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Chick/Duckling Starter kit (complete supplies)


Provo, UT | 47 Mins
I have collected all the necessary things for a Chicks and/or Ducklings and put them together as a starter kit so you can get going with the right items to succeed with your new chicks and/or ducklings!Kit contains:Food dispenser, 50 lbs. food for the baby phase, Water dispenser, A heat lamp with on/off switch, Heat lamp bulb (which can be used in the wintertime too), 5 cu feet bedding, Chick starter grit, and A brooder bin (chicks) or small pool (ducklings and later for play). Text me your e-mail and I will e-mail the details of the kit to you. Compare with Amazon and save money! more
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Young Tom Turkey


Price, UT | 5 Hours
I have for sale 3 young Toms. Born late summer 2016. 25.00 each or all 3 for 60.00. The one tom was chased by a dog and has a slight limp but seems un-affected other than that. more
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California Valley Quail Adult Males


Alpine, UT | 7 Hours
California Valley Quail Adult Males. Beautiful and Healthy Birds. more
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Tayorsville, UT | 8 Hours
French Toulouse Gosling, female 12 days old. She has been hand raised by me, likes to be held, sleeps on my neck, follows me all over. She needs a special parent, one who will love her as we do. I hand raised her parents and for geese they are very friendly and social. This is the reason I am asking 30, serious inquires only. She needs a loving and caring home with a family who wants her as a pet. more
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I will buy any unwanted hens or roosters


west valley, UT | 9 Hours
I will pay 5 dollars a bird. I will buy old or young chickens and roosters i can pick them up or they can be dropped off just call or text anytime thanks more
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500 lbs. of wheat for $75.00 [that's $.15 a lb.]


Provo, UT | 10 Hours
Offered for sale is at least 500 lbs. of wheat for $75.00 [that's $.15 (15 cents) a lb.]. That wheat is in plastic buckets and or could perhaps be in other type of containers. The wheat in such containers can especially be usable for animal feed and perhaps could be used for other uses. That at least 500 lbs. of wheat is in Provo and if interested in purchasing that wheat then an appointment will need to be made to purchase that wheat. If you are interested in purchasing any of that wheat please call 801-344-3413 [a voice mail phone number] and please leave me a voice message with a phone number that I could perhaps call to talk with you about that wheat. more
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Egg Laying chicks


Eagle Mountain, UT | 10 Hours
I have brown and white egg laying pullet chicks. I have Blue Asian chicks that lay a big brown egg. Tetra Brown pullets these are a sex linked chick that lay lots and lots of big brown eggs. I have some fun feather footed bantam chicks.. Also have leghorn chicks that have a great feed to egg ratio and lay tons of big white eggs. These chicks are are all 3-4 weeks old and are about feathered out they will only need to be under the lights for a couple more weeks. These chicks are all healthy and in great shape. Quantity discounts available. more
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Fertile Hatching Eggs


Bluffdale, UT | 10 Hours
Fertile hatching eggs! Barnyard mixes... my roosters are a polish/americauna and a silkie mix and I have a variety of breeds with my hens! (EE, RIR, barred rock, astrowhite, black sexlink, buff orpington, buff brahma, welsummer, leghorns, etc) $1 an egg or $10 a dozen! I like to get them to you as fresh as possible... depending on order, I can usually get you the eggs within 1-2 days. Text is best! more
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salt lake city, UT | 11 Hours
Laying hens for for 20.00 1 to 2 1/2 years I have 1 year old rosters for 10.00 385 259 8938 more
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Custom Chicken Coop


Nephi, UT | 11 Hours
This is a great Chicken Coop come as is I do have options of painting and fence on the bottom for extra I do charge a delivery fee or you can pick it up this one is 4 feet wide and 5 feet long has three laying stations in the back asking 340 for this one I also have a bigger coop for 450 text me with any questions 801 819 9413 more
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Custom Chicken Coop


Nephi, UT | 11 Hours
This is an awesome coop it's 4feet wide and 6.5 feet long has six laying stations come painted and fenced on the bottom only asking 450 for these and a delivery fee if you want it delivered text me with any questions 8018199413 thanks KASEY more
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Chicken Run Or Brooder Run


Logan, UT | 12 Hours
Selling a chicken run that I used for young pulleys that I needed to keep separate from my older chickens. It's a great setup for anyone looking to keep a few chickens or young chickens. It is fully enclosed by pallets and chicken wire with a top that is fully removable. It's about 5 feet wide and 7 feet long. Call or text is best. Thanks for looking. more
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Need An English Chocolate Orpington Hen


Logan, UT | 12 Hours
Looking for and English Chocolate Orpington hen to use as a breeding mate to my rooster. Please text if you have one available for sale in the cache valley, franklin or box elder county. Thank you more
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Cornish rock chicks


Mapleton, UT | 12 Hours
2 week old Cornish rock chicks. 4 left. more
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Payson, UT | 15 Hours
Baby chicks for sale, hatched every Friday. Birds are hatched from March 1, through July 31st. I currently have both newly hatched, and started birds. There will be .50 cents per week added to the starting price for the feed I have into the older birds. These birds are sold straight run (girls and boys mixed) of the following breeds :White LeghornBrown LeghornRhode Island RedBarred Plymouth RockAmeracuanaBuff OrpingtonNaked NeckJersey Giants both Black and WhiteLight BrahmaI am located in Payson, UtahPlease, Phone calls only, no textsPlease call Brent after 5:00 pm on weekdays, or anytime between 8am and 10pm on weekends.(801) 592-0577 more
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Taking Orders Now - Brand new custom chicken coops


