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I will buy any unwanted hens or roosters


west valley, UT | 1 Hour
I will pay 5 dollars a bird I will buy old or young chickens or roosters i can pick them up or text can be dropped off just call or text anytime thanks more
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Six 2-week old chicks


Bountiful, UT | 3 Hours
I have six chicks I hatched in my incubator. They're super healthy and come from good layers. 2 weeks old and growing. more
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Roy, UT | 4 Hours
16 week old Seabrights for sale, 1 silver hen, 1 golden hen and a golden rooster. Hens are 15.00, Roo is 10.00. Almost ready to lay and the gold ones are a nice mating pair. Our little Roo is a great one, we hate to have to get rid of them, but we can't have them in our area. This is all I have left, won't be getting any more of them in! more
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In need of any unwanted rosters


Salt Lake City, UT | 4 Hours
Too many chickens.... not enough roosters. Please help more
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Laying hens for sale


South Jordan, UT | 4 Hours
We need to downsize our flock. We have 2 RIRs and 4 Americaunas for sale. Great layers! The Americaunas lay green eggs. $5 a pair or take all 6. more
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red sex link pullets


Heber City, UT | 4 Hours
We have some 6 week old pullets ready for coops, great for starting your flock more
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Pekin male duck for sale


riverton, UT | 4 Hours
He is a little bigger than regular ducks perfect for breeding or eating. more
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Bufforpinton rooster for sale


riverton, UT | 4 Hours
He is very frienldy has been around hens good breeder i dont know the age please text no calls. more
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Black splash drake


Wendover, UT | 5 Hours
This guy is 2 now. Good breeder but most mine are related now so he is available. more
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Payson, UT | 6 Hours
Baby Chickens for sale, hatched every Friday. Birds are hatched from March 1, through July 31st. I currently have both newly hatched, and started birds. There will be .50 cents per week added to the starting price for the feed I have into the older birds. These birds are sold straight run (girls and boys mixed) of the following breeds :White LeghornBrown LeghornRhode Island RedBarred Plymouth RockAmeracuanaBuff OrpingtonNaked NeckJersey Giants both Black and WhiteLight BrahmaI am located in Payson, UtahPlease, Phone calls only, no textsPlease call Brent anytime between 8 AM and 10 PM(801) 592-0577 more
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Duck eggs (fertilized)


Bluffdale, UT | 6 Hours
12 fertile duck eggs. You can enjoy them in your favorite recipes or try and hatch them. I have hatched from these parents successfully. The mom is a Rouen and dad is a Pekin. Both 1 year old. Call or text Tiffany at(385) 227-3517. more
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Galvanized Chicken Waterer 5 Gallon


Ogden, UT | 6 Hours
New, never used & price reduced from $39.99! New 5 Gallon galvanized double wall waterer. Great for chickens. SORRY NO TRADES & CASH ONLY. THANKS! more
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Farm Fresh Eggs


West Point, UT | 7 Hours
Free range farm fresh eggs for sale. Located in the frig on the front porch. Just place the money in the frig. Thank you. more
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Free chicken coop


ogden, UT | 8 Hours
FREE chicken coop to whoever can come pick it up. It is very sturdy and durable. It is also very heavy. Will require 2-3 strong people to move. Text preferred. I do not answer numbers that I don't recognize. more
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Two Incubators


Layton, UT | 8 Hours
Hey guys! I have a couple incubators I'm trying to "rehome" to a needy crazy chicken person! I have a brinsea octagon 20 eco, 180$, one year manufacturer guarantee, and one octagon 20 advance with turner for 370$. Both have been sent in to the manufacturer for calibration and testing and passed with flying colors;) I usually get 95-100% hatch rates off of these and they are fantastic! I would love to keep them but my craziness has escalated to new heights and I bought a sportsman cabinet incubator that holds 320🙊 text is best for me, I will be at work and cannot answer phone calls. more
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Red Sexlink pullets 13 weeks old


Provo, UT | 8 Hours
These are one of the best chickens for this area. They will lay 320+ ex large/jumbo eggs per year even throughout the winter. They no longer need lights and will start laying in June. $20 each firm.Text onlyRandy 787-3242 more
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Silver Laced Wyandotte hen -11 months old


