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riverton, WY | 6 Hours
Does/doelings for sale. 1. 6 year old ADGA registered american Alpine doe. Gives 1 1/2 gallons a day. Has been hand milked or will raise her own kids, she does have tiny teats that point to the sides a bit. Very friendly, being dried up. $500. "Bonnie"2. 3 year old, 3rd freshener, grade toggenburg doe. Gives about 1 1/2 gallons a day at peak production. Has been hand milked, she does have fat bulbous teats that can be difficult to milk, best to milk her with a machine. Dam raised so not as friendly. She is polled. Currently dry. $350 "Tabitha"3. 2 year old, 2nd freshener, ADGA registered purebred nubian doe. Produced 1 gallon a day this year. Dry now. Raised twins her first year, was hand milked this year. Friendly, was bottle raised. $450 "Melody"4. 2 year old, 1st freshener, ADGA registered grade nubian doe. Dry. Raised a single buckling this year. Gave 3-4 quarts a day. Only hand milked her a short time until she was dry. Friendly, was bottle raised. $350 "Sierra"5. 2 year old, 1st freshener, ADGA registered grade nubian doe. Dry. Had twins this year. Gave about 3 quarts a day. Frienly, was bottle raised. She is the full sister to #4 listed for sale. (which ever sells first the second will stay until spring). $350. "Shasta"6. 2 year old commercial boer doe. NO papers. Raised twins her first year and had triplets this year, (raised 2). She doesn't have a lot of milk so plan on helping bottle feed kids. Dam raised. $2007. Unregistered 2 month old lamancha doeling. Could be registered native on appearance. Dam raised but friendly. $2008. 2 month old ADGA registerable american lamancha doeling. Bottle raised, very friendly. I was going to keep her... so she is only offered for a short time. Sire: Blackwing Esme's Endeavor, Dam: The Corrella. $350. 9. 3 month old ADGA registerable Experimental doeling. 50% saanen 50% nubian. Dam raised. Sire: Gates of Zion Glacier, Dam: CNJM Nubians CTR Lilly. $350All mature does have been CAE CL & Johne's tested negative 2017. Located in Riverton Wyoming.Possibly able to help with transport. more
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Mother and daughter pygmy goats


Wellsville, UT | 7 Hours
It's with heavy hearts that we have to sell our two goats. We are moving and they can't come with us. Sweet, gentle, and loving goats. Come when called and will eat anything you want. Need a good loving home would like to keep together if possible. Pets, not food. Text is best. more
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Beautiful Saanen Doelings


Highland, UT | 7 Hours
3 Saanen doelings for sale. Good lines! Sires and Dams on site if you would like to see them. These lovely ladies are priced well for their quality genetics! All their dams (nanny) give 3/4 gallon or more per milking and have been great milk goats. All goats have access to pasture 24/7 and good shelter from the weather in a barn. They are supplemented with alfalfa hay and a little grain each day.All doelings have been disbudded for their safety, and yours. They have all been tattooed and are ready to be registered, you choose the name! We'll provide the paperwork for you to register them and help you with the process. Any of these doelings would make great 4H or FFA projects.Sold as Registered doelings: $150Sold as Non-registered doelings: $100Doeling 1 (born 4/4/2017) Princess (oh, yeah... she thinks she's a Princess because she was bottle raised)Sire:Whey-To-Go Thor (AS1679068)Dam: Kids in Sweaters Misty (AS1652117)Doeling 2 (born 4/3/2017) (We call her Little Blue because her collar is blue)Sire: Whey-To-Go Thor (AS1679068)Dam: Kids in Sweaters Serenity (AS1868507)Doeling 3 (born 4/3/2017) We call her Little Red because her collar is red.Sire: Whey-To-Go Thor (AS1679068)Dam: Kids in Sweaters Serenity (AS1868507) more
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Saanen Buck


