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Goats for sale


Benson, UT | 6 Hours
Looking to sell my goats. Need to get rid of very soon because we are moving and can't take them with us. Very energetic, fun, loving goats. Please text me at anytime. more
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Lamoncha Doeling


Vernal, UT | 9 Hours
I have a 3 month old lamoncha Doeling for sale. I'm asking $125.00. She has been bottle fed and is very gentle more
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Lamoncha Doeling


Vernal, UT | 9 Hours
I have a 3 month old, gentle doeling for sale more
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Good-looking Nigerian Dwarf Buckling


Spanish Fork, UT | 10 Hours
We have a Nigerian Dwarf Buckling for sale for $100. Both parents were purebred, blue-eyed Nigerian Dwarf goats. He is white with spots of brown and blue eyes. Mother produces good milk, father has very soft fur. Is in-tact. Has been disbudded, but has little scurs. He was born on April 6th of this year, and has been weaned for a couple of weeks. Please CALL if you have any questions. We are located in Benjamin. more
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buck pygmy


Santaquin, UT | 10 Hours
short dude with a fro. more
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Female young fainting goat


hooper, UT | 10 Hours
Beautiful black and white female fainting goat. She is a miniature and is tiny. Born in early March. Registration papers are pending.Eyes are blue and brown marbled. Friendly, but has not been handled very much at all. Given a few days with some grain and petting and she will be in your pocket kind of goat. Born Horned, but was disbudded, so does not have horns. Selling because I've got more babies on the way and kept her half brother as my new billy. Let my loss be your gain, and add her genes to your herd.Asking $200 OBO. more
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Handsome Nigerian Dwarf Buckling


Spanish Fork, UT | 10 Hours
We have a beautiful Nigerian Dwarf buckling for sale for $150. Both parents are purebred, tri-colored, and blue-eyed Nigerian Dwarf goats. He is also tri-colored and blue-eyed. He is in-tact and disbudded (horn buds burned off). He would make a beautiful breeding buck. This is the buck of your does' dreams. His father was so soft and his mother produces great milk. He was born April 12th of this year and has been weaned for a couple of weeks now. Please CALL if you have any questions. We are located in Benjamin. more
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Handsome Nigerian Dwarf Buckling


Spanish Fork, UT | 10 Hours
We have a three-month old dwarf buckling for sale for $125. His father is a Nigerian Dwarf and his mother is a Pygmy. Both parents have fantastic genetics. Would make a wonderful buck. He is in-tact, and has been disbudded (his horn buds have been burned off). He was born in April, and was just weaned a week ago. He has blue eyes and beautiful off-white coloring. Please CALL for questions. We are located in Benjamin. more
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Purebred Nubian buckling


mt pleasant, UT | 11 Hours
He is a beautiful buckling but his related to my other females so I need to sell him or trade him for another one more
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2 Male Goats


Lehi, UT | 11 Hours
2 Male Goats for 75$. more
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Pet Pygmy Goat Kids


cedar city, UT | 12 Hours
The time has come again for our friendly pygmy goat's kids to go on finding forever homes from our amazing stock it took us years to breed them to this size. we have beautiful colors and lots of blue eyes in this years group. Having lots to choose from (around 30 kids) we have bucks and does and we can neuter the bucks for you. pygmy goats are great pets,weed eaters, they are affordable to keep and maintain and compare to other breeds of goats they live the longest also they are hardy and tough for our mountain seasons no big barns or sheds required all they need are doghouses. price is $150 If your interested and or have questions please call me at 435-592-3560 or at 435-592-6494 PLEASE CALLS ONLY THANKS more
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Show Nigerian Buck


