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10 Gallon Backdrop


North Ogden, UT | 46 Mins
Background picture for 10 gallon tank. Great shape. more
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Air Pump


North Ogden, UT | 46 Mins
Dual outlet air pump. more
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Blue Gravel And Pink Decor


North Ogden, UT | 46 Mins
$5 Enough blue gravel for 10 gallon tank. Pink coral airstone bubbler and fake plant included. more
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Coralife Freshwater Aqualight T5


North Ogden, UT | 46 Mins
48" Coralife Aqualight T5 lamp for aquarium or fish tank. Only about a year old. Works great for my 55gal growing plants. Very low profile and has nice adjustable feet to extend to a slightly larger or smaller tank. Photo shows what it looks like on my tank. more
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Red Cherry Shrimp


North Ogden, UT | 46 Mins
Juvenile red cherry shrimp, 2 months old, 1-1.5 cm long. Very hardy and breed readily in fresh water tanks. They prefer harder water and a sponge filter (or a sponge cover over the filter intake). These max out at 1-1.5" so they will be eaten by larger fish like mollies. But they are happy and spend lots of time out and about in my tank with neon tetras, hatchet fish, and cories. Medium grade $2 each. Clear $1 eachI can include a small wad of Java moss for $3 if you want. (It's their favorite, a fast, easy to grow plant). The second photo shows my three adult cherries out and happy in my main display tank. They hid all the time when I had mollies in there with them. more
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10 Gallon Fish Tank


west jordan, UT | 1 Hour
10 gallon fish tank great set up and ready for anyone that is just starting out and needs a great tank for their new fish. Call or text for more information. more
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Solid Wood Oak Ebony Walnut Aquarium/TV Stand


Draper, UT | 1 Hour
Solid Wood Oak Ebony Walnut Aquarium/TV Stand Refinished Ebony Walnut color stained.Beautiful very sturdy good quality piece.H36 W32 D16 more
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Utah koi rescue


Taylorsville, UT | 10 Hours
Utah Koi Rescue is a not-for-profit operation run entirely by a dedicated team of volunteers who donate their time free of charge. We are NOT a business and, without exception, none of the Koi we rescue will ever be sold.If you are moving and cannot take your Koi with you, if you have an overstocked pond, or if you are looking to close down your pond and need a forever home for your Koi we can help! We help abandoned or unwanted pond fish, in Utah and surrounding areas. We have several years of experience in handling and moving large fish. If you have pond fish and are moving and don't know what to do with them or if you are unable to care for them anymore we will come out and safely catch them, transport and re-home them for no charge. We will care for your koi better then any fish store in town until they have an approved new home ( I don't resell ). Please don't leave your pond fish to fend for themselves. Call or text anytime. 385 439-8114 Anna more
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Jelly fish tank


Clearfield, UT | 10 Hours
Everything included never used more
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Lima Shovelnose Catfish


Cottonwood Heights, UT | 11 Hours
He's about 5 inches. Eats and swims healthy more
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Bumblebee cichlid free


Orem, UT | 12 Hours
Bumblebee cichlid for free. He's my littlest one and he is not growing right fast and he is getting picked on so I need to get rid of him to a good home more
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112 Gallon Fish Tank / Aquarium


Kamas, UT | 12 Hours
112 gallon acrylic fish tank with stand, canopy and sump with 160 swc protein skimmer. Text me if you have any questions. Cash only. more
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Tropheus Brichardi Karilani sell/trade


Fruit Heights, UT | 12 Hours
These guys are very rare in the states. I have about 30 of them available, and they range from 1"-2". The parents are grey with yellow fins. Quantity discounts available. Will also consider trading the group for a drilled 75 gallon setup, high end pellet gun, or compound bow. more
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Red tail catfish


mapleton, UT | 12 Hours
7 inches in size more
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Two Dragon bloods for 15.00


South Ogden, UT | 12 Hours
two for 15.00 or ten each if you just want one please call or text me at 801-603-5097 thanks David more
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75 gallon Tank and Stand w/fish


Smithfield, UT | 13 Hours
75 gal tank, stand, marineland canister filter, aqua marine filter, everything you need to maintain tank. All cleaning supply. My work is keepinng me from caring for the fish, more
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Cichlid tank 60gal.


Brigham City, UT | 13 Hours
Established 60 gal cichlid tank. Comes with everything you see, 2 ob cichlids,2 julies, 2 bushy nose plecos. Aquatop canister filter, marineland skimmer, wave maker. Newer heater, marineland programmable light (blue and white lights), stand, cleaning supplies and more. $325.00 or best offer gets you everthing. Text works best, can call also. Cash only. Need gone, make an offer. Thanks for looking. more
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25 baby Cichlid's Neolamprologus brichardi


Nsl, UT | 14 Hours
Cichlid fish keep having babies and not enough room for them in our fish tank.Contact Dave @ 801759-3715 or Gina more
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55 Gallon aqarium with stand and extra 25 gallon


Spanish Fork, UT | 14 Hours
55 Gallon aquarium that has a stand with magnetic glass door on front for storage..$80 cash firm. Must pick up. Text preferred... Aquarium measures 30" Wide 18" Deep and 25' Tall. I am also adding in a 25 gallon aquarium with it if interested... more
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60 Gallon aquarium and stand/lights/filter/gravel


Spanish Fork, UT | 14 Hours
60 gallon tank comes with hood/lighting and stand. Been a great tank just combined 2 tanks into one larger one. Also includes the gravel inside and a Aquaclear 110 filter. $110 cash firm. Text preferred Tank measures 48inches wide 25 inches Tall 12.5 inches Deep more
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135 Gal Rimless Tank


Herriman, UT | 14 Hours
135 gallon rimless fish tank holds water, no leaks. more
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65 Gallon Red Sea Reef Tank with Oceanic chiller


sandy, UT | 16 Hours
Lots of coral, couple of fish. Rock. Oceanic chiller. Filters. Heaters. CardinalYellow tangPeppermint ShrimpMaybe a yellow gobie? Look at pics. It is my son's tank. He is leaving home in August. Lots of supplies. Currently having a long hair algae due to not enough care. Height 57"Width 37.5"Depth 22"Text for info. I will tell you what I can. more
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5.5 Gallon fish Tank NEEDS TO BE GONE TODAY


Sandy, UT | 16 Hours
Has fish included and food along with tank and filter rocks plants ECT works great only needs a new filter pad which is about 4$ at the pet store NEEDS TO BE GONE TODAY more
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Jelly fish tank


Clearfield, UT | 16 Hours
Gone as soon as possible. Shoot me an offer. Comes with everything you need to get started with. more
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