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Two male guinea pigs plus supplies


Sandy, UT | 2 Hours
For sale are two male guinea pigs--they are sweet and best friends. The pigs are still babies, and are very good with kids. You can have all their supplies, cage, house, bedding, and a bag of hay and pellets. more
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Salt Lake City, UT | 2 Hours
P more
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4 Guinea Pigs (Happy & healthy) each $15


Salt Lake City, UT | 3 Hours
$15 each. - We have 2 adult guinea pigs (10 months, 5 months) they are both very sweet and love to cuddled by children just hold them right and they'll stay put. - The other 2 guinea pigs are babies (3 months) They love being held and are very affectionate.one is a squish gray and is very chubby and is pretty fast so he needs to be exercised more than others. - The other baby is the rut of the litter and is very cute and small he is black brown and whit. The whole family of pigs are very affectionate and all of them are boys.They are all happy and healthy guinea. pigsText best 801-326-9256. Pick up SLC by the University of Utah. more
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Male Guinea Pig


Bluffdale, UT | 4 Hours
Selling a beautiful male guinea pig. He comes with cage, hay , bedding , and igloo more
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Female 6 month old Hedgehog


Harrisville, UT | 6 Hours
This hedgehog is so cute. She takes a little while to warm up but she is okay after a few weeks. She loves to burrow under blankets, She is happy sitting in a hoodie pocket while you sit or walk around. When you first pick her up she is a little nervous but she warms up after a few minutes. I'm sad to have to let her go because i love her but i think she would do better in a different home. Because i have school and can't spend time with her as much as she needs. She has bit me on a few occasions but that might have been because my hands smelled good. She is a little grumpy during the day so its better to handle her in the afternoon/night hours. But she is adorable. If you are scared of her quills it is good to hold her in a blanket to get used to it. But you can eventually hold her bare handed. Especially when she gets used to you. (price can be slightly negotiated) I need so sell her kind of fast so if you are interested please don't hesitate to text me.The price is just for the hedgehog. The only other thing i can throw in is a green igloo that she sleeps in. She does not come with a cage or other supplies. more
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Male Guinea Pig


Salt Lake City, UT | 6 Hours
Unfortunately I need to sell my male Guinea pig. I've only had him about a week and a half but it is causing too much stress on the dog. With him I have a large cage with an expandable play pen, a large thing of hay, food, bedding, and fleece. I'm selling everything for $125 (I paid $200). He is extremely sweet and very cuddly. He is social and will respond to his name. more
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Guinea Pig


salt lake, UT | 6 Hours
He is less than a year old very sweet guinea pig we have to let him go because our ferrets are being mean to him and he is afraid of them, he deserves more attention than we could give him. We want him to go to a good home where he will be love and be a part of their family.he will come with cage , houses ,food bowl ,water bottle, food, hay, treat,litter box, fleece cage liner , travel case. Please message only if interested. more
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22 by 22 by36 pet carrier


draper, UT | 7 Hours
Two pet carriers used once. more
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HAMSTER with 2 cages and COMPLETE set up


Farmington, UT | 7 Hours
Roborovski Hamster plus everything else you need including:- Bar cage & glass cage- House- Tube- Small and large balls- 2 x Rollers- Water bottle- Food bowl- 2 x cage cleaners- Fluff- Food - Handling gloves***Everything valued at over $80!!! more
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Red-Eyed Tree Frog and terrarium set up


Pleasant View, UT | 8 Hours
This exotic beauty is a low maintenance pet. She is two years old and this species lives about 5 years in captivity. She's nocturnal so don't expect to see much action out of her in the daylight hours. We are throwing in the terrarium, light, water pond, and artificial plant. She eats meal worms daily and needs fresh water daily. Let me know if you're interested. more
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Dumbo Make Rats . 2 Mo Old


sandy, UT | 8 Hours
There are 3 available.The one who isn't photographed is also a Siamese likeThe light colored on in image. He is called Chip, per the chip in his ear, must have got bit as a baby while growing in the litter .I also have females from a litter born 4/11, ready on May 6 more
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Guinea Pig - FREE