Logan, UT | 12 Hours
Gruffalo is a registered Nigerian Dwarf buck. He is extremely sweet and very easy to handle. For the last two years he's done very well in the UDGA show, coming in second both times. The judges love his dairy strength. He passes on long necks and very straight legs to his kids. His son went first in the Junior bucks this year. He has blue eyes. Blue eyes is dominant so you'll have a 50% chance of blue eyes with a brown eyed doe. Must go to a good home!!!Prefer text. more
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Boer Goat Buck


grantsville, UT | 12 Hours
3 month old Boer goat buck with a super sweet disposition needs a new home as he cannot breed with any of our females because he is related to them. more
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Heber, UT | 13 Hours
Would be a good weed eater more
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Wether Goat


Heber, UT | 13 Hours
Would make a nice meat or weed eater. more
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Comercial Buck Prospect


Idaho Falls, ID | 13 Hours
This boy is by a fullblood black buck and out of a lamancha doe. He could add milk production as well as meat to your kids! Dam comes from heavy milking show goats. Sire is a massive boer buck. Can also be wethered. 150Email or text, if you call PLEASE leave a message more
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MDGA Miniature Lamancha Dairy Doeling


Downey, ID | 13 Hours
This cutie is registered with MDGA and comes from a powerful milking background. She is disbudded (no horns) and was bottle raised, but weaned and eating hay now. She is very fun and loves playing with our two year old son.Email or text, if you call PLEASE leave a message more
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ABGA/USBGA Fullblood Black Boer Buck


Idaho Falls, ID | 13 Hours
Jack is a huge and striking fullblood black buck. His registered name is Bearcat Boers Jack of Clubs. He is ABGA 10660189 DNA Tested and USBGA 10660189 Registered. CAE, CL, and Johnes tested Negative. He is a proven producer. $800Email or text is best 208 403 3866 If you call leave a message, tired of the spammers ;) Thanks! more
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ABGA Moonspotted Doe Possibly Bred


Idaho Falls, ID | 13 Hours
ABGA 10729482 SAB2 Fire Opal Percentage 75% Boer/Lamancha. This lovely doe has been exposed to a fullblood Black boer. $350 more
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Two Boer Doelings


Shelley, ID | 13 Hours
I have two red headed ABGA registerable boer doelings. The first doe, Lace, is a 75% twin. The other doe, Tiny Thing (named off of Storks), is out of an 88% doe so I will look up what percent that makes her. They were both sired by the fullblood black buck pictured. $250 each or $400 for both.Email or text 208 403 3866 (If you call leave a message, thanks) more
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Nubian milking doe


St. George, UT | 14 Hours
2.5 yr old registered Nubian milking doe. To be honest we don't know much about her. We bought a herd of 12 goats and we are selling her because she has horns. She is nice and sweet and wants to be petted but is scared all at the same time. We are starting to bring her on the milking stand to be milked but she is not a fan. She has a baby by her side that is 4 months that still has been milking on her. I know she still has milk because we have been trying to milk her but I don't know how much she gives. Breeding season is just starting, it would be perfect timing to buy her and refreshen her in the next couple months. Her sac is nice size. Her teats are nice and big, her orphases are good and the milk flows out nicely-on one side. One side is slower and maybe feels a little clogged?? I don't know. Maybe it's because she only has one baby and the baby only liked taking one teat? Her udder/teats is a little lopsided due to only having one baby this last time around. I know this is her second kidding. I know she is a purebred and registered Nubian, her and the buck we bought were registered but we don't have her papers. Located in Bloomington. $175 more
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Pygmy/Nigerian Dwarf Billy


spanish fork, UT | 14 Hours
I have a cute male Intact goat he was born on April first I just don't need him I have 3 Billy's he is friendly for any questions call or text at 3853355352 more
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Registered Pygmy Doeling


Goshen, UT | 14 Hours
Two year old purebred Pygmy. She has been raised with my horses and chickens. She is very good with dogs and other animals. She loves to eat under the horse and steal the chicken food. I have a 2 year old daughter that she likes playing with. I am selling my home and sadly I am not able to keep her. Please call or text if you have any questions. more
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Milk goats


Herriman, UT | 15 Hours
I have some goats that I am currently milking that I am looking to sell. Asking 150 each. Good milkers more
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