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Bonded Sugar Glider Pair


Sandy, UT | 5 Hours
We have a cute bonded pair ready for new adoptive parents and their forever home. They're about 2 years old. They're a little shy but they love their treats and are curious. They come with a small fleece cage set. If interested, contact me so we can arrange a time for you to meet this sweet little pair. more
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Julianna pig


garland, UT | 5 Hours
We have a female Julianna pig for sale CASH ONLY, NO EMAILS, NO CHECKS needs a new home we have more coming contact Jared Grover at 1-435-452-8415 or ginger Grover at 1-208-380-4061 she is playful and is bottle fed more
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Super Cute and Sweet Baby Hedgehogs


Saratoga springs, UT | 5 Hours
Adorable Baby Hedgehogs available on June 11th. I have five available both male and female. It is a $50 deposit to hold one. Please call or text with any questions. more
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Rat/sugar glider starter cage


Logan, UT | 5 Hours
Like new cage for rat / sugar glider. Used 3 weeks. Great condition. more
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Coral Albino Red Tailed Boa


west jordan, ND | 7 Hours
Coral Albino Red Tailed Boa Female. About 2 years old. She is around 3 feet now. the pictures are from around a year ago. She will come with an aquarium, hide, heating pad, and a full set of mice that she eats. She is very good with people and has never struck at me or anyone else. Loves to be handled. She will need someone who is willing to give her lots of attention and really take care of her. I just don't have the time or space to take care of her anymore. more
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Sugar glider joeys


farr west, UT | 8 Hours
I am a local breeder as well as part of the rescue. I have lineaged gliders and breed for temperament and handle my babies constantly. I require a 100.00 dollar non refundable (unless death of joey) deposit to hold your joey. I then encourage you to sleep with fleece and put in with them to get used to your smell as well as visiting and handling them until they are weaned. When they are weaned the fleece goes with them to their new home. I feed bml diet and fresh nectar. Any questions text or call and come buy to see my gliders. My prices start at 250.00 and go up dependant on glider color. Gliders can be bought pet only or with breeding rights. I also have references from the glider community as well as previous joeys homes. I also have a page on Facebook boots and buckles sugar gliders more
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Tarantula (lp salmon birdeater)


orem, UT | 9 Hours
Selling my tarantula. She is female and is about 6". I dont handle her soo im not quite sure about the size. Shes always out and will eat anything you give her. Comes with an enclosure with heat lamp and thermostat to keep temperature constant. I invested quite a bit on the set up but unfortunately i need to get rid of her. Text me at 385 625 9090 for questions. more
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3 mice $5 each


provo, UT | 10 Hours
3 mice very friendly. 1 white is a boy. 2 black both girls more
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Will Take Free Chickens Goats Pigs Roosters Rabbit


Riverton, UT | 11 Hours
We have a 8 acre lot in Smithfield that we LOVE having farm animals on and taking care of them. We just moved here so we're trying to build it up. Have also have a home in Riverton for drop off if that works better than coming to our farm land. We especially love chickens and roosters for cleaning up and eating the seeds and bugs in our area so they bugs don't kill our plants. We want more and more because we love the animals and will give them a great home!!! We will even send pictures every once in awhile to you if your animals needing a new home. We will give them a happy life!!!We love goats just because they are fun Cow, hens, etc!!! The chickens DO NOT need to be laying. We're breeding chicks so they can sit on the eggs :) more
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Two Guinea Pigs And Cage


Riverton, UT | 11 Hours
Complete set up with two guinea pigs selling everything for 60 more
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2 female ginuea pigs


West jordan, UT | 12 Hours
I bought these 2 female ginuea pigs about 4 weeks ago. They are very sweet and my boys love them. But I am very allergic to them. They came with all the supplys. Please text. more
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Sugar Glider with all supplies and cage!


eagle mountain, UT | 13 Hours
2 male Sugar gliders. Comes with everything. Cage, food, toys, pouches, and extras. Asking $200 for everything. Text Cari (801)602-5314 more
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Sugar Glider Joeys


SLC, UT | 13 Hours
Got some joeys ready by the end of june. Start taking reservationGrey with het $250Leu $400Mosaic $600Ring tail $500Cremeino $650Ruby plat $800Text 801-824-4836 more
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Beautiful Female Hedgehog For Sale


Sandy, UT | 14 Hours
We are selling our female hedgehog, only 13 months old. We purchased her from a licensed breeder last June. Her coloring is beautiful, and she is very sweet-tempered. She comes with her cage and all accessories, plus a critter pen and mat, as well as her extra food and bedding (they will last months). Though hedgehogs are low-maintenance pets, my teenage children simply do not have the time to take care of her, and we'd love for her to go to a home that does. more
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Guinea Pigs With Big Cage


Tremonton, UT | 14 Hours
$60 for the 2 Guinea pigs, the cage, and anything we have for them. I've become allergic and need to find them a new home. Brown and tan is male. White and grey is female. Neither are fixed. The cage they come with make it so we can separate them in the same cage. more
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Now accepting deposits on spring fox kits!!


