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Nubian Does


st george, UT | 3 Mins
I have two six week old, bottlefed, registered Nubian Does. They are show quality, from megamilker lines. Disbudded, first shots. Excellent quality! more
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Baby Wether Fainting Goat Long Haired!


Ogden, UT | 5 Mins
I have a black and white purebred fainting goat wether for sale. He can be registered with the Myotonic Goat Registry. He has long beautiful hair that you can brush, including a mohawk! He is a handsome little guy, and will stay smaller, 65 lbs or less. He has been weaned for a month and has had all of his shots and wormings. He would make an awesome backyard pet, and will be a handsome fella when he is full grown. Eventually his hair will come close to reaching the ground, and his "bangs" will probably almost touch his nose! He does faint as well! Give me a call and come see him! more
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Nigerian Dwarf/Pygmy Wethers


Clarkston, UT | 1 Hour
NO PARA CARNE! I have two Nigerian Dwarf/Pygmy Cross wethers. They are 6 weeks old and will be ready to leave momma next week or the week after. They have been banded just waiting for them to detach. They are eating hay and drinking water with an occasion nurse off momma. They are super sweet loving little boys and will make great weed eaters/pets. They do have their horns I do not believe in disbudding. If you want to come meet them you are more than welcome I own mom and dad both. Text is best 801-889-6592 more
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LOST goats!!!


Farmington, UT | 2 Hours
Please help! My fence blew down in Saturday nights wind storm, and my 4 goats got out. They were by 1100 west in Farmington. By the big blue legacy center (fairgrounds). more
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Nubian Buckliing $125


Toquerville, UT | 2 Hours
Nice Nubian buckling born April 14, 2017. Nice and deep in the barrel for good production and broad in the chest, just a nice all around buckling. Has been dis-budded so you don't have horns to get caught in fences or damage Doe while breeding. Both dam and sires dam have very easy orpheus for ease of milking.Pictures of his mothers udder included. Mother has a great front and back attachment and a bulby teat, so easy to milk.Joyce 435-635-2268 or cell 435-359-3280 more
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Nigerian Dwarf Goat for sale


West Jordan, UT | 2 Hours
This goat I brought home last year around this time. She is Nigerian Dwarf about 2 years old or so. She had a baby earlier this year and she makes a great Mom. more
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Nigerian Dwarf Fixed Male


Coalville, UT | 3 Hours
This goat has been a pet to us. He is 3 years old, he makes a great pasture mower, he is good with kids and has a funny personality. We named him Patches but feel free to call him what ever you want. I think he would be a lot happier with a bigger pasture and place to run around and play I don't have much room here where I live. more
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10 Week Old Nigerian Dwarf Buckling


Sandy, UT | 3 Hours
This little guy was raised partially in our basement due to the cold weather after his birth. He's very friendly due to so much early human contact. He's 10 weeks old and ready to move onto his forever home. I don't remove horns due to coyotes in my area. He's also still intact. He's purebred but at this price I'm not registering. His father is out of a two time grand champion sire. Both parents are out of winning milking lines. Known both for quantity and length of time in milk. I have both parents paperwork to show lineage. Located in Sandy if you'd like to see him in person. more
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Male pygmy goat


Riverton, UT | 13 Hours
White male pygmy goat two and a half years old for 100 more
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Female pygmy goat


Riverton, UT | 13 Hours
Beautiful female pygmy goat one and a half years old for sale 130 she's yoursI more
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Beautiful Oberhausli Buck For Sale


Heber City, UT | 15 Hours
Solid Oberhausli buck for sale. This last season he produced six beautiful kids so far with two more on the way. We purchased him to use for the last season to give our other buck some time to mature. He is great with other goats and animals including dogs. He's not aggressive, but does not like to be handled. He will eat out of my hand but doesn't want me to pet him which is OK with me because at least three months of the year he smells like a boy :-) asking $250 located in Heber city Utah we will deliver anywhere within 100 miles more
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pregnant Nubian does


west valley, UT | 15 Hours
Nice big does pregnant will kid in June they are just over 2 years old and were all bread to a nice registered Nubian buck will have some nice kids soon 300 each more
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Young pygmy wether


Ogden, UT | 17 Hours
5 month old wether more
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2 nubian cross doelings


Ogden, UT | 17 Hours
They are 4 months old. $120 each more
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Blue eyed dwarf buck, at stud $100


West Jordan, UT | 18 Hours
Brown , gold DWARF breeder buck, at stud till we sell him , $20 stud fee, $100 to buy him~~2 1~2 years old blue eyes, i had 25 babys by him,brown multicolor, all had blue eyes, friendly, no horns, we need new bloodlines now, kept his girls, hate to sell him, sacrifice,,$100 call md, 801~864~4104 more
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Female And Wether Goat


Malad City, ID | 19 Hours
Really friendly fat goats. The white one is a female and the black one is a whether male. They would make great weed eaters or pets. $175 each. more
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Blue eyed Nigerian dwarf kids


Weston, ID | 19 Hours
We have two kids one buckling and a doeling. They are two and a half months old. They are verry cute and playful, asking $100 each they have been disbudded more
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Nubian Doeling


Heber city, UT | 20 Hours
This little darling was born March 14 and will be weaned and ready to go to a good home any time after May 9. She has been disbudded and is very friendly. Her yearling mama is a great milker. Call or text if you are interested. more
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Baby Does Purebred Registered Myotonic (Fainting)


Ogden, UT | 21 Hours
I have three baby does for sale. They are all purebred and able to be registered with the Myotonic Goat Registry. All three have been weaned for 1 month, and have all shots and wormings. One of the white does is polled, the other white doe and the black doe are dehorned. They are great breeding stock, and could be shown if you chose to, or they would make great backyard pets. The white color is rare, they are actually a pale cream with cinnamon along their back. The white does will be shorter haired, the black doe will be long haired. They will all be about 65 lbs full grown. The white does are twins, the black doe is unrelated. Let me know if you want to come see them, they are adorable, and they do faint! more
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Boer Wethers


Elmo, UT | 21 Hours
I have three boer show Wethers for sale the one picture is of the father. Perfect size and weight for tying, showing, or even pack goats. Text is best thanks more
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Friendly Bottle-Fed Baby


Riverton, UT | 21 Hours
I have a bottle feeding baby male goat he's one week old and still needs bottlefeeding he's adorable pygmy goat and I also have a Male lamb that has been neutered very friendly and will follow you around he is still on a bottle but can be weaned anytime he's eight weeks old more
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Miniature Fainting Goat


Draper, UT | 22 Hours
Male more
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Male Miniature Fainting Goat


Draper, UT | 22 Hours
Male more
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Fixed Miniature Fainting Goat


Draper, UT | 22 Hours
Male more
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