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Please Help Us Find Her


Orem, UT | 4 Hours
Alright you guys have helped us before and I know you can again. Our friend's Maltese named Mercede's has gotten lost again. She was being watched in the area of 560 South and 500 East in Orem. She was being babysat and got out while the dog watcher was at work. She is over 15 years old and is blind and going deaf. She seems to head north when she gets turned around. Please help us find her. My number is (801) 787-1412 and Rachelle is the one that was taking care of her (541) 661-5522. Thank you so much everyone. more
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Lost (black)German shepherd


Bountiful, UT | 8 Hours
Looking for my German shepherd " Zena " she went missing in Bountiful 2-23-17. She has mostly black fur is about 9 years old and was wearing a pink collar. more
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NEPHI, UT | 10 Hours
Looking for this little guy he got out of my gate this morning. We just barely got him so he still isn't used to us. His name is HOPE he is a TEACUP CHIHUAHUA.He got out around 700 north and 200 east in NEPHI. We have been out looking for him for the last two hours. If anyone sees him please contact me. We just barely got him on Thursday, Feb 23rd. Call 435-580-9600 call or text or send me a message on messenger more
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Farmington, UT | 14 Hours
I am rehabilitating and do not have a place to keep our FULLY HOUSE TRAINED, beautiful, cat and dog friendly pure bred yellow lab. If I can't find a place to temporarily put her, I will have to lose her....Which will crush my kids:( I got her for my son, she is 2 and a great dog....Well loved. Please help if you can. I am a landscaper, and would be happy to exchange my services once the weather clears. She needs a home for no longer than a month. She's currently at a boarding kennel and I can't afford to keep her there any longer! Please call/text Jared (385) 350-1031 more
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Found a ferret west of the university of utah


Salt Lake City, UT | 16 Hours
Found a brown and white ferret 2 blocks west of the university of Utah. Please call or text if he belongs to you. more
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salt lake city, UT | 20 Hours
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**********OWNER FOUND***********


PROVO, UT | 1 Day
I DO NOT HAVE THIS DOG. IT IS NOW AT SOUTH UTAH VALLEY ANIMAL SHELTERCOPIED FROM PET PATROL OF UTAH ON FACEBOOK ON FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24TH************UPDATED: I SAID "NOT" INSTEAD OF "NOW" AT SUVAS"*********Animal ID 34716963 Species Dog Breed Spaniel, English Cocker/Poodle, Toy Age 10 years Gender Male Date Found 2/23/2017 Size SmallColorBlack / TanLocation Dog StrayWeight18 poundsDeclawed NoReport Type Animal in CustodyYOU WILL NEED TO GO THERE TO CLAIM IT.FOR OTHER ANIMALS THAT ARE AT SUVAS, YOU CAN SEE THEM ON PET PATROL OF UTAH ON FACEBOOK! more
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REWARD INCREASED 2 lost retriever/labrador mixes


Provo, UT | 1 Day
Our dogs disappeared 2/20/17 near Provo UT near Lakeview Elementary. The chesapeake bay retriever mix is named Boris while the golden retriever mix is named Lucy. There is a reward for whoever finds them,. They are both very active, playful, and love a good game of fetch. If found please contact me at 801-368-2454. more
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*********OWNERS FOUND*********


COPIED FROM FACEBOOK UTAH PETS AND ANIMALS. ON THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 23"FOUND: in Salt Lake City Arcadia Heights neighborhood. Very sweet Small White fluffy dog (lhasa apso?) found on the 2900 East block of Glen Oaks Drive. He came right up to us acting nervous and scared. We've never seen this little dog in our neighborhood before. There were people in our backyard working on the power line today, we wonder if one of the workers left a neighbors gate open and this little guy got out. No tags, no collar. I volunteer for Salt Lake County Animal Services and will take him there if I don't hear from anyone before morning.You will need to get on Facebook and go to the Utah Pets and Animals / 2-23-17 about 7:30pm to comment. If you can't find it, contact me and I'll walk you through it.CONNIE 801-376-9326 more
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Lost chihuahua in Roy