Mapleton, UT | 8 Hours
This is Scooter, my nine month old guinea pig. I got him back in September and it has been a lot of fun, unfortunately I am moving and will have to sell the little guy. He is a little skittish, but very sweet, he has never bit anyone. I'm throwing the water bottle and cage in too (pictured above), I wouldn't recommend keeping more than one guinea pig in it though. Food, Bedding, hay, etc not included. Price says 15 but he is fre if you're able to take him soon! more
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Geese for Sale


Draper, UT | 9 Hours
White geese males (twins) or small chinese female. Chinese are noisier than others.$20.00 each or $30.00 a pair. Cash only more
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Baby Rats Born 4/11 Ready 5/6


sandy, UT | 9 Hours
Genders cannot be determined yet.You're welcome to comeMeet them before, and pick a color.Two dark heads have dumbo ears, three fawn heads are also Dumbo.The all-dark and Siamese fade will be kept with me.Price is 10Or two for $15I also have a few older males $5 more
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Roaches, live feeders


Heber, UT | 10 Hours
I have 3 varieties of roaches for sale.Madagascar Hissers - price depends on quantity purchased around 50 adults availableDubia - generally sold by the egg flat (25.00) roughly 100+ breeding adults + 200 juveniles (these quantities are conservative estimates, I can shake a flat out and you can try to count them if you'd like.)Red Runners - Also sold by the flat (25.00) 500-1000 estimated per flat. again if you want to try to count them be my guest.I live in Heber, the hissers I've heard make great pets. I use all of the above for feeders for my tarantulas. I am happy to provide free samples if you want to see if they will work for whatever you are feeding.Text is best 435-659-6515 (Thomas) more
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Dog cage


Stansbury park, UT | 11 Hours
6x6 x4 high dog cage more
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3 1/2" Mexican Golden Red Rump.


Cottonwood heights, UT | 1 Day
This tarantula is unsexed, very good eater. I have had it from third instar. I prefer text messages; please feel free to ask questions if you have any. I am not interested in trades. more
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Female Hedgehog plus accessories


Mt. Green, UT | 1 Day
Adorable, one year old, female, cinnamon-colored hedgehog for sale. Includes cage, bedding and wheel. more
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Extremely Tiny Dwarf Mini Pig


coeur d alene, ID | 1 Day
This girl is extremely tiny and a dwarf! She's a rare red and is beautiful! She's fully litter box trained and completely socialized. She loves kids and loves being snuggled! She has a very cute personality :) She's 7 months old and TINY... Do not miss out on this sweet girl! ON SALE NOW 1,500 call or text if your interested. more
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Baby & young Hedgehogs


Sandy, UT | 1 Day
Decided to down size our quil babies. We have 3month old babies 5month old, and 7month old hedgehogs. They are not for breeding. No pedigree. We have both male and female available for adoption. 3month old babies are friendly and tame.. They love to cuddles. $150 for 3mo. Old babies. $120 for 5mo old male.7 mo. old * SOLD * ** 12-14inch big running wheel,or playpen, I offer $ 20 price reduced. for Males. Text is the best way (801)980-4340 more
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55 Gallon Tank No Lid


Orem, UT | 1 Day
In great condition, no cracks, no scratches. $30 firm. There is no Lid. Texts preferred thanks. more
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Two chinchillas


West Jordan, UT | 1 Day
They are two very lovable and beautiful chinchillas, I am asking $65 each or best offer. They are originally $150 animals each. I have a big bag of hay and I also have food ( what they like to eat ) and treats also there dust that keeps their soft coat extra soft and it only needs to be changed once every or so. The only thing you will need to buy is a cage the cage I have now is not sturdy no more and is made of wood . I am not home enough to play with them so I am in need to sell them. They need love and attention and they are very spacious animals, if you are interested feel free to give me a call at 385–252-7073. more
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Sugar Glider


Lehi, UT | 1 Day
1 year old sugar glider for sale, includes cage, all food, vitamins, one sleep sack, blankets, and warming rock. more
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Large Delta Air Lines Pet Carrier Very Good


Riverton, UT | 1 Day
Gently Used Delta Pet Carrier. Measures 18 inches long, 11 inches wide and 10 inches tall. Comes with a pad. more
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