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2 chinchillas + large cage


Riverton, UT | 5 Hours
I have two young chinchillas that a very nice they have never biten anyone they are use to having dogs around and don't mind them at all. They are friendly but don't always like getting held long we do not spend a lot of time with them so I'm sure if you do they would get use to it they love raisens they pretty much beg for them and run after you. They come with a large bag of food, treats and a exercise ball, bath house, hay, bath dust, and treats. And everything you see in the picture. The cage is awesome and so easy to clean and very roomy! Please text me if you are interested. more
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Homemade Rat Bin's for sale


West Valley, UT | 6 Hours
5 homemade Rat bins for sale - custom made to allow for maximum ventilation. A Food hopper/funnel has been added with enough space for a water bottle, this allows you to easily feed and water your pets within and minimize waste. Great for first time rat/Rodent owners or breeders, these cages make basic care for your pet super easy to monitor with minimal upkeep.30$ for the small cages, 35$ for the large cages.Call or text, text preferred.Ask for Chase more
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Hedge Hog


Provo, UT | 6 Hours
Cute little girl for sale.6 months old.She is nocturnal and a fun/unusual pet to own.Adorable markings. more
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Feeder Rats for sale


West Valley, UT | 6 Hours
Feeder rats for sale- Ratman’s Rattery has been in business since 2014, and we make every effort to maintain a stock of various sizes to suit your needs. Our main goal is to create the strongest genetic lines possible for good pets and companions, which unfortunately results in many rats that can’t be pets and are better used as feeders to fund the quality of life of the others.Prices/sizes are as included in a table in the photos, includes current on hand stock of each size.I also have 16 Feeder/Breeder Females that are of breeding age, many have a history of good healthy litters and took good care of their babies. 8$ each, discount for multiple. (15 for 2, 20$ for 3, 5$ more for each after that.)Call or text, text preferred.ask for Chase more
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West Valley City, UT | 6 Hours
I'm Looking For a cheap/affordable pet pig I'm doing SAE this summer for FFA and need a cute pig to help me earn my credit :) more
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Cute male guinea pig and cage


salt lake city, UT | 6 Hours
Comes with cage and food includes hay and water bottle more
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Syrian Femal Hamsters


layton, UT | 7 Hours
Stop! Before you consider buying a pet hamster read this ad. I have 2, female Syrian Hamsters that need to go to a new forever home due to I am moving and can't tale them with me. They are 2 months old. One is white and she is a long hair Syrian, I named her "Summer." The other one is light brown and white, she is a short hair Syrian named "Spring" Each one of these have their own habitat/house. What you will get with each one is this."Spring" Hamster has 2 cage habitats that connect with tubes. The habitat that Spring is in has a 3 level habitat that connects to another habitat. Inside the 3 level has tubes for her to go from level to level and a run wheel at the top level. That habitat has tubes that connect to another habitat that has a run wheel on top of it. Along with her habitat comes 2 water bottles, feeding dish and some chew sticks."Summer" the white long hair Hamster, she has 2 habitats. One has her top level hide out that she sleeps in. It has her feeding trey, food bowl and a water bottle. That habitat connects with tubes to a bigger habitat cage that has a top hide out, also a very nice run wheel. Also inside that habitat is a water bottle. Each hamster and all of the habitats retail at well over 200.00 each. With each of these hamsters you will need to buy nothing except some food and bedding. I will supply enough food and bedding to get you by for a couple of weeks. If I was looking to buy a hamster and didn't have anything (being a starter hamster parent) I would look into what is here. This is a very good deal. Feel free to text or call me, I will not respond to ANY emails. Thank you for reading my ad. more
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Pet Rats for sale!


