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Hair sheep


Ogden, UT | 8 Hours
Ewe with 2 month old ram, ewe with 2 month old ewe, 6 month old ewe black, ewe black will sell together or separate call for prices more
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Nubian and pygmy


Wendover, UT | 10 Hours
Looking for 2 nubians 1 Billy and a doe. Also looking for a Nigerian dwarf or pygmy Billy and would like to find 1 or 2 more pygmy or Nigerian dwarf does. Interested in adults or babies. Don't need to be papered as I am raising them as hobby and for the kids. Text IA best. more
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Adorable Nigerian Dwarfs


Tooele, UT | 17 Hours
2 female Nigerian Dwarf Does 150 each. 1 male (can be buck or whether) 125. There are so sweet. They will be ready in April. Taking deposits to hold. The does are black with white and brown. The male is tan, black and white. Texts are great. more
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Fainting Billy


Tremonton, UT | 18 Hours
5 year old silky fainting goat. Produces very good fainters and he as well faints very well. Asking $150 OBO. Thanks for looking. Text is the best way to reach me more
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ADGA Registered LaMancha doe kids Champion lines


Vernal, UT | 18 Hours
We will be having several very nice LaMancha doe Kids for sale starting next month. These kids come from some of the top lines in the country, and include national champions and Top ten milkers in the their grandparents. These lines include South-Fork, Kastdemurs, J-Haven's, and Lucky Stars. They will make nice show animals as well as great family milkers. Their dams have all been on milk test so they are proven to be good milkers. We also offer a discounts to buyers who are on milk test, show, do linear appraisals, or are 4h or FFA members. We are a CAE and CL clean herd. Check out our kidding schedule at www.sandstonegoats.com more
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Nigerian Dwarf Billy


Taylorsville, UT | 19 Hours
This is Gerald. Great calm Nigerian dwarf Billy. Black and white coat with blue eyes. He's a little over one year old. Text Jason 801-661-9280 with any questions. Thanks more
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ADGA Registered American Nubian doe


Idaho Falls, ID | 21 Hours
ADGA Registered American Nubian Doe, due to kid in March. She is bred to my ADGA Registered buck (on premises). Cinnamon is a cream colored moon spot, she will be a first freshener. DOB 3/16 CAE, CL and Johne's negative. more
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Fresh Goats Milk


Santaquin, UT | 21 Hours
Fresh raw goats milk from our healthy milkers. Our goats are NOT given any antibiotics or growth hormones. Our goats are feed premium alfalfa that has not been sprayed with pesticides. Our buyers say it's the best milk they have ever tasted. We have had buyers drive over 2 hours one way to get our quality milk. Please call or text with questions. Thanks more
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DOE- Mini Nubian


Cove, UT | 22 Hours
Second Generation mini Nubian proven brown doe. Produced an awesome baby this year with perfect markings. Produced a lot of milk.Registered with the Miniature Dairy Goat Association (MDGA) more
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Kids for sell


Centerville, UT | 1 Day
Nubian kids for sell. Still need to be bottle fed. There are 3 bucks for sell and 1 doe. 3 of them are ADGA registerable. The Doe is 200 dollars. If you want a buck registered or use a buck for breeding it is $150. It will be $75 for a wether. Any questions texting is preferred. The first 2 pictures are the doe. the other 3 are the bucks. The black buckling can not be registered. more
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Tieing Goats


Plymouth, UT | 1 Day
Rodeo Tieing goats 8 weeks old Nubian boer cross more
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For Sale Or Trade


santaquin, UT | 1 Day
I would like to trade this two nannies for a pair of dwarf Pygmy does like the white one on picture. Or I'll Sale them for $140NO. EMAILS more
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Dehorning and hoof trimming services


West Jordan, UT | 1 Day
It's that time of year when the kids hit the ground and need to be dehorned before they are a week old. I have the tools and Electric dehorner and will travel to your farm. $15 per kid dehorning and $5 her Doe for hoof trimming. I have a stanchion I can bring if necessary. more
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Adorable Buck


Hooper, UT | 1 Day
He is a 4 month old nubian boar cross. Very sweet and friendly. Has been dehorned. Will make a great pet or buck for your girls. Asking $125 OBO If interested please text or call 719-323-3879 thank you more
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Blue eyed pygmy billy


Goshen, UT | 1 Day
He has been a great billy, throws very hearty blue eyed babies. He is not mean or destructive. Text is best 801-921-3416 more
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Nubian Buck


Goshen, UT | 1 Day
He is 11 months old purebred nubian buck no papers. Text is best 801-921-3416 more
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Great Tasting Wholesome healthy Goat Milk For Your Family!