Paradise, UT | 16 Hours
I am currently taking orders for these coops. They should be completed by 4/30. Please reserve one now if you are interested. They sell very quickly this time of year.Brand new custom chicken coop for sale. I have raised chickens for most of my life and have had a great deal of experience in construction. I have built a lot of coops over the years and have tried to develop a coop to take the headaches out of owning chickens. Having the proper setup and design is the key. Each of these coops has been built with top notch materials and tools. They take an immense amount of work and I have paid a great deal of attention to details. You must see these coops in person. The pictures do not do them justice. The coops have the following features:1) Rock solid construction.2) Electrical wiring – just plug in your extension cord.a. Light switch and interior light.b. Outlet for heated waterers, Christmas lights, or a timer switch to provide light necessary to keep hens laying during winter months.3) Two nest boxes.4) Custom feeder and watering system that greatly reduces waste and spillage.5) Roost.6) Removable dropping board directly under the roost – helps to keep the coop and eggs cleaner. Simplifies cleaning.7) Direct access to nest boxes from the outside of the coop.8) Small footprint – conserves yard space.9) With a little effort, the coops can be moved around the yard.10) ½ inch hardware cloth for better protection against predators.11) 3’ X 4’ run below the coop – provides shade in the summer and protection from rain and snow.12) Ladder to allow access from the coop to the run below.13) Interior door that allows access to the run below. This helps to keep the heat in during the winter, and is also ideal for brooding chicks.14) Exterior door on the run below.15) (2) Large doors to access the coop from the front and back. This facilitates cleaning and egg gathering. The coop can be cleaned in a matter of minutes.16) 8” X 10” screen vent in the front of the coop – can be opened in the summer to cool off the coop and closed in the winter to retain heat. The screen prevents flies and predators from entering.17) (1) 8” X 10” and (1) 10” X 12” glass windows to allow plenty of outside light into the coop.18) Pressure treated base prevents wood from rotting.19) 30-Year Tamco Architectural shingles20) Kelly-Moore exterior two-tone paint.These coops are excellent for brooding chicks. They retain the heat very well. They have the wiring to allow you to add additional heating lamps if necessary.Ideally, these 3’X4’ coops will house about 4 chickens. If you are not going to free-range them, I wouldn’t recommend any more birds than that. However, I allow my birds to run free-range. Although not optimal, I have housed 11 free-range chickens in one of these coops. When you allow them to forage around the yard, they only need a place to sleep, eat, and lay their eggs. Although these coops are very well ventilated, I would NOT recommend placing them in the open sun during the summer months. It is simply too hot. If you can place them under a shade tree or on the north side of a house, they do very well. During the winter months, I place mine in the garden where they have direct sunlight. In the summer, I move it under a shade tree. more
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1-year India Blue Old Peacock And Peahens


Tooele, UT | 16 Hours
1 peacock and 2 peahens. $50.00 each. Beautiful birds. more
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Golden Sexlink Chicks


Riverton, UT | 16 Hours
Old enough to be outside on their own no heat lamps require $14 Per chicken hatched February 10 should start laying first of June 801 349 5924 more
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Giant Blue Cochin Rooster


Logan, UT | 17 Hours
10 month old Giant Blue Cochin Rooster. He has a limp since he was a chick, still gets around fine. Is a really good looking rooster! Call or text with questions. more
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Belgium Bearded D'Uccle Rooster


Brigham City, UT | 17 Hours
Really good and nice just need gone fast! more
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Fresh Farm Eggs


Lake Point, UT | 18 Hours
$2.50 Dozen Free range hens on 1.5 acres. Fresh eggs gathered daily, rinsed, and stored in refrigerator. Variety of hens with medium to large size eggs. Color of eggs varies due to several different breeds of hens. If possible please bring an empty carton. more
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5 chicks Almost 3 weeks old with brooder and more


ogden, UT | 19 Hours
I have 3 Amercaunas and 2 Buff Orpingtons. Kid friendly and docile. Egg laying, the Amercaunas lay blue eggs. Buff lays brown. They come with brooder, feeder and waterer, chick starter and chick grit. more
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Bird House


Mendon, UT | 19 Hours
Combination chicken coop/ duck house for sale. Or we will custom build bird houses for you. Just call or text 435-237-9500 -Thayne more
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Chicks and Ducks


Riverton, UT | 21 Hours
Prices are according to breed type. Pullets available are Ameracauna, Barred Plymouth Rock, Black Australorps, Black and Gold Sex Links, Buckeye, Buff Brahma, Buff Cochin, Buff Orpingtons, California White, Golden Laced Wyandottes, Golden Phoenix, Production Reds, Silver Lakenvelder, Rhodes Island Reds, Silver Laced Wyandottes and Welsummers. Bantams available are: Ameracaunas, Sultan, Silver Lakenvelder, Golden Phonix, Cochins, Frizzles, Old English, Silkies, Japanese and Rhode Island Reds. Meat Chicken: Fast White Broiler. Ducks we have are: Cayuga and Blue Swedish. more
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