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I'm needing a goat in milk


Goshen, UT | 1 Hour
I'm looking for a Nubian, saanen, or lamancha that is currently in milk and CAE free. Needing one to raise a couple babies on Please text me and let me know what you have and how much you are asking. 801-921-3416 Thank you! more
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Mature Nubian milking Doe


Pleasant Grove, UT | 2 Hours
This is a mature Nubian doe that is in milk right now. She had two babies in February. You can buy her alone or with her weathered buckling ($50). (It's nice to have a baby if you want to be able to skip a day of milking!)She is not papered, but does provide milk. She probably has a few more years of breeding. Her udder is low but easy to milk. more
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Saanen Bucklings


Pleasant Grove, UT | 2 Hours
We have three Saanen bucklings for sale. They were born around February 24th are all all very strong and healthy. They have been nursing from their moms and eating hay and barley fodder. They have all been weathered, more
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Pure Spanish Buckling


Stockton, UT | 3 Hours
Spanish Buckling born 4/22/17 will be ready to go 7/22/17. Pure black and has waddles. He is twin and his dam and sire are of the Smokeridge bloodline. for more info please call 801-903-3064 more
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Mixed Herd


Clifton, ID | 3 Hours
I am selling my current goat herd. They are all healthy and are CL and CAE free. I want to replace my herd with registered goats. I have: - lamancha doe ($150), -mini lamancha doe ($200)-Nigerian dwarf doe ($100)- 2 lamancha doelings ($150)-2 mini lamancha bucklings ($75)- lamancha buckling ($75)-lamancha buckling ($100)- 2 nigerian dwarf/lamancha bucklings ($50)-pygmy wether ($50)If you take the whole herd of 12 goats I'll sell them all four $1000. If you want to know more information about each one please text or call me at 208-380-5958. I also have them all listed individually here on ksl if you want to read about each goat. All the kids are not weined yet. They are all between 5-6 weeks old. You can buy them as bottle babies or purchase them with their mother if she's available. These are all great goats! I love them, and I want them all to go to good homes. It breaks my heart to sell them, but sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do. Here's a bunch of pictures. I can text you pictures if you're interested in a specific one. Thank you. more
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Nigerian dwarf kids how


ogden, UT | 3 Hours
I have some nigerian dwarf goats for sale. They are 6 weeks old. They are very fun and playful. If you have any questions call or text Tahnee at 801-814-0218. more
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Looking for a friendly goat for our kids


Plain city, UT | 4 Hours
Do you have a goat or goats that you'd like to relocate, we want a couple friendly goats the kids can play with and keep down the grass. Text or call more
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Nigerian Dwarf/ Pygmy Does


bluffdale, UT | 4 Hours
1 1/2 old dwarf doe goats . Oreo & Twix need a new home more
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Bottle Baby's


Ogden, UT | 4 Hours
Nice little goats will be great for eating weeds or just as a pet, they are super friendly. They are silky fainters.both of them are about 3 weeks old both on the bottle with vitamin D milk, both have had shots and been dehorned.please call or text if you have any questions more
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Nigerian Dwarf Doe ADGA registered


West Bountiful, UT | 4 Hours
Purebred ADGA registered Nigerian dwarf Doe. She is a little over a year old. She comes from great breeding lines. We need to downsize a bit and are going to let her go. Please contact me with any questions. more
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Adorable Goats


Alton, UT | 5 Hours
We are Sad to sell these sweethearts!! They are all Healthy and Very Sweet! We can deliver throughout Utah for a fee. Text Lena (417)763-7163* Babies are Silkies (Fainter/Nigerian) All doelings $150 each or $300 for all *White and Black Does are Fainters $100 each or $150 together. * Tri colored Buck (Father to babies) $75*Nubian Doe (Bred. Due Mother's Day with Mini Nubians) $200 Alone. $500 with babies and milk stand. Will be a Very good start to a Hobby Mini Nubian Herd!! AND She'll be In Milk for You, if you want to milk her (I have a stand I'd sell with her.) The Buck she's bred with has thrown all Does and only One Buck. So she'll probably have a couple/few doelings.COMPLETE HERD: $800 more
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Blue Eyed Registerable ADGA Nigerian Buckling


Idaho Falls, ID | 5 Hours
Cute Nigerian Dwarf buckling with blues more
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Registered Nigerian Dwarf Buckling


Myton, UT | 6 Hours
1 White BucklingCAE/CL and Johnies tested negative 2017 Fecal Tested all negative Feb 2017 Herbal wormed once a week.Good blood lines and will throw some nice wide structure for your herd and improve on utters. Please give me a call if you would like to know more$175 unregistered$75 weather$225 registered more
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Need Nigerian dwarf stud service ASAP


Farmington, UT | 6 Hours
I have a small nigerian dwarf goat that I need a stud service for. We would be willing to keep your goat at our house for one month or until they breed. We will provide the food, shelter, and water. We were looking for a buck with blue eyes and had brown or tan in his coat. I will pay you up to 25$ We were planning to breed her sometime this week.. The picture of the black and white goat is an old pic of our doe. We only have one female. (And a wether) The other two pics are of the perfect goat that we would be looking for. If you have any Buck that will be ready to breed soon we would love to see him, regardless of his eye or coat coloring. Text is best. Please send pics. Or measurements of the shoulder. Our goats are healthy and vaccinated. We will for sure take great care of your buck! more
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Raw Goat Milk


