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Americana Chickens


Morgan, UT | 8 Hours
7 laying hens and 1 rooster. 10-12 months old. Lay large blue-green eggs. $75.00 for all. Cash Only. Call Susana (801) 876-2888. Pictures coming. more
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6 Laying Hens and Coop


Sandy, UT | 9 Hours
Have you always wanted some chickens but did not want to feed them for a year until they lay? WELL... We are moving to a smaller home. We are selling are six laying chicken hens. They are 1 to 2 years old. They lay eggs every day and if given a heat lamp, will lay in the winter. One hen is an Americana and 5 are Buff Orpington Chickens. The Coop is about 3 ft by 8 ft. It is made mostly out of 2x4s and the chickens are completely secure inside. Heat lamp, remaining food and pine shavings are included. more
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Silkie Chicks / chickens


Orem, UT | 10 Hours
Hello, I have these two unsexed silkie chickens (hatched 2/14/17) available. I would like them to go together as they were hatched the same day. Very friendly / smaller sizes chickens that made great backyard pets. Socialized, they'll come and eat out of your hand! :) They are $30 for both. Text me if you're interested. Location is Orem. more
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Mixed Breed Chicks


Orem, UT | 10 Hours
I hatched a batch of backyard mixed breed chicks. I have 2 chicks left. They’re 15 days old. They are straight run... that means that what you pick is what you get. Sorry, but I have no idea how to sex them. The dad is a Silver Laced Wyandotte and the mom is a White Leghorn. They will be very good layers and great birds for a small backyard family flock. They're $5 each. If interested, text me at 801.623.2134. I won't be able to reply until the afternoon when I get off work. CASH ONLY! Please, bring a box to carry them and check my other ads... Thanks! more
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Quiet Rooster


Orem, UT | 10 Hours
I have decided not to breed any more chickens due to my lack of time and that's why I'm selling my beautiful and precious Quiet Rooster for $100. The price is firm. He's 3 years and a half old and he still has plenty of time to keep breeding. I don't know if you have heard of a surgery called "De-crow" Well, my rooster had this procedure done when he was still a cockerel. This procedure makes the crowing very quiet. Your neighbors will never know you have a rooster in your backyard! 100% guaranteed! He's a Silver Laced Wyandotte and he's just a normal rooster... he crows, cackles, mates, fights (actually, he's mean like any other rooster when "protecting" his girls, so I don't recommend to buy him if you have kids unless you have him in a locked enclosure like I do. If you want to know about this procedure, I'm attaching a link to Doctor Richards' website. That's where I got my rooster from.Here's the link: http://quietroosters.com/If interested, text me at 801.623.2134. I won't be able to reply until the afternoon when I get off work. or you're more tan welcome to come and check how quiet he is. Price is firm! CASH ONLY! Please, bring a box to carry them and check my other ads... Thanks! more
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Young Laying Hens


Orem, UT | 11 Hours
My work schedule has changed a lot and I have to get rid of some of my young laying hens due to my lack of time, so my loss is your gain. 1 Cukoo Marans - $25 (Dark brown egg layer – 11 months old)3 Barred Rocks - $25 each (Brown egg layers – 10 months old)1 White Leghorn - $25 (White egg layer – 10 months old)2 Buff Orpingtons - $20 each (Brown egg layers – 15 months old)1 Rhode Island Red - $20 (Brown egg layer – 15 months old)1 Blue Red Laced Whyandotte - $25 (Brown egg layer, but she’s currently broody – 15 months old) Price is firm. If interested, text me at 801.623.2134. I won't be able to reply until the afternoon when I get off work. CASH ONLY! Please, bring a box to carry them and check my other ads... Thanks! more
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Bear river, UT | 11 Hours
My white Call duck is in search of a girlfriend. Any information on where I can get my hands on some White Calls would be greatly appreciated.Call or text Ron 435-279-4628 more
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Riverton, UT | 11 Hours
Mixed Bantams more
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Hooper, UT | 11 Hours
Three 2 yr old free range laying hens. orange and black. All lay brown eggs. I have a rooster we will include free. $10 each, firm on price. more
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Rhode Island Red Hens


Logan, UT | 11 Hours
Beautiful young Rhode Island Red laying hens. Excellent quality stock from hatchery in Iowa. Have been laying brown eggs for 30 days. Asking $25.00 per hen. more
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6 approximately 6-8 week old chickens


