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Rare Egyptian Fayoumis trade or best offer


Riverton, UT | 5 Mins
She is 1 year still lays is in good health i will trade her for PoultryPs4 gamesBaby chicks more
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Young Barnvelder Pair


Lindon, UT | 16 Mins
3 month old hen and cockerel. Both for only $10.Must take both.Should start laying in a couple of months. more
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Ogden, UT | 52 Mins
Free roo, he's about 2-3 months old. Black Australorp. more
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Laying hens


Syracuse, UT | 5 Hours
I have two laying hens. They are both amercanas and lay green eggs. One is getting bullied by all the other chickens so it needs a home with fewer chickens and I don't want to send it alone so I threw in another one, they just turned two and lay great! more
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2 Egg Laying Hens


Tooele, UT | 7 Hours
Two Red Sex Link egg-laying chicken hens for sale. They are 1.5 years old and lay 3x weekly. I am 8 months pregnant, having complications, and already have a toddler. Life is busy hectic now, and stressed out with the required care and maintenance of as many pets as I have. Asking $20 for both hens and some food.IF INTERESTED, PLEASE TEXT KYLIE @ 801-726-6412. TEXT ONLY. LOCATED IN SOUTH TOOELE. NO HOLDS - FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. THANK YOU!! more
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Two Pekin Ducklings


Tooele, UT | 7 Hours
Two 3 month old, Pekin ducklings. Thinking a male and a female. One has a crest (puff) on it's head. Need a new home. Will not separate the two of them. I am 8 months pregnant, having some complications, and have a toddler already. I am just really getting stressed out by the required attention and maintenance of as many animals as I have. Asking $15 for both and some food.IF INTERESTED, PLEASE TEXT KYLIE @ 801-726-6412. TEXT ONLY. LOCATED IN SOUTH TOOELE. NO HOLDS - FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. THANK YOU!! more
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I need to rent space for my roosters


Clearfield, UT | 8 Hours
Hello I'm looking for someone who has space to rent for my roosters please .... thanks more
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Easter Egger Cockrel


Malad, ID | 8 Hours
Very pretty young rooster needs new home. Blue color, about 7 weeks old, friendly, $5. We live in Malad but travel to Ogden frequently via I-15 and can meet anywhere in between close to the freeway. more
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Syracuse, UT | 8 Hours
These. beautiful pullets are 16-18 weeks old and will be laying soon. I have barred rock, red sex link and americanas available. My young daughter has raised these pullets and handled them regularly. Come get them now and let them get used to your pen before they start laying. These will make great hens. Please text Shawn at 801-940-1835 with any questions. Thanks more
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Egg Laying Hens


Kaysville, UT | 9 Hours
I need to take some of the more aggressive hens from my flock. I have not been able to integrate these ladies together. They are good egg layers. Two buff opingtons and 2 barred rock. I believe these girls are 2. If you are interested in egg layers please call. I insist these girls are sold for eggs and not for meat. They are friendly to humans and love being pet (except one-but she is the best egg layer). Would prefer a home where they have a large area to live. Sold only as a group for $40. more
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White Leghorn Rooster


Springville, UT | 9 Hours
Rooster 5 months old just learning to crow. We are not grandfathered into our neighborhood so we can't keep him. He's very friendly, my kids hold him. Was supposed to be a hen! more
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Free Rhode Island Red


Lehi, UT | 10 Hours
We have one Rhode Island Red pullet. It's about 3-4 months old. Free to the first caller. Call or text. Thanks! more
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lake point, UT | 10 Hours
I have 20 chicken for sale @ $ 6 each and 2 rooster @ $5 each. Mixed breed and mixed colors. more
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FREE Chicks


Eagle Mountain, UT | 12 Hours
Free chicksBantam Barnevelder pulletBantam Dark CornishBoth are 11 weeks and outsideSerious inquires pleaseText is best more
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Sebright pullets


Eagle mountain, UT | 12 Hours
3 sebright pulletsOne silverTwo goldI'm selling off most of my bantams to make room for large fowl. Serious inquires pleaseText is bestCash only more
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farm fresh eggs


Lindon, UT | 12 Hours
We have free range chickens of different breeds. Eggs are large dark brown and light brown. They are delicious with dark yellow yolks! In Lindon near Orem. Text 801-735-2027 more
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White Peacock Feathers


Sandy, UT | 12 Hours
I have rare white peacock feathers. I don't have a lot, just a few but they are beautiful! If you are a bird lover like me come over and get some. Selling them for $3 each small and $5 for the large ones. more
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Fertile Chicken Eggs


Sandy, UT | 12 Hours
I have fertile eggs. If you have a broody hen, I've got some eggs to stick under her. Or load up an incubator to witness one of life's miracles. I've got a full incubator and will be selling chicks if interested. Text is best. $3 each egg or $30 for a dozen. more
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Leghorn Rooster


Kearns, UT | 13 Hours
FREE, FREE, FREE,Young white leghorn rooster for free. I bought two of them from Cal Ranch thinking both were going to be hens like they told me. But "NO"...low and behold, one is a hen and then there's him. He is old enough now to free range or coop.Depending where you're located I am willing to deliver. Somebody give this fella a home, please and thank you.PREFERABLY TEXTS ONLY more
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Chicken Coop for Sale!