Ogden, UT | 1 Day
Taste Any milk will taste bad if not handled properly. With little effort goat milk tastes as good, and to many, better than store bought cow milk. Goat Milk Benefits Goat Milk is as close to perfect food as possible in nature. Its chemical structure is amazingly similar to mother?s milk. It is a complete protein containing all the essential amino acids without the heavy fat content and catarrh (mucus) producing materials of cow milk. Because goat milk contains less lactose than cow milk, many people who have difficulties digesting cows milk can readily digest goat milk. Goat milk is easily pasteurized although many drink it raw. Goat milk can be easily made into, cheeses, butter, yogurt, ice cream, butter milk and other dairy products. Practical Benefits Dairy Goats are smaller between 70-150 lbs compared to 1400 - 1800 pounds for a Holstein cow; or even 600-800 pounds for miniature Jerseys. Cows and dairy goats eat proportionate to their size. Dairy goats also have a much higher feed to milk ratio than do cows. Cows will produce approximately 3-5% of their body weight in milk per day whereas a dairy goat will produce between 8-12%. Imagine trying to handle or milk an ornery or stubborn 600 or 1500 pound cow. Goats at 70-150 pounds are much easier to handle. POOP! Goats have dry pelleted manure that can be easily swept or shoveled. Cows on the other hand have liquid, messy, stinky, fly attracting manure that must be hosed down to clean or left to dry. Goat manure because of its dry nature can immediately be composted or put in the garden. Cow manure must be cured or dried. Sweet Deseret?s Dairy Goats We have La Mancha dairy goats available for purchase, these are the ideal home dairy goats. Made in the USA, the La Mancha dairy goat is the only dairy goat that was bred and developed here in the United States. These goats are the ideal backyard goat. They are hardy, quiet, friendly, calm and easy to milk. One La Mancha will produce a gallon or two per day. If you are interested in obtaining additional information or to buy one of these fine milk producing goats please call Sweet Deseret Farm 801-814-6583 or visit our website www.sweetdeseret.com. more
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Miniature Nubian cross doelings!


willard, UT | 2 Days
These girls are triplets they have a brother. They are very close and I would love if they go together. They would make a wonderful addition to someones family. One girl is naturally pulled ( both with no horns) the other one has horns. The one with horns is a little skittish but it wouldn't take much to calm her down. Her mother was the same way as a kid and now is very calm. Their father is a miniature Nubian and the Mother is a boar. These girls Will make Great milkers when there older or great pets now and later! Both Thier parents are calm and nice! I'm asking $150 each or $275 if you take both. Please call or text Annese at 435-730-3291 more
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Kiko babies


Afton, WY | 2 Days
I have pack goat bred babies if you want them to be bottle feed. I have some that can be registered, some pure bred, and some Kiko/alpine cross. I know some like them bottle fed and others don't so I am putting them out there for you to decide. All babies are out of a well built registered Billie. If you are interested or would like to be put on my list for weaning time give me a call at 307-887-1118 picture are coming soon. Price will be determined on which one you are interested in. $250. - $600 more
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Dwarf Nigerian buck


milford, UT | 2 Days
Two year old dwarf Nigerian buck tri color more
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selling herd several breeds


Weston, ID | 2 Days
Nubian Billy- Black and White Spotted 7 mos, $100. Nigerian Dwarf 3 yr old Doe naturally pull, black and white with blue eyes $150. Boer Saanan Cross Doe 1yr $100. Boer Doe 3 yrs (had triplets this year, twins last year.) $200. Spotted Boer Doeling 1 yr $200. Boer Twin Doelings need to be bottle fed, 2 days old $75. $700 for all of them. more
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Boer Doeling


Ogden, UT | 2 Days
4 month old boer doeling more
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High Quality Boer Goats


Randolph, UT | 2 Days
I am offering 2 really nice Purebred Boer Goat Yearling Does,(1 is traditional and 1 is a Red Paint) from awesome bloodlines, but not Registered. There are ready to breed now , they are healthy, been vaccinated and dewormed and feet will be trimmed,.325.00 eachI am also listing for a good friend a really nice well built bred 4 year old Doe (Due to kid the first of May) she is a excellent mother and is healthy and been vaccinated and dewormed, she is 84% and sells with papers from the USBGA400.00She also has a nice healthy unregistered yearling Boer Buck ready to breed your does, he also has been Vaccinated and dewormed.300.00Would consider a package deal! more
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Pygmy goat


Riverton, UT | 2 Days
I have a six month old pygmy goats for sale she is black and white beautiful and friendly more
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