West Valley, UT | 8 Hours
Pet rats for sale! We have many ages, and colorations to choose from. Most common colors at present are American Blue, Fawn, Cream, Black, Brown/Agouti, and some Siamese and HimalayanA scattered few are dumbos, all are results of the last year or so of a breeding Project. All rats offered as pets have been very socialized, they have been played with often and are comfortable taking food from humans. Most are female, I have about 6 males that are socialized enough to be pets. We have a health and temperament guarantee, if there is a problem you are more than welcome to exchange said rat for another. Our end goal is not the money, but to have you find a loving pet that will feel right at home with you. Flat fee of 8$ per pet, discounts given if multiples are bought.(15$ for 2, 20$ for 3) IF you don’t have any other rats currently we ask a minimum of 2, because they are social animals and will get lonely without a friend. I have everything necessary for first time rat owners as well, cages, water bottles, and a few other accessories.We have frozen/live feeders in various sizes as well.470-222-3414Call or text, text preferred.Ask for Chase. more
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2 female rats 1 male rat


salt lake city, UT | 8 Hours
I have 3 young rats 2 are female and 1 male all 3 are gray and white they where born March 10, 2017 they can be pets feeders breeders not handel daily so a little jumpy but never have bitten just rats no cage more info contact Carlos (801)702-7310 oh yeah they're FREE. more
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Baby Hedge Hog w/ cage


Spanish Fork, UT | 8 Hours
Baby male hedge hog. Cage & supplies included. litter trained. Very cute. more
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Baby female dwarf hamster and cage for sell


Murray, UT | 9 Hours
She is very tame loves to cuddle and very playful she comes with her cage for more info please text more
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Guinea Pig & Dwarf Bunny


Woods Cross, UT | 10 Hours
In need of a loving home for our Guinea Pig and Dwarf Bunny. We are moving to a place that doesn't allow pets, and we just can't afford to take care of them the way we used to with our busy lives. Everything would be included with the pets, such as cages, food & water containers, and a shelter for each of them inside the cages. Please let us know if you are interested! :) more
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Female rat for sale


Riverton, UT | 10 Hours
She is 6 months old she is very friendly never has bitten she has had all of her shots im asking 20 for her the cage is 20 if you get both it is 35 more
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Female hamsters for sale 2 left


Riverton, UT | 10 Hours
The black female she is 5 months old he breed is teddy bear hamster. The grey female is 7 months he breed is Russian dwarf. Selling each for 5 the cage is 20 if you buy all it is 25 more
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Baby rats


american fork, UT | 10 Hours
5 baby rats 3 female hooded babies and 2 male almost all black babies. $5 each not for feeders PETS ONLY located in american fork and Saratoga springs what ever place is closer to you please message me or more info and pictures 8019284536 more
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Friendly Baby Male Hedgehog


Ogden, UT | 11 Hours
Hello!We have a very Friendly baby male hedgehog ready for his forever home ASAP. His name is Chakotay. He is 11 weeks old and full of energy (loves to run around) He is friendly and rarely huffs. He is $150 by himself or $200 with supplies.If interested please text 801-389-7742Www.echofallshedgehogs.weebly.comWww.facebook.com/echofallshedgehogs more
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Guinea Pig


Salt Lake City, UT | 11 Hours
Very large, shy, and copper colored Guinea Pig. We are getting a new animal and have to say goodbye to our friend. Comes with cage, drinking bottle, and of course, the guinea pig. If interested contact 385-722-1330. Text Only. more
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Super Cute and Sweet Baby Hedgehogs


Saratoga springs, UT | 12 Hours
Adorable Baby Hedgehogs available on June 11th. I have five available both male and female. It is a $50 deposit to hold one. Please call or text with any questions. more
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adorable gerbils


Salem, UT | 12 Hours
2 male baby gerbils. Bonded pair. more
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Rabbit hutch


Orem, UT | 12 Hours
Willing to throw in some supplies for free more
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Sweet Young Female Hamster


Mapleton, UT | 12 Hours
Very Sweet Female Hamster. Less than a year old. Comes with everything you need to take care of her. Text Lisa: 801-361-8210 more
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Teacup pigs


Tooele, UT | 13 Hours
Best pets ever!! Teacup pigs chester and Babe! Born March 21st! Ready to be a part of your family!! more
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Large candy cane corals


ogden, UT | 13 Hours
I have 3 large colonies of candy cane corals for sale. $100 each. Call or text. more
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Turtle with tank and ALL supplies


Logan, UT | 14 Hours
My son got this turtle 2 years ago, named him Superman. But all the excitement has worn off and he now doesn't get the attention he needs. He will come with EVERYTHING he needs. 50 gallon tank, rocks, waterfall filter, UV light, heat lamp, vacuum hose, food, feeder goldfish (note, the turtle and fish have now become friends). more
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