Provo, UT | 8 Hours
Pretty girl lays 3-4 eggs per week. Just thinning the flock .Texts onlyRandy 787-3242 more
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Americauna Chickens


Morgan, UT | 17 Hours
7 laying hens and 1 rooster. 10-12 months old. Lay large blue-green eggs. $75.00 for all. Cash Only. Call Susana (801) 876-2888. Pictures coming. more
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6 Laying Hens and Coop


Sandy, UT | 18 Hours
Have you always wanted some chickens but did not want to feed them for a year until they lay? WELL... We are moving to a smaller home. We are selling are six laying chicken hens. They are 1 to 2 years old. They lay eggs every day and if given a heat lamp, will lay in the winter. One hen is an Americana and 5 are Buff Orpington Chickens. The Coop is about 3 ft by 8 ft. It is made mostly out of 2x4s and the chickens are completely secure inside. Heat lamp, remaining food and pine shavings are included. more
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Silkie Chicks / chickens


Orem, UT | 19 Hours
Hello, I have these two unsexed silkie chickens (hatched 2/14/17) available. I would like them to go together as they were hatched the same day. Very friendly / smaller sizes chickens that made great backyard pets. Socialized, they'll come and eat out of your hand! :) They are $30 for both. Text me if you're interested. Location is Orem. more
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Mixed Breed Chicks


Orem, UT | 19 Hours
I hatched a batch of backyard mixed breed chicks. I have 2 chicks left. They’re 15 days old. They are straight run... that means that what you pick is what you get. Sorry, but I have no idea how to sex them. The dad is a Silver Laced Wyandotte and the mom is a White Leghorn. They will be very good layers and great birds for a small backyard family flock. They're $5 each. If interested, text me at 801.623.2134. I won't be able to reply until the afternoon when I get off work. CASH ONLY! Please, bring a box to carry them and check my other ads... Thanks! more
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Quiet Rooster


Orem, UT | 20 Hours
I have decided not to breed any more chickens due to my lack of time and that's why I'm selling my beautiful and precious Quiet Rooster for $100. The price is firm. He's 3 years and a half old and he still has plenty of time to keep breeding. I don't know if you have heard of a surgery called "De-crow" Well, my rooster had this procedure done when he was still a cockerel. This procedure makes the crowing very quiet. Your neighbors will never know you have a rooster in your backyard! 100% guaranteed! He's a Silver Laced Wyandotte and he's just a normal rooster... he crows, cackles, mates, fights (actually, he's mean like any other rooster when "protecting" his girls, so I don't recommend to buy him if you have kids unless you have him in a locked enclosure like I do. If you want to know about this procedure, I'm attaching a link to Doctor Richards' website. That's where I got my rooster from.Here's the link: http://quietroosters.com/If interested, text me at 801.623.2134. I won't be able to reply until the afternoon when I get off work. or you're more tan welcome to come and check how quiet he is. Price is firm! CASH ONLY! Please, bring a box to carry them and check my other ads... Thanks! more
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Young Laying Hens


Orem, UT | 20 Hours
My work schedule has changed a lot and I have to get rid of some of my young laying hens due to my lack of time, so my loss is your gain. 1 Cukoo Marans - $25 (Dark brown egg layer – 11 months old)3 Barred Rocks - $25 each (Brown egg layers – 10 months old)1 White Leghorn - $25 (White egg layer – 10 months old)2 Buff Orpingtons - $20 each (Brown egg layers – 15 months old)1 Rhode Island Red - $20 (Brown egg layer – 15 months old)1 Blue Red Laced Whyandotte - $25 (Brown egg layer, but she’s currently broody – 15 months old) Price is firm. If interested, text me at 801.623.2134. I won't be able to reply until the afternoon when I get off work. CASH ONLY! Please, bring a box to carry them and check my other ads... Thanks! more
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Bear river, UT | 20 Hours
My white Call duck is in search of a girlfriend. Any information on where I can get my hands on some White Calls would be greatly appreciated.Call or text Ron 435-279-4628 more
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