Highland, UT | 7 Hours
3 year old Saanen Buck that has some beautiful daughters!You're welcome to come by and see his daughters. We've been pleased with how much they have milked this year (3/4 gallon morning and night each for a total of 1.5+ gallons per day). They have been wonderful milk goats with great temperaments, easy on the stand and easy to handle.The Evergreen Caprine Zeek is registered (AS1871896). Please check ADGAgenetics if you're interested in seeing his pedigree. His genetics are excellent! This is a fantastic buck for a very reasonable price!He's an easy to handle buck that is a good size, but not huge, so he can be bred to any regular sized Saanen. He's healthy and strong. No problem trimming his hooves if we put him on a stand or tie him to a fence. He has access to pasture 24/7 with a nice shelter from the weather. He's been treated well and has definitely paid his room and board!Almost all our does are related to him so we can't use him this year. Last year he was rented out to bred other does in the area (he bred a total of 8 other does last fall). We're sad to see him go. He's good at his job, but needs to find another farm of employment.We're happy to show you how to transfer the registration into your name. (Transfer of ownership within 120 days of purchase is $4.50) more
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Purebred & Cross Boer Doelings


Hooper, UT | 7 Hours
3 doelings for sale that are 1/4 Spanish & 3/4 Boer- see pics for details. 1 doeling for sale that is purebred Boer - comes from a doe that was a quad. First time kidding for this doe & she had a single. Cash only. Text preferred. If calling leave a message. No e-mails. more
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Pygmy/ Nigerian Dwarf Male Intact


spanish fork, UT | 7 Hours
I have a cute male Intact goat he was born on April first I just don't need him I have 3 Billy's he is friendly for any questions call or text at 3853355352 more
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Saanen Bucklings


Highland, UT | 7 Hours
5 Saanen bucklings for sale. Good lines! Sires and Dams on site if you would like to see them.These boys are priced well for their quality genetics! All their dams give 3/4 gallon or more per milking. As milk goats they have been very easy to handle, and patient on the stand. All bucklings have been disbudded for their safety, and yours.All can be registered if you're interested. We'll provide the paperwork and make sure they are tattooed for you. All 5 bucklings are intact but can be wethered (neutered) on request for no extra charge.Sold as Registered bucklings: $125Sold as Non-registered intact bucklings: $75Sold as Wethered (neutered) bucklings: $50Please check the ADGAgenetics website if you are interested in their pedigrees.Buckling 1 (born 4/3/2017)Sire: Whey-To-Go Thor (AS1679068) Dam: Kids in Sweaters Serenity (AS1868507)Buckling 2 (born 4/3/2017) Sire: Whey-To-Go Thor (AS1679068) Dam: Kids in Sweaters River (AS1875309)Buckling 3 (born 5/30/2017)Sire: Willow Lane Elrond (AS1529515)Dam: Kids in Sweaters Annie (AS1601094)Buckling 4 (born 4/3/2017)Sire: Whey-To-Go Thor (AS1679068) Dam: Kids in Sweaters River (AS1875309)Buckling 5 (born 5/30/2017)Sire: Willow Lane Elrond (AS1529515)Dam: Kids in Sweaters Annie (AS1601094) more
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Bluffdale, UT | 8 Hours
1 year old female more
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Cute male and female pygmy goats


Hooper, UT | 8 Hours
Cute male and female pygmy goats about a month old. Ready to go as a set in about 2 months 130.00 for the set. Male will be fixed. more
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Fainting goats


Ogden, UT | 9 Hours
I have one cute little black & white fainting goat buckling available.He is a MGR registered fainter.The dam & sire are both EXCELLENT FAINTERS.Dam & sire are from a clean tested herd.Born on July 23, 2017Will be a EXCELLENT bottle baby.Have the MGR Registration papers.Come see this cute little guy. ALL INQUIRES WELCOME call or text. more
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Boar goats


Hooper, UT | 10 Hours
Both billies, 5.5 months old, show quality, call John 801-725-7375 more
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Boer buckling dappled


Ashton, ID | 10 Hours
Reg. ABGA dappled buckling.reg#10751925 purebred 99.9%. Wormed, vacc twice, tattooed. This buckling will get more coloring with age. Last 2 pictures are are his dam and sire. Both dappled. Price 900. Call or text for more info. 208-351-2449 more
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Nigerian dwarf bucklings


Ogden, UT | 10 Hours
2 bucklings the grey and brown one has blue eyes black and white one has brown eyes ready to go this week $100 each or $80 each if you take both more
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ISO 25 goats


Roosevelt, UT | 11 Hours
ISO Pygmy and Nigerian dwarf goats only.Texts only more
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Blue Eyed Buckling


