eggs. Best feed to egg ratio of all chickens. Should start laying in July/August.Text onlyRandy 801-787-3242 more
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Red Sexlink pullets - 4 months old


Provo, UT | 5 Hours
These are one of the best chickens for this area. They will lay 340+ ex large/jumbo eggs per year even throughout the winter. They no longer need lights and will start laying in July. $20 each firm.Text onlyRandy 787-3242 more
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Ayam Cemani Roster


Salt Lake City, UT | 5 Hours
This rooster is from Terry Howard's Raven bloodline. I have used him for breeding and he has proven to be very fertile. I am moving across country soon and will not be taking him with me. Text is best to reach me. more
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Baby Turkeys Heritage Mix


Salt Lake City, UT | 5 Hours
I have a mix heritage birds. The Tom's were midget white and Marian. Hens are burbon red, and Marian. I will also have more coming out of the incubator. Text is best more
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Bourbon Red Hen


Salt Lake City, UT | 5 Hours
Hen is 1 year and I have been hatching her eggs. I'm moving and can't take her.Text is best more
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Serama Chicks


Salt Lake City, UT | 5 Hours
I have several Serama chicks available. They range from 3 day - 5 weeks of age. Show are the rooster and two of the hens. There is a third that is white and buff but she is on eggs. The four of them are the parents. They are nice small birds and the rooster comes from champion stock. The hens are out of the south.I'm moving and can't take my stockText is best more
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Ayam Cemani


Clearfield, UT | 5 Hours
I need to sell them because I can't have them we're I live I meee to sell them as soon as posible more
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Home for animals: Goats, Sheep, Roosters, Etc.


St George, UT | 5 Hours
If you're looking to find a new home for your animals, we can pick them up and take care of them. Will take goats, sheep, roosters, chickens, pheasants, cows etc. Please call or text 435-862-0067.. more
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organic chicken eggs


riverton, UT | 5 Hours
i have organic chicken eggs!!! eggs taste delicious and are great protein source.. chickens are fed organic feed and are range free. eggs are large. $3.50 a dozen. if interested text/call 8018195259 or 8012438347 more
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quail eggs


riverton, UT | 5 Hours
i have quail eggs for sale. eggs are delicious delicatessen and can be used cooked as well as raw. great addition to smoothies. and good as an appetizer. easy to prepare and fast to cook eggs are fertile. quails are fed 18% protein feed. $4 a dozen if interested text/call 8018195259 or 8012438347 more
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Layton, UT | 5 Hours
I have Cayuga ducks for sale. They are egg laying hens, one year old. If interested, text me at 385-313-7465CALLS MAY NOT BE RETURNED. more
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Rarest chickens in North america Olandsk dwarfs


Stockton, UT | 5 Hours
Said to be the rarest bird in North America and imported from sweden. The olandsk dwarf is a breed I have chose to focus on. Chicks sell for $99 at Greenfire farms. We are the only breeders in utah that own these and one of 3 breeders in the western states. And I had some shipped in from private breeders and most ended up being roosters. So with that being said we have 3 roosters available to purchase. Though we paid 150 for the chicks we have way to many roosters at our house (9 to be exact) we are selling them for $25 each. more
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2 black laced silver older chicks


Lindon, UT | 6 Hours
We have two chicks. Both seem to be hens. They are black and white, larger than a baby chick. We got them at Easter and don't want them anymore. Their parents were great layers we were told. $10 each more
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Baby Chicks


Sandy, UT | 6 Hours
I have freshly hatched baby chicks. Mixed breed $1 each. Text is best if interested. more
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Bantam Sebrite Rooster


Ogden, UT | 6 Hours
Looking to trade my sebrite rooster for an egg laying hen or sell him for $5. We got him as a chick and recently discovered he is a rooster. We aren't allowed roosters so we would like a hen instead. Text only. Cash only. more
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brownred stags


Syracuse, UT | 6 Hours
year old brownred and brownred cross stags 35.00 each more
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Free range chicken eggs


Draper, UT | 7 Hours
We have 30 hens who've started laying for the year and we're swimming in eggs so come get local farm fresh free range eggs for 3 dollars a dozen if you bring your own egg carton, we have some but it'll be an extra 50ยข for the carton. more
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Young Rooster


Salt Lake, UT | 7 Hours
Text me for more info 3852519977 more
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Farm Fresh Eggs For Sale


SANDY, UT | 7 Hours
Farm fresh Cage Free Eggs.Colorful and organic$2.50 Per dozen with carton, $2.75 without cartonEggs located inside Scrapbook Store at 407 West 9000 South.Calling will make sure no chance of sold out. 801-233-9028 more
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quail eggs


Orem, UT | 8 Hours
Tasty, nutritious, medicinal and more ....by the dozen more
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orem, UT | 8 Hours
2 for 10$ or 5 each male and female more
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2 bearded dragons female and male


West valley, UT | 8 Hours
Make and female have to rehome very sad. They are both big sweethearts they eat veggies and fruits or insects they are not picky. Love being held , and super friendly with anyone. Need a home apap willing to work with pricing comes with stick, food bowl, water bowl, stick, and hammock and tank more
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Barred Plymouth Rock - Breading Pair - 12 Week old


Sandy, UT | 9 Hours
Oops... The hatchery didn't get them all sexed correctly!For sale is a nice looking rooster, and your choice of hen as a breading pair.Start your own flock or introduce new blood!Very gentle flock, nice birds.Hatched the 1st week of March, these 12 week old chickens will be ready to give you fertilized eggs in as little as 6-8 weeks!8600 South 1300 East Area801-608-5984Text is best more
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