Payson, UT | 6 Hours
Hand milked, raw goat milk. This milk is 100% raw and unpasteurized. It is intended to be used for bummer kids/lambs or for soap making. Asking $6 per gallon bag. (about 100 fl oz) more
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Nice registered milk goats in milk now!


west valley, UT | 8 Hours
Nice purebred Nubian ADGA registered doe in milk she is 4 year old very friendly super easy to work with great doe giving easy a gallon a day asking 350 for her . Also have 2 year old oberhasli she is registered and is also in milk giving plenty of good milk should give a gallon a day right now she is at a bout 3/4 of a gallon very good looking doe easy to milk asking 350 . more
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Nice 4 year old registered lamancha doe


west valley, UT | 8 Hours
She is a very good heavy milker when in milk gives almost 2 gallons a day she is registered we have owned her for 3 years now she is a great mom but we barely got bred she should kid in august she very friendly loves the milk stand super easy to milk and gives plenty we just dont want to wait tell then for milk so decided to sell her like i said she should be pregnant was in with buck for over a month will have kid in august asking 350 more
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Miniature LaMancha Doe


Cove, UT | 10 Hours
This is a young Mini LaMancha that is about ready to wean her first kids. They were born February 18th. She has a beautiful udder and would make a nice milk goat for someone. She is also very friendly. She will be dewormed and vaccinated before she is sold. more
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Nigerian dwarf bucks, wethers pets and breeders!!


Enoch, UT | 11 Hours
This listing is for #2 RICK GRIMES (SEE OTHER LISTINGS BELOW Nigerian dwarf goats SUPER SALE #1 Sampson: proven Nigerian dwarf breeding buck 1 year old black with white splashes with blue eyes and disbudded . Very small makes great babies $150#2 Rick Grimes : 4 week old disbudded Nigerian dwarf buckling Blue eyes gorgeous grey, black, red, brown, white will make some amazing colorful babies!! Can still wether him but he would be a wonderful breder!!! $150 #3 Daryl Dixon: 4 week old disbudded Nigerian dwarf wether very sweet and loving will make an EXCELLENT PET he is mostly chocolate brown with white speckled ears, muzzle and a white stripe on his side $125#4 Little Carl Grimes: 1 day old Nigerian dwarf buckling (plan on disbudding and weathering) he was black when born but looks like he's turning brown (which I would expect as both parents are brown) with blue eyes .. already a lover will make a great pet $125 #5 Glen - 4 week old Nigerian dwarf disbudded wether brown with spotted white markings he is a super lover total pet!! $125 ***on hold***#6 Tyreece 4 week old Nigerian dwarf disbudded wether - black brown and patches of white all over super cute personality $125 ***on hold***We also have 1 more Nigerian dwarf to kid And 2 Alpine/ Nubians to kid in the next few weeks. ~All babies will drink milk until 8 weeks, I will allow them to go at 4 weeks if you ensure they will be bottle feed for at least 8 weeks! If your getting them for pets I recommend this to help bond them with you !! ~Deposits are non refundable and are typically half of the purchase price. My goats are typically taken very quickly as we keep them very human friendly and have the rare blue eyes, so if you want one better get a deposit down!! ~If marked "on hold" that means a deposit. Has been placed in them, but have not left yet. ~All goats are kept up with thier CAE shots all are disbudded unless requested otherwise very earlyBabies are done at 1 week and a booster at 5 weeks and adults are yearlyCare for goats : ~ Don't leave goats by themselves they always need a buddy!! So buy them in a pair or have another goat for them already.. they get very depressed and will bae all day in sadness (basically screams of sadness) ~have a fenced yard/ pasture and a large dog house or barn for them (or if placing a deposit make sure you have it in place before pick up) ~ secure your yearly hay supply early spring you'll get it cheaper! (PS they love table scraps or any filliage scraps!!) ~ they need a high selenium and high copper salt block in southern Utah, and I allow mine free feed loose mineral as well ~nursing mamas I give molasses grain Any questions call me 435-531-1242 more
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Nubian cross


Willard, UT | 11 Hours
Nubian crosss fresh nanies with kids no texts or emails more
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Baby Needs Bottle Feeding


West Haven, UT | 11 Hours
Mommy rejected this sweet doeling. Daisy is 6 days old. more
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Saanen billies out of 2gal+ a day milkers.


Levan, UT | 12 Hours
Would you like to up the volume of your milk production? These billies are from a high producing Saanen dairy goat line. Both kids are very big and strong they are built perfectly and could vesebly be used this fall. They have both been dehorned. As stated in the tilt, their mother, grandmother, and Aunts are 2+ gal a day milkers they have good temperaments and are a hardy. They were born March 21 and are on hay and grain. I haven't completely weened they yet but it wouldn't take much to do so. I'd like $200 each or $300 for both. OBOThey would made great pack animals, or weed control if you castrate them so they don't stink next year.I make a trip to Utah county every week and would be willing to meet you for an exchange.feel free to call, text, or email me with questions or offers. more
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Baby Nigerian Dwarf


Santaquin, UT | 12 Hours
We have lots of purebred Nigerian Dwarf kids for sale. Can take as bottle babies, or reserve until weaned. These kids have tons of personality and many colors to choose from. more
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ADGA Regesterable Nubian Buckling


Orem, UT | 15 Hours
Beautiful Nubian buckling! ADGA regestration papers all filled out. Comes from great milk lines on both sides. Grand Champion on his father's side. Mother tested CAE negative. He would be great to breed with this fall. He is about 5 weeks old and is getting a bottle 2x a day. He has done well on whole cows milk as well. more
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