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Riverton, UT | 59 Mins
Three to four week old Black and Gold Sex Links chicks. $2.99 each!! more
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Ameraucana/Easter Egger hatching eggs


Newton, UT | 1 Hour
I am offering fertile green and blue hatching eggs from my White Ameraucana and Buff and Black Easter Egger hens. My rooster is white with blue, buff, and mahogany markings. I am asking $1 each and can offer shipping options on orders of six or more. I am also selling Chocolate Orpington hatching eggs for $2.50 each. more
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55 gallon metal and plastic barrels


Lindon, UT | 2 Hours
We have both the blue plastic barrels with 2 caps on top and metal barrels with a lid and ring.Call/text 801-472-2717 more
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Bantam Light Brahma Hen


Grantsville, UT | 3 Hours
This hen is a year or two old and is still laying well. I'm just working in downsizing my flock. more
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5 laying hens that follow you around


West Jordan, UT | 3 Hours
Variety of brown and green layers. Some are friendly and some.are shy. They love mealworms, popcorn, pasta and wheatbread. They will keep your bugs down in your yard. more
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Black Australorp Laying Hen


Grantsville, UT | 3 Hours
This hen is a year old and laying eggs. Just downsizing my flock. more
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Chocolate Orpington Hatching Eggs


Newton, UT | 3 Hours
I am offering Chocolate Orpington hatching eggs for sale. I am asking $2.50 each. These are a rare and beautiful breed with chocolate brown feathers and a rounded, fluffy body type. Shipping options are available for orders of six eggs or more. I date each egg on the date of collection to ensure freshness. more
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Rhode Island red Leghorn cross pullets.


willard, UT | 3 Hours
These beautiful girls are 7 weeks old. We purchased them from tractor supply. We decided we have more than we need so we are selling these three. They are called Terra brown. They are a Leghorn Rhode Island red Cross. I was told they are great layers. This is our first year purchasing this breed but so far I really like them. I am asking $10 each. Text or call if interested more
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willard, UT | 4 Hours
We have decided to sell this beautiful guy. He's friendly but skittish. He has never pecked anybody. He is a fantastic alarm clock. we already have a roaster in our coop and this handsome guy usually wanders around the yard. So we decided it's time to sell him. He does love to Crow! more
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Beautiful high quality paint silkie rooster


Provo, UT | 4 Hours
I sell my cute beautiful silkie rooster. 7months old and very cute...text me if you are interested 8014735765 more
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Ringneck Pheasant chicks


Lehi, UT | 4 Hours
Week old ringneck pheasant chicks. $9 each or 10 for $80. They are going fast but have a couple dozen left. Call or text 8016369067 more
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Quail Breeding Battery with 15 sections


South Jordan, UT | 5 Hours
Five, three section quail cages with stand and dropping pans. more
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We would love any Unwanted Roosters/Hens/Ducks!ect


Lehi, UT | 5 Hours
Have a Hen that turned out to be a Rooster? Or Hens that are not pulling their weight and are not currently laying?We are zoned agricultural and are able to have Chickens/Ducks/Goats/Pigs. We live in Lehi and have lots of property and lots of bugs! I let them free graze all over and they love it. If you are looking to find a new home for any I would love to help take care of them.We are located in Lehi just off the freeway and are on an acre with lots of trees. There is about 3 acres north of us where our birds free graze and eat lots of bugs.€‹ We do have coops for them to come into at night and have access to fresh water. I do supplement them with feed also.Laying or non laying is fine. I hope to have hens sit on eggs and possibly hatch out some chicks. If you have left over feed that would be appreciated, but is not necessary.Calls or texts Thanks very much! more
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Texas A.M Coturnix Quail


South Ogden, UT | 6 Hours
I have 6 available they are 2 week old and will be fully grown in just one more month. $5 each....Habla Espanol.... more
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One week old Coturnix Quail Chicks


South Ogden, UT | 6 Hours
Selling fast, here's what I have left. 6 Jumbo Brown, 1 Tuxedo, 5 Golden and 9 Texas A.M.(21 total) BUY ALL FOR $45 or they are $3 each....Habla Espanol... more
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Chicks Ducks Geese


Riverton, UT | 6 Hours
Prices vary according to breed. Pullets available are: Ameracaunas, Barred Plymouth Rocks, Black Australorps, Black and Gold Sex Links, Blue Cochin, Buff Brahma, Buff Orphingtons, California Whites, Cuckoo Marans, Egyptian Fayoumi, Golden-Laced Wyandottes, Light Brahma, New Hampshire Red, Rhode Island Reds, Silver-Laced Wyandottes, Turken, Welsummers, and White Leghorns. Bantams available are: Ameracaunas, Frizzles, Sultan, and Silkies. Turkeys available are: Broad Breasted Bronze and Broad Breasted White. Geese available are: Toulouse and Emdem. more
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9 week old Female Pullets


West Weber, UT | 6 Hours
Ready to start, increase, or rotate your flock? These beautiful female pullets are the perfect solution! Ready to go in your outside coop, eliminating the tediousness of raising young chicks. These birds will start laying the end of June or beginning of July. Start enjoying your farm fresh eggs in just a couple months. We have already sold a lot, but we still have a few White Leghorns, Red Star, and one Speckled Sussex left. All three are rated for best egg laying production. Text me today before they are gone! more
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Mixed breed fancy Rooster


Alpine, UT | 7 Hours
I believe this interesting looking Rooster is a mix between a Mottled Houdan bantam (hence the fancy hairdo) and maybe a Rhode Island Red (or a buff Orpington??). I suspect the fancy hairdo will become more pronounced as he matures. His mother surprised us with a hidden nest in January. He is about 3 months old. more
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2wk old buff Orpington chicks


Willard, UT | 7 Hours
I have two buff Orpington chicks left. 2 week old. The photos are of the actual chicks. My 9yr old hatches and sells the chicks to make a little money. If you know orpingtons than you know how great they are. If you dont well these are very docile, great pets and good egg producers. We will have more chicks to come in another week or two. We have the rooster and the hens that bread these chicks. Text or call. Price is per chick more
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Custom Chicken Coop


Nephi, UT | 8 Hours
This Coop has it all perch area window vents and comes painted this is the one a cal ranch that sales for way more get yours now for 675 text me with any questions 801-819-9413 thanks KASEY more
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Custom Chicken Coop


Nephi, UT | 8 Hours
This is a sweet Coop comes painted and fenced holds 8to 10 chickens this is very sturdy high quality coop for a great price text with any questions 801-819-9413 thanks KASEY more
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Looking For Silver Laced Wyandotte Rooster


Spanish fork, UT | 8 Hours
I'm looking for a silver laced Wyandotte rooster to breed on my show quaility hen more
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Custom Chicken Coop


Nephi, UT | 8 Hours
This is a great Chicken Coop come as is I do have options of painting and fence on the bottom for extra I do charge a delivery fee or you can pick it up this one is 4 feet wide and 5 feet long has three laying stations in the back asking 340 for this one I also have a bigger coop for 575 text me with any question 8018199413 thanks KASEY more
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Custom Chicken Coop


Nephi, UT | 8 Hours
This is a4x4 with 4 laying stations this is a great starter Coop it comes as is painting is extra so is the fence on the bottom. and a delivery fee are extras asking 325 for this is a great deal and great quality thanks for looking text is best 801-819-9413 thanks KASEY more
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