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Chicken, Turkey & Pheasant Feed


Redmond, UT | 8 Mins
Look at the full ad for all the prices of the different feed.WILL NOT RESPOND TO TEXTS ... PHONE CALLS ONLY. Custom made fresh to order poultry, hog mash, cow, sheep & goat grain (50# bag pricing)Whole barley $6.00Whole Corn $7.50Rolled Corn and barley $7.50Cracked Corn $9.00Cracked Corn & Barley $9.0010% scratch $9.004 grain scratch $11.0016% mash $12.0018% mash $13.0020% mash $14.0022% mash $15.0024% mash $16.00Wheat & milo - NEW! call for infoCustom made, fresh to order. Please call to place your order. Bedding, Hay & Straw also available. Located in Redmond, Utah. We do not deliver. Cash only. Please do not text 435-201-4917 more
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Young Hens


Redmond, UT | 19 Mins
WILL NOT RESPOND TO TEXTS ... PHONE CALLS ONLY Young Chicks 15 week old. Black Stars, Rhode island reds and Buff Orpingtons $12.00 each7 week old chicks. Red sex links, barred rocks and black australorps $8.00 each. Chicken feed, fodder seed and bedding available. Located in Redmond, we do not deliver.CASH ONLY435-201-4917 - please do not text, phone calls only. more
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Muscovy ducklings


milford, UT | 27 Mins
Muscovy ducklings half grown hatched May 15th 10.00 each call or text Brian at 435-979-2057 more
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Chicken Coop Accessories


Salt Lake, UT | 37 Mins
Chicken feeder, chicken water dispenser, 2 fake eggs for teaching chickens to lay eggs in a nest box, chick feeder, and about 15 pounds of chicken feed. We recently sold our flock and no longer need these. Text preferred (616)560-5542 more
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Laying hens


Riverton, UT | 40 Mins
4 laying hens watering bucket and food more
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Free Chickens


Lehi, UT | 1 Hour
Two free chickens that have stopped laying. more
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Barred Rock Rooster


Smithfield, UT | 1 Hour
5 month old Barred Rock rooster more
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chicken coup and 3 laying hens


Lehi, UT | 1 Hour
Chicken coup and 3 laying hens for sale. Built coup about 5 years ago, insulated, heated, two lights on a timer to keep them laying all year. wire bottom so the droppings go right to the ground. Laying box door on side for easy gathering of eggs. more
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Two Free Bantam Roosters


American fork, UT | 3 Hours
Two free white bantam roosters. more
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Laying Hens


Malad, ID | 3 Hours
10 laying hens- 6 white leghorn and 4 dark cornish. 14 months old. $50 for all. more
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Brand New Chicken Coop And 4 Chickens


Orem, UT | 4 Hours
We just got this coop and the chickens about a month ago. They coop is perfect for a small yard, and is big enough to fit 6 chickens. We have 4 that come with the coop. One lays green eggs, one lays brown, and I think the other 2 lay white or spotted. They are still young, and have not started laying yet, but will in the next couple of months.They're all really sweet and friendly. None of them bully the others. We need to get rid of them, because our small kids are constantly bothering them. Our pictures will not upload for some reason, so please text for pictures. more
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Blue Eared Pheasant


perry, UT | 7 Hours
5 year old breeder male, call or text more
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Fertile Hatching. Eggs


Hooper, UT | 7 Hours
I have two roosters my lead right now the one covering the most hens is my lavendar Orpington rooster, and my second rooster is a golden laced polish rooster he is. It covering as many hens there are eggs I can guarantee will only b the lavendar rooster since he is the only rooster covering the hens are the auracana, the chocolate Orpington hen, and the blue Orpington hen. The other possible hens for the eggs are my blue Cochin, golden laced polish hen, black crested white polish hen, Dominique hen, black australorp, and red comet hens. I can tell which eggs belong to which hens except the dominque and black australorp that look exactly the same the others I k ow for sure who lays what or what you can expect. Please text preferred it's $10 for a dozen or $5 for half dozen for those bantam hens that need fertile eggs. more
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Turkey chicks


Herriman, UT | 8 Hours
Turkey chicks. Few weeks old doing good. 8 dollars each call or text 8016346464 more
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Large sized brooding boxes


salt lake city, UT | 9 Hours
Large brooding box for young birds. I have used it for chickens, quail, ducks, and geese. Large size 96"w × 24"d × 24"t. Box has a divider in middle for 2 sides at 48" w and 24" legs. more
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Bluffdale, UT | 9 Hours
I have 9 beautiful Easter egger chicks for sale. They will lay blue/green eggs when they are fully grown. I'm selling them as straight run. Text with any questions. more
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Herriman, UT | 10 Hours
Pullets 12 dollars each. Or 10 dollars each if you buy 5 or more call or text 8016346464Gold lace WyandotteDelawareRhode island redBuff orphingtonSussexBlack sexlinkGold sexlink Americana more
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Free Delaware Hen


Salt Lake City, UT | 11 Hours
2.5 years old, not laying more
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Payson, UT | 11 Hours
Baby chickens and started birds for sale. Hatched every Friday. Birds are hatched from March 1, through July 31st. I currently have both newly hatched and started birds. There will be .50 cents per week added to the starting price for the feed I have into the older birds. Birds after 6 weeks can be sexed, younger birds are sold straight run. ( girls and boys mixed ) in the following breeds.White and Brown LeghornsRhode Island RedBarred Plymouth RockAmeracaunaBuff OrpingtonNaked NeckJersey Giants both black and whiteLight BrahmaFor more information please call between 8am and 9pm. No Texts Please.Call Brent at (801) 592-0577 more
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Payson, UT | 11 Hours
I have Bantam Cochins for sale. Hatched every Friday. Birds are hatched from March 1, through July 31st. I currently have both newly hatched and started birds. There will be .50 cents per week added to the starting price for the feed I have into the older birds. Birds after 6 weeks old can be sexed. These birds are sold straight run. ( girls and boys mixed ) in the following colorsWhiteMottledRedBarredSilver LacedBuffI am located in Payson, Utah. Phone calls only please no texts.Please call Brent anytime between 8am and 9pm(801) 592-0577 more
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Rhode Island Red and Barred Rock pullets


Provo, UT | 11 Hours
I have one of each available. Will start laying in August and will lay throughout the winter and next spring. $20 each.Text onlyRandy 787-3242 more
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Ringneck doves & flight cages


spanish fork, UT | 12 Hours
I have 50+ doves, some are really rare. Cages were built 2 years ago. I want to sell all together. $900 obo more
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Red Sexlinks


Provo, UT | 12 Hours
These girls are 4 months old and will start laying at 5-1/2 months. These are one of the best chickens for this area. They will lay 320+ ex large/jumbo eggs per year even throughout the winter. They should start laying at the end of July . $20 each firm.Text onlyRandy 787-3242 more
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Young Pigeons


Pleasant Grove, UT | 12 Hours
Text is best 801-372-5141; young pigeons, various colors (not white), have been flying in the chamber. Train with or home them. more
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