West Haven, UT | 11 Hours
7 week old blue eyed 3/4 Nigerian 1/4 Pygmy buckling. Great horn growth. $120 obo Call or text Court 801-513-0200 Cash only. more
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Pygmy/ Nigerian Dwarf Male


spanish fork, UT | 12 Hours
I have a cute male Intact goat he was born on April first this year I just don't need him I have 3 Billy's he is friendly for any questions call or text at 3853355352 more
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Pygmy Billie For Meat Or Breeding


spanish fork, UT | 12 Hours
I have a Intact Billie he is about 100 pounds he is not to friendly if you have any questions call or text at 3853355352 more
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Nigerian dwarf billies for stud


Ogden, UT | 12 Hours
It's $15 per nanny for 30 days at your place. I do have blue eyed billies more
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Moonspot Nubian billies for stud


Ogden, UT | 12 Hours
It's $20 per nanny at your place for 30 days reserve now more
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150$ Goat Stand


Draper, UT | 13 Hours
We have a goat stand that is sized for nubians we're asking 150 for the stand for nubians, we have another sized for nigerian dwarfs which is 150 as well and both have a hook to hold feed buckets as well as a latch to hold the headgate closed. A feed bucket will cost an extra 15$ more
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Nubian Buck or Nigerian Dwarf Studding Services


Draper, UT | 13 Hours
We have a light brown Nubian buckling to stud for your does. He is polled and we are asking 40$ or 30$ plus a bale of hay. He is not for sale. We would prefer if you brought your doe to us. He is super sweet and loves attention. We also will keep the doe at our place for 6 weeks or until they breed. He is a smaller Nubian (alpine goat height) and slightly meatier. He has also produced polled kids pretty regularly. The dwarf is a sweet little cuddler who has his horns (though he has never once shown he knows how to use them) he's got a great big beard more
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Richmond, UT | 13 Hours
TEXT ONLY PLEASE!!!! Fresh goats milk for sale. Asking $5.00 per gallon. Nubians and Alpines. CASH ONLY!!!! more
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Hoof Trimming/Debudding


Logan, UT | 15 Hours
If you need your goat's feet trimmed or need kids debudded I can do it for you. Prices vary according to circumstance. more
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Rare Purebred Mini Silky Fainting Buckling/Wether


Eagle Mountain, UT | 15 Hours
I have a purebred miniature silky fainting buckling/wether out of my smallest and most beautiful doe. I rarely advertise but I've worked my way through our waiting list and now he is being offered! We call him "Maddick" and he is tri-colored with very unique patterns, complete with eyeliner and lipliner. He has a full dun stripe and black stripes as 'legwarmers'. He has been played with and socialized daily and lived with chickens, horses, and dogs. He was carefully imprinted at birth by humans of all ages to be the extremely friendly and he loves to be cuddled and held. Because of how they were raised, they are more like puppies than goats. He's even had babies pulling on his ears! These are exotic family pets, not livestock. He will mature to a small stature without the strange proportions and health problems of pygmys. He is rare because his sire is a rare silky fainting buck out of championship lines with a long, soft coat instead of coarse hair. You won't find them around much because their small breeding causes risky parturition and requires expertise for live births. We install cameras in all of our birthing stalls to ensure we attend each kidding and effectively imprint on them, and he was imprinted on by humans of all ages immediately after birth. At our ranch, it's a family venture! We have spent hours cuddling and socializing him so he treats humans like his family! Some of our clients even keep our goats as house pets and teach them to use the dog door or take them on rides in their car and family outings! Some have even been trained as service goats! Our goats are bred for cuteness and personality, and Maddick is one of the cutest and smartest we've had at Shenanigan's Ranch. Fainting goats don't test fences or chew and are very sweet. They are social and require another goat or hooved companion. I would prefer to keep him with a sibling so if you need two, I will discount the overall purchase by $50 (doelings are normally $300). He's been wormed, had his shots, and is weaned and ready to go (you can bottle feed for bonding purposes if you choose). I will wether him for no charge. I provide an extensive care sheet for new goat owners and offer lifelong support and expertise, as our ultimate goal is for our goats to have lifelong homes. Please text me any questions, this is my passion! Cash only. Please text more
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