ogden, UT | 1 Day
We just moved to our new house in Roy. Our little tan chihuahua got out and started running. We followed him until we lost him at 4800 south by the rail road tracks. He's a very timid dog, scared of people and barks likes he's this tough guy. If you see him please get a hold of me! more
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KAMAS, UT | 1 Day
DOES ANYONE HAVE A DRONE? WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!2/25/17 - STILL MISSING!2/20/17 (Monday) 6:00pm Tracked to top of Mt Watson? May have gone over mountain or headed back to Norway Flats. Last seen: Milepost 9THIS IS ADDIE.She is a 5 year old ENGLISH POINTER.SPAYEDMICROCHIPPED20" Tall at WithersAddie was last seen on Saturday afternoon, February 18.Missing at NORWAY FLATS TRAIL - MIRROR LAKE HWY IN KAMAS, UTAHShe is wearing a PURPLE/LAVENDAR COLLAR with a TagCell phone reception in that area is very poor so you may not be able to call through if you're out hiking and find her. She is extremely friendly - people/dogs/cats - please leash her up and bring her in. She is NOT a hunter. She has no hunt training because she is afraid of loud noises. If someone has picked her up in the hopes they're going to have a hunting dog in the spring that's just not going to happen. Please turn her in to Summit Animal Shelter so she can come home.POSTED AT APPROXIMATELY 8PM - MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20TH"From tracks, which admittedly we're not experts at reading, it looks like SHE & ARCHIE (Archie was found. He's OK.) spent the night together under a tree and kind of out of the storm. Their tracks to where Archie was found are all in fresh snow. I think Addie hid (white dog in the snow) and let Archie get rescued, then headed up another mountain.CONTACT TAMMY801-949-5991801-891-1025801-703-0343 more
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Lost Dog


Brigham City, UT | 1 Day
Her name is Kiki has only had one family only weighs 7 pounds she is very missed she had no collar on any help is appreciated! more
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Found Sweet Yellow Lab/golden Retriever


layton, UT | 1 Day
I found this sweetheart around 29th and Eccles in Ogden. It was too cold to leave him out. He is so kind, I'm sure he is missing his home. more
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Tabby Male Fixed Black Collar Silver design Missi


midvale, UT | 1 Day
Tabby Male looks like this photo but not him please call 208-771-2927 more
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Lost Black Lab


Cottonwood Heights, UT | 1 Day
Black Lab Puppy 8 months old red collar Gabby7200 S 3000 E more
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2 Lost dogs Retriever Mixes


Provo, UT | 2 Days
Our dogs disappeared 2/20/17 near Provo UT near Lakeview Elementary. The chesapeake bay retriever mix is named Boris while the golden retriever mix is named Lucy. There is a reward for whoever finds them,( I assure you it's more than $0.01). They are both very active and playful. If found please contact me at 801-368-2454. more
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Lost By Lehi Area Female Snowshoe Cat


lehi, UT | 2 Days
Help, we lost our beautiful girl. Her name is Twilight. She was last seen in Lehi 5th west area. She is chipped. more
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Taynke is missing.


Roy, UT | 2 Days
My cat got out of my car in Roy by Roy High, while we were packing our stuff to move. He is black as night, very fluffy, and goes by Taynke. I love my cat with all my heart and don't know if someone let him out or what, but all of the windows were up and he had no way of escaping unless the doors were opened. If anyone should find him we will give you a reward. Please keep your eyes out for him. more
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Lost Albino Ferret in Sandy


Sandy, UT | 2 Days
My sweet little albino ferret, Dirk got out yesterday morning. His brother did too, but he came back on his own. Dirk was last seen around 3000 East to the south of 9400 South. If you're in the area, please check your sheds, garage and window wells and any other place a little critter might hide. They can't be in the cold for very long, so I'm incredibly worried. If you find him, he's sweet. He shouldn't be hard to catch. However, he may be frightened. This little guy is very loved! I'm low on cash, so I can't afford a reward. My apologies.Please call 801-888-3106 with any information. I just want to get my baby home. more
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Lost Sharpei Lab Mix


South Jordan, UT | 2 Days
My dog has been missing now since 2/20 from the south jordan area. Approx 10400 South He is a yellow Sharpie Lab mix but small for his breed. He has a black and greenish collar with a purple tag and a red tag. His name is Buddy but his chip is under Duke. Please call or text me with any information. more
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Hooper, UT | 2 Days
FOUND!!!! This sweet girl was found near 5600 W in Hooper. She is healthy, well mannered and friendly. We would love to find her home for her. Please text or call if she looks familiar. more
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Ogden, UT | 2 Days
This little guy has been running around 23rd and Jefferson ave. in Ogden since Saturday. He looks to be about 3 or 4 yrs. old. he's pretty scared and runs away when being approached. I put out food and water for him this morning, which he ate after I left the area. I noticed this morning that he is limping on his left rear leg, he may have been lightly hit by a car. He is constantly running across 23rd which has a high rate of traffic, I'm afraid he's going to be seriously injured or killed. If anyone is looking for him please contact me on Facebook. I'll do my best to try and get him used to me so I can bring him inside. He has no collar or tags. PLEASE REPOST SO WE MIGHT BE ABLE TO FIND HIS FAMILY, THANK YOU! more
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Snowshoe/Siamese Help me find my home please!


lehi, UT | 2 Days
I have lost my beautiful snowshoe. Her name is Twilight. If you have seen her or you have found her, please text (385)-368-8010 more
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Layton, UT | 2 Days
My sweet Sophie is still missing. She was last with us on 2/7/17 near 1600 N and Angel street in Layton. If you have seen her, have her or know someone who does PLEASE let me know. Call or text anytime, any day! We just want our girl back more
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