Syracuse, UT | 14 Hours
For sale is a chicken coop able to fit up to six chickens. Coop is about 3.5 x 3.5 ft. Run is 4 x 7 ft. This coop features two nesting boxes, a window, a chicken door, full metal roofing on both the coop and run (very nice to have when it is snowing/raining cats and dogs outside!), a full size man door in the run for easy maintenance, foam insulation, multiple roosting perches and a completely removable coop roof for easy maintenance on the coop! We are selling this coop to build a new one that's a bit bigger. This coop has served us very well for the past year and a half and will do the same to you! It is very sturdy and solid. The run is detachable from the coop for easy transportation. Come and get it before it's gone!$175 or best offer.Call or text. more
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Swedish blue mixed ducklings for sale


Kearns, UT | 14 Hours
Our momma hen Triscket hatched 2 Swedish blue 1 Swedish black mixed ducklings. Dad was either a pekin/mallard mix or Cayuga I'm not sure... I just know it wasn't my rooster lol... you have to buy more then one of these little guys it doesn't have to be from me but they can't be alone... I'm only selling to serious duck people or if your wanting to start a flock and are ready for the craziness ducks are. I want these guys to go to a good home. Price is firm $20, for 1 $40 for 2, $50 for all 3 message me if your interested more
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Silkie juveniles


Lindon, UT | 14 Hours
I have a couple silkie babies I'm weeding through that I don't need. They are either the color I don't need, certain imperfections, too many of the same color.. All young Silkies are sold straight run (unsexed) hence their cheaper price! So don't ask if their girls. My for sure hens are priced higher because their girls and if that's what your interested in then I do have a few adult black hens available as well. All the babies are outside with a regular bulb in their house at night. Most of these will be nice quality silkies :) $15ea or $25 for two. They all vary in ages. Pickup only.Texting is preferred.Facebook.com/Designer Silkies by Briana more
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Brand new custom chicken coop for sale


Paradise, UT | 16 Hours
Brand new custom chicken coops for sale - almost sold out for the season! Only3 left. I have raised chickens for most of my life and have had a great deal of experience in construction. I have built a lot of coops over the years and have tried to develop a coop to take the headaches out of owning chickens. Having the proper setup and design is the key. Each of these coops has been built with top notch materials and tools. They take an immense amount of work and I have paid a great deal of attention to details. You must see these coops in person. The pictures do not do them justice. The coops have the following features:1) Rock solid construction.2) Electrical wiring – just plug in your extension cord.a. Light switch and interior light.b. Outlet for heated waterers, Christmas lights, or a timer switch to provide light necessary to keep hens laying during winter months.3) Two nest boxes.4) Custom feeder and watering system that greatly reduces waste and spillage.5) Roost.6) Removable dropping board directly under the roost – helps to keep the coop and eggs cleaner. Simplifies cleaning.7) Direct access to nest boxes from the outside of the coop.8) Small footprint – conserves yard space.9) With a little effort, the coops can be moved around the yard.10) ½ inch hardware cloth for better protection against predators.11) 3’ X 4’ run below the coop – provides shade in the summer and protection from rain and snow.12) Ladder to allow access from the coop to the run below.13) Interior door that allows access to the run below. This helps to keep the heat in during the winter, and is also ideal for brooding chicks.14) Exterior door on the run below.15) (2) Large doors to access the coop from the front and back. This facilitates cleaning and egg gathering. The coop can be cleaned in a matter of minutes.16) 8” X 10” screen vent in the front of the coop – can be opened in the summer to cool off the coop and closed in the winter to retain heat. The screen prevents flies and predators from entering.17) (1) 8” X 10” and (1) 10” X 12” glass windows to allow plenty of outside light into the coop.18) Pressure treated base prevents wood from rotting.19) 30-Year Tamco Architectural shingles20) Kelly-Moore exterior two-tone paint.These coops are excellent for brooding chicks. They retain the heat very well. They have the wiring to allow you to add additional heating lamps if necessary.Ideally, these 3’X4’ coops will house about 4 chickens. If you are not going to free-range them, I wouldn’t recommend any more birds than that. However, I allow my birds to run free-range. Although not optimal, I have housed 11 free-range chickens in one of these coops. When you allow them to forage around the yard, they only need a place to sleep, eat, and lay their eggs. Although these coops are very well ventilated, I would NOT recommend placing them in the open sun during the summer months. It is simply too hot. If you can place them under a shade tree or on the north side of a house, they do very well. During the winter months, I place mine in the garden where they have direct sunlight. In the summer, I move it under a shade tree. more
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Bantam Cochin chicks


Hyde park, UT | 16 Hours
$5.00 for all three! Nice little Bantam Cochin chicks available. Two are feathering out with the Mille Fleur/Calico coloring and one is looking more Silver Laced type. They are about a month and a half old and I think they are all roosters. more
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