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Laying hens


Tooele, UT | 23 Mins
6 five or six week old laying hens. 3 green egg layers and 3 white egg layers. $5 each come with the majority of a large bag of food. Heat lamp additional $5. more
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Beautiful Laying Hen perfect for a free range flock


Provo, UT | 27 Mins
Ameraucauna hen, though not purebred and she lays green eggs. Jumps out of her enclosure because she is addicted to bird seed. Always goes back into her run, when I open the gate, but can't be having her did up my vegetable garden more
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4 Week Old Button Quail


South Jordan, UT | 32 Mins
I have 5 button quail for sale. Pretty much fully feathered and ready to be outside. Text with questions. Thanks! more
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2 Silkie Roosters


West Jordan, UT | 47 Mins
Selling 2 Silkie roosters to a good home. Harry is a Light Blue Silkie, whereas Lloyd is a Ginger Red silkie. They are agressive, but only because we have hens and they're very protective of them. They have to be together, they're best friends. So we are ONLY selling them as a PAIR. If you're interested in them, call or text 801-529-7158 -Jennifer more
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5 egg laying chickens


Riverton, UT | 1 Hour
I have 5 2(maybe 3)year old chickens that are still laying, 4 production reds and 1 black sex link. 10.00Call or Text 801-856-9771Cash ONLY FCFS more
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Fertile Hatching Eggs


Hooper, UT | 1 Hour
Let me know ahead of time how many you want and give me a couple days I get about a dozen every two days the rooster is golden laced polish and the hens could be anything from auracana, Dominique, white crested black polish, golden laces polish, black australourp, golden comet, blue Cochin, blue Orpington. I'm asking $10 for a dozen or $5 for a half dozen text is preferred but calls just need to leave a detailed voicemail and I'll return the call eggs come in daily but I usually gather them and put them in the fridge so please give me a couple days or more to get the eggs ready for you can only guarunter the chicks in the green eggs will be half polish half auracana and the dark brown eggs are half golden comet and half polish the golden comets are the ones who start laying at four months and lay year round even in winter they are my best layers. more
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Bob white quail


West Jordan, UT | 2 Hours
Bob white quail for sale. Comes with 2 Females and a male. Just trying to thin the heard. They are laying about an egg a day a piece right now. If you want some fertilized eggs I have a lot... call me more
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Free Rooster


Mapleton, UT | 2 Hours
Approximately three months old has has discovered he's actually a rooster instead of an egg layer. Cant have a rooster where we are at. White Leghorn. more
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ISO red link rooster


Fayette, UT | 3 Hours
Looking for a red s-link rooster. more
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ISO barred rock rooster


Fayette, UT | 3 Hours
Looking for a Barred-rock rooster more
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Blue Throated Piping Guan


perry, UT | 4 Hours
Female blue throated piping guan, estimated to be 5 years old. Ex zoo bird, indoor or aviary bird not just thrown out in the yard like a chicken. Call or text more
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Starter supplies for coop


South Jordan, UT | 4 Hours
Bought these items a while back when I had ducklings venture into my yard. Haven't had any ducklings since. Includes unopened bag of shavings, waterer, feeder, feed and warmer lamp that has a clip, with required bulb. more
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Riverton, UT | 5 Hours
Prices will vary according to breed. Pullets available now are: Ameracaunas, Barred Plymouth Rocks, Barneveler, Black and Gold Sex Links, Blue Andalusians, Black Langshan, Blue Laced Red Wyandottes, Blue Cochin, Buff Orpingtons, Delaware, Golden Spangled Hamburg, Silver Hamburg, Jersey Black Giant, Production Red, Rhode Island Reds, Turken (Naked Neck) and Welsummers.Bantams available are: Brahma, Cochin, Frizzles, Silkies, Crested Polish and Japanese Bantam. more
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New Well-Built Chicken Coops


Kaysville, UT | 10 Hours
Well built, but very affordable! Perfect for backyard chickens. High quality construction and built to withstand rain, snow, etc. High quality natural cedar siding, shingles, galvanized hardware cloth, which is more predator resistant. I do NOT use chicken wire. Includes run and built-in, easy to access, nest boxes. Wide front doors allow easy access for easy cleaning and gathering eggs.Visit the website for pricing, options, ordering and more information. www.hutchesandcoops.comLike us and share on Facebook for $10 off any coop or hutch. Many sizes available. Sizes and Prices:18 sq.ft. $295 (2-3 chickens)24 sq.ft. $350 (3-4 chickens)30 sq.ft. $410 (4-5 chickens)36 sq.ft. $525 (5-6 chickens)46 sq.ft. $625 (6-7 chickens)Delivery available. Please call, text or email with any questions. Text for quickest response. I accept cash, credit or debit cards! Thanks. more
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Chukar Chicks


Ogden, UT | 13 Hours
36 chukar chicks for 45 more
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Clearfield, UT | 15 Hours
Necesito q alguien m rente un espacio para poner mis pollos more
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Ayam Cenami


Clearfield, UT | 16 Hours
I have a pair of Ayam Cemani rooster an hen .. I'm selling them because I can't have them we're I live. more
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3 week old baby chicks


Herriman, UT | 16 Hours
strait run chicks. mix breed more
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Laying Hens for Sale


Alpine, UT | 17 Hours
Awesome laying hens for sale. Some four years old and some two years old. All still laying well. Have new chicks so need to make room in the henhouse. Call 801-787-7906. Have some brown egg layer and some Easter-Eggers laying green eggs. more
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I will buy any unwanted hens or roosters


west valley, UT | 17 Hours
I will pay 5 dollars a bird i will buy old and young chickens or roosters i can pick them up or they can be dropped off just call or text anytime more
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Space Heater


Moroni, UT | 17 Hours
I have a ton of these old heaters I upgraded my turkey sheds and no longer use them they are natural gas but can easily be converted to propane stoves not all the stoves run 50 each obo more
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Lavender Cuckoo Orpington


Santaquin, UT | 17 Hours
I have 2 Lavender Cuckoo Orpington's left. They are 2mo old, I'm not sure of their sex. But I'm leaning Roo with them both. Pretty things. $50 for both or $35/ea. more
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Japanese Coturnix Quail Chicks


South Ogden, UT | 18 Hours
3 day old $2 each and 1 week old $3 each. I have Rare Blue, Jumbo Brown, Tuxedo and Texas A.M ( white)........These are the larger size Coturnix quail (jumbo), they will be 12- 15 oz. fully grown. And they are fast growing Quails at only 6 weeks old they are fully grown and began laying eggs shortly after......Habla Espanol more
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Crazy cool haird Rooster


Orem, UT | 18 Hours
10.00 more
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