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3 Baby Chicks Free To A Good Home


Kaysville, UT | 23 Mins
We were given these cute chicks but we can't keep them. Free to a good home. more
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Ringneck pheasants eggs


minersville, UT | 32 Mins
Ringneck pheasant eggs 6 dollars a dozen five percent free more
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Chinese Geese


Mt view, WY | 1 Hour
I have six chinese geese for sale. 2 males and 4 females. I am aking 20 apiece of 100 for all. the females are laying eggs now. more
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3 Mature Laying Hens


Sandy, UT | 1 Hour
Price includes Coop, Fencing, Hens, 40 lbs of food and batting more
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Mt view, WY | 1 Hour
I have about 30 ducks for sale. They are Rouen and Black Swedes. I have 15 females and 13 drakes. I have a couple that are sitting, So should have some duckling in a couple of weeks also.. more
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Fresh Free Range eggs


Mt view, WY | 1 Hour
I have a lot of fresh free range eggs for sale, Most are Brown with a free colored egg layers. I also have a limited amount of Duck and Geese eggs for sale.. more
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Bantam Cross Chicks


Ogden, UT | 1 Hour
Cross bred chicks $3 more
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Rouen Ducks


Fountain Green, UT | 2 Hours
We have 7 male rouen Ducks for sale. They were given to us by a friend but they keep digging up our garden and bothering our neighbors. We are located in scipio but I commute to orem everyday for work. We are selling them for 30 bucks for all 7. more
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Chicken, Turkey & Pheasant Feed


Redmond, UT | 3 Hours
LOOK AT THE WHOLE AD FOR ALL THE DIFFERENT PRICES. WILL NOT RESPOND TO TEXTS ... PHONE CALLS ONLY. Custom made fresh to order poultry, hog mash, cow, sheep & goat grain (50# bag pricing) Whole Corn $7.50 Rolled Corn and barley $7.50 Whole barley $6.00 Cracked Corn $9.00 Cracked Corn & Barley $9.00 10% scratch $9.00 16% mash $12.00 18% mash $13.00 20% mash $14.00 22% mash $15.00 24% mash $16.00NEW! Wheat & Milo CUSTOM MADE - FRESH TO ORDER. PLEASE CALL TO PLACE YOUR ORDER. Straw, Bedding & Hay also available. Located in Redmond, Utah. 435-201-4917, phone calls only, no texts. We do not deliver. Cash only more
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Young roos


American Fork, UT | 3 Hours
I have 3 roos we hatched out of our hens who are 13 weeks old. One is full Americauna, one is a Barred Rock/Americauna cross and the last is an Australorpe/Americaunna cross (the picture does not show but he has some brown spots throughout his feathers) 5 each more
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Baby Chicks & Young Laying Hens


Redmond, UT | 3 Hours
WILL NOT RESPOND TO TEXTS ... PHONE CALLS ONLY Baby Chicks - 7 week old. Black Stars, Rhode island reds and Buff Orpingtons $8.00 each Laying Hens: White Orpingtons, Australorps (Easter Eggers) , Buff Rock, White Rock, New Hampshire Reds, White Wyandottes, Silver Laced Wyandottes, Buff Orpington, Speckled Sussex, Partridge Rocks and Columbian Wyandottes $15.00 each.Chicken feed, fodder seed and bedding available. Located in Redmond, we do not deliver. CASH ONLY435-201-4917 - please do not text, phone calls only. more
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Cuckoo Maran Hen


Perry, UT | 3 Hours
Help! We have a broody hen with no rooster! She lays beautiful XL eggs when not broody. We only have one other hen, and they don't get along when she is broody so she has to go. She is pretty and has been free-range. You pick up in Perry. more
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Red sex link pullets


Pleasant Grove, UT | 4 Hours
7 week old pullets ready to go to your house, great layers to Start or replace your flock more
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Lehi, UT | 5 Hours
We have 2 roosters, 1 year old we need to get rid of , please come get them. Free ! more
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Chicken coop w/ laying hens


Herriman, UT | 5 Hours
Each hen is $15, except for my one ameracauna that just started laying blue eggs this year. I have a sturdy pink chicken coop that fits all eight of my chickens. Has a big front door for cleaning out and a smaller side door for the hens. 2 nesting boxes and a slide out tray with tile for easy cleaning. Comes with a big metal feeder and the rest of the food I have, a heated water bowl, and a big bag of Timothy hay and wood flakes if you want. The coop itself and the food dishes is $120. Each hen is $15 / 20. My breeds are buff orpington, australorp, black / red sexlink, and one Rir. more
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Laying Hens


Eagle Mountain, UT | 7 Hours
3 laying hens $15 each or best offer. 2 are Ameicana 1 is a Rhode Island Red. We get on average 2 eggs per day.Texts preferred, calls ok. Please no emails. more
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Price, UT | 7 Hours
2 peahens and 2 peacocks. All breeding now. 60 each or 100 a pair more
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ISO Brahma chicks


American Fork, UT | 7 Hours
Due to an unfortunate event I lost quite a few of my brahma chicks. I have some 6 week old Buff orpington chicks I would be more than happy to trade for some brahmas or a couple 13 week old chicks I would be willing to trade as well. more
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Payson, UT | 10 Hours
Baby Chickens for sale, hatched every Friday. Birds are hatched from March 1, through July 31st. I currently have both newly hatched, and started birds. There will be .50 cents per week added to the starting price for the feed I have into the older birds. These birds are sold straight run (girls and boys mixed) of the following breeds :White LeghornBrown LeghornRhode Island RedBarred Plymouth RockAmeracuanaBuff OrpingtonNaked NeckJersey Giants both Black and WhiteLight BrahmaI am located in Payson, UtahPlease, Phone calls only, no textsPlease call Brent anytime between 8 AM and 10 PM(801) 592-0577 more
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Fertile Black Australorp Eggs


West jordan, UT | 10 Hours
Fresh and ready to set Black Australorp Fertile Chicken Eggs. Hens lay medium to large brown eggs, breed is calm, friendly and can handle our cold weather climate. $10 a dozen. Call or text David at 801-864-5816 more
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2 yr old hens


Orem, UT | 11 Hours
i have 3, 2 yr old hens for sale $5 each. 1 silver laced Wyandotte, a Rhode Island red and a red sex link. they still have been laying about 3 to 4 eggs a week. text is best. more
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Eggs for sale


Riverton, UT | 11 Hours
2 dozen avaible no deliveryies free range eggs 2.50 a dozen brings container text only. more
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Turkey Poults


Payson, UT | 12 Hours
I have some Bourbon Red x Royal Palm x Narragansett mix Turkey Poults that just started hatching last night. Straight run, $8 each. more
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I will take any unwanted animals


Riverton, UT | 12 Hours
I am 14 im looking to start my own farm i will take any poultry including ducks,chickens,birds,peacocks,turkeys,I have all the supplies for feeding them and watering them.I will also take any type of baby ducks. Text only and thank you. more
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