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Help Me Find My Sammy, Orange Cat Lost


West Jordan, UT | 2 Hours
Sam went missing on 7/6 and has yet to be seen. Sam is my best friend. I recused him from a trash can out side of a Walmart the day after my birthday last year. He is just over a year old, neutered, orange/blonde. His eyes are a yellow/orange. He is my baby and I'm worried sick. There is a $20 reward is he is found! Sam was wearing a teal/blue collar with tags that have my cell number on it. Sammy is not chipped. He went missing in West Jordan, and we live on ripple dr. The neighbor kids just adore him. Thank you! more
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Lost Pekingese


West Valley City, UT | 5 Hours
Our dog Jasper got out of our yard tonight around 9 o clock. He is a Pekingese that is black with a white chest. We live in west valley around the area of 4400 West and 4100 South. If found please call or text 385-252-8113. more
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Missing Orange And White Border Collie Mix


Bountiful, UT | 6 Hours
Our orange and white border collie dog went missing tonight Tuesday around 6pm in the Bountiful Blvd Chelsea Cove neighborhood. Please call text or email if found. He is 14 years old and going partially deaf and blind. His name is Bodie. Thank you! more
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Our lost pup


Spanish fork, UT | 6 Hours
Our beloved pup Kaiser has gone missing. He's not even 2 yet and runs off sometimes, but never for this long. He has been gone since yesterday morning. He's a chocolate lab/ German shepherd mix. He went missing in Springville near 3rd north and 3rd west. Please help us find him. more
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Found .... local in the Holladay area.


Salt Lake City, UT | 6 Hours
Just found this handsome guy. He's local to the Holladay area! If anybody knows anybody who is missing this handsome lug of meat, please give me or my husband Biglance Nielsen a call! more
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Beautiful male black lab


Ogden, UT | 6 Hours
I found this beautiful male black lab wondering around my house and right into my back yard 7/25/17 at around 8:30 pm. He has no tags but did have a blue collar. He is very friendly, well trained and healthy (if maybe a bit over fed). This big guy is cheerful and I have to imagine that someone is missing him currently. texts preferred between the hours of 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM. more
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Lost Dog


Salt lake city, UT | 8 Hours
We lost this handsome guy on Saturday July 22, in the area of 900 south and 1200 west, in Salt Lake City. My 2 year old son (who was 9 months in the last picture, and most recent picture) is lost without his Spanky. If you know where he is please let me know, call the number on his tags, assuming he is still wearing a colar. Or contact me here.Thanks in advance more
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Lost Dog


Salt lake city, UT | 8 Hours
https://m.facebook.com/groups/657191577670040?view=permalink&id=1367605886628602 more
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LOST PUPPY in Springville


Springville, UT | 8 Hours
Please, if you see/find my puppy, please call. He's about 8 weeks old. Male Brindle Chihuahua.Went missing around 600 East and 1000 South, by Sage Creek elementary school.I am heart broken! Please call if you see him or find him! Thank you more
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Found pit bull


holladay, UT | 9 Hours
Found in holladay close to 1300 e and 4800 s call or text more
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Run away boxer


Lehi, UT | 9 Hours
Bambi is a small boxer female. She has a very pronounced underbite. My son and I just barely moved into the Somerset townhomes off canyon road. Today was the first day she was left alone in the yard while I was at work. We just got home and found a hole under the gate and shes gone. Our room mate saw her around 4:30 in the yard. She is my sons best friend with everything we have been through. She's chipped but I think my son removed her black collar. Please help us bring her home more
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Dog, White and Black Male


Ogden, UT | 9 Hours
Found this cute Shih Tzu mix male, wandering my street (Van Buren and 10th, near Ben Lomond high school) during fireworks. He is recently groomed but has no tags. I would love to get him back to his family, someone has to be missing him! Please contact us. more
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This is our 3 month old BORDER COLLIE / AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD MIX PUPPY.She's a little bit bigger now than in the picture.She is missing from HALE DRIVE from the TRAILER PARK by the PURPLE TURTLE IN PLEASANT GROVE. She was last seen on Friday, July 21st.NO TAGSNOT CHIPPEDPlease call me day or night! Even the MIDDLE of the night!REGARDLESS OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES!CONTACT TRAVIS 801-623-1510 more
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Found 2 labs in West Jordan


