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Disbudding, elastrating and hoof trimming


West Jordan, UT | 1 Hour
It's that time of year when the kids hit the ground and need to be dehorned /disbudded before around a week old. I have the tools, Electric disbudding iron, holding box, and will travel to your farm. $15 per kid disbudding and $5 per Doe for hoof trimming. I have a stanchion I can bring if necessary. more
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Dwarf/pigmy buck stud service--$20


west jordan, UT | 2 Hours
Nice dwarf/pigmy blue eyed buck, stud service, $20--+bring your doe or does, $1.50 a day , doe care, call md. 801-864-4104--picts of his baby's dark one is the blue eyed buck. New babys any day, throws multi colors and blue eyes more
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Im md , i buy all goats ---


west jordan, UT | 2 Hours
I'm md , I buy all goats or take them free. Give them a nice home. I raise and sell Pigmy/dwarf baby goats , call md 801-864-4104--call for - one of my baby's I sell, more
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Dwarf tiny, boy and brown girl $200 ~801~864~4104


West Jordan, UT | 2 Hours
Tiny,tiny,tiny dwarf baby brown muti~color girl, $200~tiny white , black baby boy ~ born 1~21~17 very very tiny baby goats, boy $200, (girl $200), call md or mike ~801 864 4104 more
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Dwarf tiny,tiny,tiny baby goats , $200___


West Jordan, UT | 2 Hours
Dwarf, very tame tiny,tiny, tiny baby goats $200 for girls, $150 for boyd, born 2~10__17, 2~1~17multi color, blue eyes, ___4 to choise from, great pets, weedeaters ‡, call md , linda or mike, md ~~801 864 4104 more
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Silkie fainter doe


Goshen, UT | 2 Hours
8 month old silkie fainter doe. She would be a great addition or pet for your family Asking $150.00 If interested rext is best. more
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Fainting Goats $100 and up


Tremonton, UT | 3 Hours
Fainting goats for sale at $100 and up. Any questions call or text Richard at 801-540-2073 more
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Looking To Purchase Boer Doe's With Kids


Elmo, UT | 6 Hours
Looking for high quality Doe's with kids. Call or text more
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Baby Kinder Goats


Cedar Hills, UT | 7 Hours
We have 2 little female goats for sale. They are 4 weeks old. The are a mix between a pygmy goat and a nubian (Kinder Goats)Text is best.Dano 1-801-404-4238 more
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Goats! 2 Males 2 Females!


Spanish Fork, UT | 8 Hours
You can buy them separately or all together Females are 200$ each and males are 150$ eachTake them all for 600$ pick up only in Indianola Utah more
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4 Baby Goats To Bottle Raise plus Orphan Lamb


Delta, UT | 14 Hours
Darling baby goats for you to bottle raise. Healthy babies, have had colostrum. All born triplets.Black LaMancha buckling- Born Feb. 21Purebred Nubian buckling- Born Feb. 16White Saanen/Boer Doeling -Born Feb. 18Brown white Alpine/Boer Doeling- Born Feb.17$80 eachAlso orphan ewe lamb $65 more
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Boer saannan cross goat


Weston, ID | 14 Hours
1 yr old Doe, could be pregnant, mom was half and half, dad was a boer. Possibly bred to a boer savannah cross. more
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Miniature Silky Fainting Wether Bottle Babies