Price, UT | 14 Hours
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do NOT call between 9pm and 9am.https://www.facebook.com/DACARoseFoxEmails/texts are generally answered first. Now taking deposits on our 2017 spring litters!All our fox kits are $550 and we do not charge extra for females or rare color morphs. We require a $200 deposit (Paypal) to go on the waiting list with the remaining $350 due the day the kit leaves our home. Our kits come with a food starter package including dry food, canned food, powdered milk, a bottle, pee pads, a copy of our USDA breeders permit and a few other misc items to help them transition from our home to yours.**Almost positive we are sold out on females for 2017 (depending on who people choose on pick up day). People on the paid deposit list will pick first.*We are the only USDA licensed fox breeders on this side of the US. Please make sure your fox breeder is licensed by the USDA prior to purchase to prevent the fox from being seized or euthanized. In Utah foxes are covered under Code R 657-3-2 line 16 which states you do not need a permit from DWR to possess them (only to breed or sell them).http://www.rules.utah.gov/publicat/code/r657/r657-003.htm#E2DIET-Foxes require taurine (an amino acid) in their diet. As the foundation for their diet we suggest a high quality dry dog kibble that already contains taurine such as Blue Buffalo Wild, Nutro Max, Infinia, or Royal Canin. We supplement their taurine intake with the best natural source-raw chicken hearts and livers. We offer raw chicken hearts/livers 3-5 times per week which will ensure they are absorbing enough taurine to keep them healthy. Once a year when they start to grow their winter coat I up their taurine to at least 6 times a week. They need it to comfortably grow those thick coats without going deficient.VACCINATIONS-They require the same as a dog only in a killed or modified live version of the virus. The kits need 3 or 5-way vaccination (parvo, distemper, etc) at 6, 9 and 12 weeks old with a rabies booster at 15 weeks.STERILIZING-We suggest having this done between 16 weeks and 7 months old. They reach sexual maturity at 7-9 months and will start marking and calling for a mate.ENCLOSURE-Most people will have an indoor crate for bedtime and time outs. Outside a welded wire or chain link dog kennel works best (10'x10'x6'/12'x12'x6'). Placing them on a cement pad or lining the ground with 12"x12" cement pavers will prevent them from digging out. You can also stretch wire on the ground and over the top. I like the dog kennels because you can keep buying additional panels and add them over the years to increase the overall kennel size. Most don't begin to use them until the fox is at least 6-9 months old (before then they're just too small to be outside alone).LITTERBOX-We will start them on harness and litterbox training before they leave our home. Use a non-clay based/non clumping cat litter. They push to cover it with their nose and will lick it off their noses which can cause an intestinal blockage.MISC-we test all our foxes to ensure that we're only breeding foxes who enjoy and seek out human attention and interaction. We take them into schools, museums, retirement homes, hospitals, etc and can't take the chance that they have any sort of attitude problem. If they don't have a personality that we trust I can't risk using them in my program. more
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OBO-Female Turtle


West Jordan, UT | 15 Hours
text 801-529-5505 . if you want tank $20 more
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roy, UT | 16 Hours
Don't have time to take care of her anymore since I have been on the rd with my husband more
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Adorable female guinea pig with everything


Salt Lake City, UT | 16 Hours
Meet Beverley! She's a 2 year old female guinea pig. We got her for my wife, only to find out that she's allergic to guinea pigs. Beverley is very social and a good pet. She is well taken care of, healthy, and very happy. She comes with everything you need to take care of her. See below and the pictures in the posting to see what comes with it. Included:1 Beverley - Guinea Pig :)1 Midwest Guinea Habitat Plus (from Petsmart)http://www.petsmart.com/small-pet/supplies/cages-habitats-and-hutches/cages/midwest-guinea-pig-habitat-plus-14540.html?cgid=600022 1 Outside play pen (from Petsmart)http://www.petsmart.com/small-pet/supplies/cages-habitats-and-hutches/playpens/all-living-things-exercise-small-animal-playpen-21861.html?cgid=600024A wooden house for her to sleep in1 partial bag of timothy hay 1 spin-dispenser for the hayanother hay/food dispenser combofood bowl1 partial bag of guinea pig pellet food1 large snack shack activity log (great place to hide, and is edible/healthy for her teeth)http://www.petsmart.com/small-pet/toys-and-habitat-accessories/tunnels-and-hideouts/ecotritionandtrade-snak-shakandtrade-edible-small-animal-activity-log-14353.htmlnail clippersbrush http://www.petsmart.com/small-pet/health-and-grooming/grooming-supplies/all-living-things--soft-bristle-brush-41094.htmlfluffy small animal bed4 water bottles (different kinds if you want them).puppy training pads and a fleece liner (for absorption of urine and a soft ground for her to walk on)3-4 bags of guinea pig treats with vitamins and minerals they needWe really want her to go to a good home, but soon to relieve my wife's symptoms. The price is as low as we can go - we put a lot of money into getting all this stuff for her and would like to recuperate what we can. Please feel free to text me (KSL listed number) or my wife Joan (312-843-2257) if you're interested! more
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male hedgehog with tank and Extras $175


Taylorsville, UT | 16 Hours
2 year old male hedgehog with tank and extra bedding and food dish/water bottle asking $175 call or text me at 801-413-4639 more
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American Fork, UT | 17 Hours
My son is raising and selling rabbits to earn money for veterinarian school. We have 3, almost 6 week old, little boy bunnies. They have been loved and handled daily so they are very friendly and good with people. White with tan markings. Mix of Rex and New Zealand breeds. The parents are about 3 + pounds and similar colors so they don't get really big (one of the pictures includes the mama rabbit).. You'll love these darling little bunnies. more
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Lehi, UT | 17 Hours
I am looking for a loving home for Falisha and Marcy. They are very playful and animal friendly. I have had them for a little over a year and a half but have to sell them because where I am moving for college won't allow them. They are both female and about a year old. Comes with:- Both Rats- 4 Houses- Half bag of bedding- 2 Food Containers- 3 Water Containers - 3 Story Cage- Half bag of food more
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Grooming and care of animals


Bluffdale, UT | 17 Hours
Grooming and care of all animals....Please call and mention this ad for 10$ off your sevice more
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Large Fish Tank For Sale


Lehi, UT | 18 Hours
I have a large fish tank and cabinets stand for sale. Some accessories with it. No room in new house. more
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