West Jordan, UT | 14 Hours
Found these 2 girls roaming around looking for single guys. Do you know them? No tags so we have animal control Coming to see if they have chips. Unfortunately, we can't keep them here to wait for the parents. Please call immediately if you know who they are. *****UPDATE: These 2 are at West Jordan Animal Shelter (801) 282-3951 or after 6 pm (801) 840-4000. We are unable to hold them any longer or we will be evicted. I will continue to try and find their parents.***** more
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Missing German short hair in Spanish fork


spanish fork, UT | 17 Hours
My dog ran off Saturday he hasn't been to the pound I'm getting worried about him more
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Missing Cat in Sandy - CHARLIE


Sandy, UT | 17 Hours
14yo spayed female cat named Charlie. Black and gray striped with white chest and paws. One eye is darker than the other. Last seen on Sunday, July 23rd in Sandy around 2300 E Sego Lily Dr. Please check in your garage and/or shed, she may have taken cover during the fireworks and rain more
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West Jordan, UT | 18 Hours
Last Wednesday, June 21, 2017 around 10pm, our Orange & White striped cat, Fluffy, got spooked by a dog in our yard & ran away. We haven't seen him since - (he was last seen at 2105 W. 6960 S. in West Jordan, UT. 84084). Fluffy is a male who is larger than most cats, has A LOT of fur, (although he was recently groomed so he is less "fluffy" than normal. Fluffy is my son's cat & he is absolutely DEVASTATED that his cat is gone. As I stated above, Fluffy is an orange & white striped cat, has gold eyes & is 11 years old. He can't see very well so he is VERY skittish - but he's friendly & will generally come to you when you call his name. If he is approached, he won't hurt you but he may try to wiggle away if he is picked up. If you find him & choose to pick him up please be aware that you may have to hold him somewhat tightly. Even if he gets scared & trys to jump out of your arms, he won't hurt you in any way. He's an extremely sweet & gentle cat.We are offering a small reward for his return that we are more than willing to negotiate. If you see him or have already seen him around, PLEASE contact; • Matt or Nancy at: 801.561.8946 - (land line) • Or text or call Carla at: 801.634.8662 • Or use the email in this listing. Thank you for taking the time to read this listing & to look at the picture. ANY information would be welcome & appreciated. Thank you again. more
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We Lost our Dog Cookie


Sandy, UT | 19 Hours
We lost our dog "Cookie" late last night. She is so frightened of fireworks, that she ran when she heard neighbor fireworks late in the evening. . She is a solid brown Chihuahua mix weighs about 8 pounds, and is about 2 years old. She is not wearing a collar, but she is micro chipped. We live in the east Sandy area, and if you happen to see her, please let me know.. You can call or text. more
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LOST: Russian Tortoise *Reward*


Clearfield, UT | 20 Hours
About six inches in shell length. Brown shell and body. Lost in the vicinity of 1450 South in Clearfield. No distinctive markings. It's a male Russian tortoise. *Reward if found and returned alive and unspoiled.* more
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Layton, UT | 20 Hours
Senior cat Sherry (18 y.o.), spayed female, escaped some time on Saturday July 22nd in the housing development by the landfill or Mountain View elementary school 3000 N 2300 E. She has had some major operations in the past and needs special feeding. Please, if you saw or have her give me a call at 307-231-5081. Reward $250.00 for information leading to bringing her home. more
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Found dog


west valley, UT | 1 Day
I just found this little darling lost alone and terrified of the fireworks on 3800 s and about 7100 w at about 9:20 pm, on my way home from work. Please share and help find her home. If you know her please call 801860-2793 or 801-859-3260 more
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Found Dog


st. George, UT | 1 Day
Found this sweet dog this evening. He misses his owner and wants to come home. more
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Missing blue heeler


Clearfield, UT | 1 Day
My dog is missing! 5 year old white blue heeler mix with brown ears, a brown spot on her head, and a brown spot on her lower back. Her name is nala. We live at 372 s 700 e in clearfield. Please if you see or find her please call me at(801) 671-4757 She wasn't wearing her collar. Please let me know if you know anything. I need to find my baby. more
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Lost Our Chihuahua at Willard Bay State Park


Willard, UT | 1 Day
We left our little chihuahua at Willard Bay Saturday when we drove in different cars and each person thought the other person had her. She's still missing and had been sighted Sunday still here at the Bay but today they think she's left the park. She has a pink collar with her name engraved "Nacho" and my phone number on it- 801-698-2601. She won't let anyone pick her up though ?????? Light brown color. Please text if you see her and we will get her. more
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