Eagle Mountain, UT | 15 Hours
I have 2 beautiful, rare miniature silky fainting wethers, both with unique, tri-colored markings. They are almost four weeks old and will be very small adults! These brothers are from quadruplets and their mother has stopped caring for them, so I am letting them go now as bottle babies. They are so cuddly and playful! They need to be bottle fed whole milk three times a day. They run up to people when they see them and are the friendliest babies I've ever raised. They were carefully imprinted at birth by humans of all ages and accept people as their family. This brain wiring is permanent, making them the perfect pet. Some of our clients even keep our babies as house goats! They do well with kids, chickens, dogs, and horses. Our buck is a rare silky fainter with long, soft hair and the babies have inherited his gorgeous coloring. We breed for cuteness, personality and small size and these two are the perfect specimen for what we aim for at our ranch. We call the darker one "Mossburg" because he is all boy, climbing and playful, and the lighter one "Harry" because he has longer hair and a marking on his forehead. They both have their sire's soft coat. They are super curious and love to climb all over you and explore. They will fall asleep in your lap while you watch a movie and follow you around the house. Some of our goats even potty train and use the dog door. Normally we have a waiting list but had a large kidding, bringing a select few available. Fainting goats don't test fences or chew things and are very lovable and intelligent. They are not weed eaters, they are top quality exotic pets. They are extremely social and can die if they don't have another hoofed companion so you must have a friend for them. If you keep them outside until spring, they need a shelter and a heat lamp while they are small until it warms up. These brothers are bonded so I am selling them for a huge discount because I want them to go together. The boys usually sell for $275 each and I've only let them go at 8 weeks old after they're weaned, so this is the first time I have been willing to let tiny ones go since their mom has rejected them. We are the only breeders of this rare pet in the area and they usually sell within a couple of hours. Cash only. Please text. more
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Hair sheep


Ogden, UT | 1 Day
Ewe with 2 month old ram, ewe with 2 month old ewe, 6 month old ewe black, ewe black will sell together or separate call for prices more
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Nubian and pygmy


Wendover, UT | 1 Day
Looking for 2 nubians 1 Billy and a doe. Also looking for a Nigerian dwarf or pygmy Billy and would like to find 1 or 2 more pygmy or Nigerian dwarf does. Interested in adults or babies. Don't need to be papered as I am raising them as hobby and for the kids. Text IA best. more
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Adorable Nigerian Dwarfs


Tooele, UT | 1 Day
2 female Nigerian Dwarf Does 150 each. 1 male (can be buck or whether) 125. There are so sweet. They will be ready in April. Taking deposits to hold. The does are black with white and brown. The male is tan, black and white. Texts are great. more
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Fainting Billy


Tremonton, UT | 1 Day
5 year old silky fainting goat. Produces very good fainters and he as well faints very well. Asking $150 OBO. Thanks for looking. Text is the best way to reach me more
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ADGA Registered LaMancha doe kids Champion lines


Vernal, UT | 1 Day
We will be having several very nice LaMancha doe Kids for sale starting next month. These kids come from some of the top lines in the country, and include national champions and Top ten milkers in the their grandparents. These lines include South-Fork, Kastdemurs, J-Haven's, and Lucky Stars. They will make nice show animals as well as great family milkers. Their dams have all been on milk test so they are proven to be good milkers. We also offer a discounts to buyers who are on milk test, show, do linear appraisals, or are 4h or FFA members. We are a CAE and CL clean herd. Check out our kidding schedule at www.sandstonegoats.com more
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Nigerian Dwarf Billy


Taylorsville, UT | 1 Day
This is Gerald. Great calm Nigerian dwarf Billy. Black and white coat with blue eyes. He's a little over one year old. Text Jason 801-661-9280 with any questions. Thanks more
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ADGA Registered American Nubian doe


Idaho Falls, ID | 1 Day
ADGA Registered American Nubian Doe, due to kid in March. She is bred to my ADGA Registered buck (on premises). Cinnamon is a cream colored moon spot, she will be a first freshener. DOB 3/16 CAE, CL and Johne's negative. more
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Fresh Goats Milk


Santaquin, UT | 1 Day
Fresh raw goats milk from our healthy milkers. Our goats are NOT given any antibiotics or growth hormones. Our goats are feed premium alfalfa that has not been sprayed with pesticides. Our buyers say it's the best milk they have ever tasted. We have had buyers drive over 2 hours one way to get our quality milk. Please call or text with questions. Thanks more
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DOE- Mini Nubian


Cove, UT | 1 Day
Second Generation mini Nubian proven brown doe. Produced an awesome baby this year with perfect markings. Produced a lot of milk.Registered with the Miniature Dairy Goat Association (MDGA) more
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Tieing Goats


Plymouth, UT | 2 Days
Rodeo Tieing goats 8 weeks old Nubian boer cross more
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For Sale Or Trade


santaquin, UT | 2 Days
I would like to trade this two nannies for a pair of dwarf Pygmy does like the white one on picture. Or I'll Sale them for $140NO. EMAILS more
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