Ogden, UT | 13 Hours
We have 6 approximately 6-8 week old chickens for sale. 2 Plymouth Rocks, 2 Ameraucanas, 1 buff orpington, 1 black australorp. Comes with one full 35 pound unopened bag of organic chick starter crumble plus 1/3 left of current opened bag. Come pick them up today! more
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Coop-ready sexlink pullets


Saratoga Springs, UT | 14 Hours
7-week old pullets for sale. I have five black sex links and one red sex link ready for your coop. Black/red stars are great brown egg layers. $10 each. more
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Heritage Turkeys at OGDEN IFA


Ogden, UT | 14 Hours
We have a few Narragansett, 1 Blue Slate and 2 Royal Palm Turkeys. These are Straight run. While supplies last! They are 3 days old! more
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Fancy Cochins


Santaquin, UT | 14 Hours
I have two very beautiful fancy Cochin hens for sale, both are under 2yrs old. $25/ea or both for $40. Text is best. more
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Cage for chicks, chickens,


Logan, UT | 14 Hours
Could be used for most smaller animals. Easy access doors on all sides. Great condition more
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Five Purebred Thai chicks (tall birds)


Lindon, UT | 15 Hours
I have five rare purebred Thai gamefowl chicks available for sale! These are hard to find. I had to ship them in. Straight run (unsexed). They are almost a month old. These birds are tall ones. The Roos can reach 30-36" tall. These are very affectionate & intelligent birds! They love people and can be with a mixed flock but do better as the only roo in most cases but some can do fine with others. There's two black mottled, two blue, and one bluish Wheaton. They will be $25each. Won't last long. There's only five available. There will not be anymore! Texts only please. No holds unless paid for. I accept cash or PayPal. Thanks more
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a[[ vinyl chicken coop


murray, UT | 15 Hours
made of all vinyl wont never rot. has 8 laying boxes. both sides open for easy cleaning and retrieval of eggs. measures 4x4 by 5 ft tall. will hold up to 10 chickens. can deliver for a fee. call my cell 801 and 577 4558 if no answer leave message ill get right back to you more
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Huge Custom Chicken Coop and Run with everything!


Springville, UT | 15 Hours
Built in spring of 2016. Huge coop and run. Inside has three roosting bars since picture was taken. Pull string door to let chickens in and out of coop without going into the run. We are including EVERYTHING. Food can, trash can, nice 6 nipple/5 gallon waterer and a heated waterer, feeders, 2 heat lamps, thermometers, auto hand sanitizer attached to coop, outside run roost bars and ropes and tree (not in picture). Water bucket stones, dust bath bin, pooper scooper, couple other tools for cleaning and a sifting rake. . Any food or treats we have. 5 chickens just under a year old. All are great layers. 2 Golden Sex Links1 Blue Laced Wyandotte 1 Russian Orloff1 Easter Egger (lays a nice blue egg) They are all super nice! We aren't looking to make money off this. We just need to sell it all. Our building cost was $1500 plus 6 weeks of building. Plus Several hundred into all the extras. Call or text Lindsey 801-319-0843Serious buyers only please. more
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Young roosters for sale


Saratoga Springs, UT | 16 Hours
I have five 3-month old roosters (black sex-links) for sale. They grow very fast. $5 each or $20 for all more
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eggs for sale


Grantsville, UT | 16 Hours
I have eggs for sale im asking 2.50 a dozen more
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eggs for sale fertile farm mix


Grantsville, UT | 16 Hours
i have some fertile farm mix eggs for sale im asking 5.00 a dozen more
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American Fork, UT | 17 Hours
5 week old Buff orpington pullets. These girls are helthy, feathered, and good to be outside as long as the weather is nice. 10.00 each I have 6 available. Buff orpington are a docile breed and lay approx 200 eggs per year. These girls should start laying august of this year more
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Farm Fresh Chicken Eggs


Alpine, UT | 18 Hours
Our free range chickens are laying more eggs than we can can keep up with. We are selling the excess to help pay for feed. These are from free range, healthy chickens. The eggs are all organic. Some are the size of a large duck egg. more
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Roosters For Sale


Herriman, UT | 19 Hours
I have 3 Roosters for sale. $10 each or $25 total. Very healthy. 3-9 months old. Call or text 801-673-1066. more
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