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West Jordan, UT | 5 Hours
She is 8 weeks old and not fixed.. Doesnt have her shots yet.. But was told about ifa selling shots for you to do yourself for 10 bucks.. I think is the viruses kinds... She will come with her food, toys, treats, litter and litter box, scratching postThis is not a really bad desl considering the shelter will make you pay more for kittens if they go to shelter more
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Ben the cat, free to a good home.


Syracuse, UT | 7 Hours
This is Ben, he is de-clawed, litter box trained and loves attention. He is the pur-fect lazy cat for the home bodied person. more
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Rare Orange Female Kitten


Layton, UT | 7 Hours
The kids are ready to sell their kittens. These sweet babies are 7 weeks old and eat like champs. They are girls. Almost all orange kitties are male so this is a rare treat! They get hours of attention every day and the come running for loves. They will be fantastic family pets. All are litter box trained. Feel free to call or send me a text. Thanks! more
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Exotic Short Haired Persian x manx female


Glenwood, UT | 8 Hours
very nice female, Rumpie tail. dark stripped Tabby. Very impressive female. de wormed, litter box trained. eating good , loves canned food but is eating dry too. will be in american fork area on Sat morning, 4/29/2017 at 9:00 am will bring her if you make plans prior. more
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Exotic Short Haired Persian x manx female


Glenwood, UT | 8 Hours
Long tailed manx X Exotic short haired Persian. de wormed, litter box trained. ready to go this weekend 6 weeks. will be in american fork this saturday morning 4/29 if interested. more
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Exotic Short Haired Persian x manx female


Glenwood, UT | 8 Hours
This little female is quite impressive. She looks 100% Persian. She does have a tail. She has all the traits as a pure persian including lazy chubby, She is eating well , she likes her canned food and dry. Litter trained and ready to go, will be 6 weeks old this weekend. Will deliver to american fork area this saturday morning at 9:00 am if you make arrangements. She is pick of litter. has been de wormed. more
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Exotic Short Haired Persian x manx female


Glenwood, UT | 8 Hours
Very nice female grey Tabby. nice short face. short tail rumpie more
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Exotic Short Haired Persian x manx female


Glenwood, UT | 8 Hours
Orange calico flashy short tailed female . Will be coming to American Fork area Sat morning at 9:00am4/29/17 if interested. Dad is a Exotic Short Haired Persian mother is short tailed Manx Parents pic included. more
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5 year old tuxedo cat


Ogden, UT | 10 Hours
Trying to get this cat to a new home. more
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2 8 Week Old Kittens!


Kaysville, UT | 11 Hours
The darker one is male the lighter one is female. I need hem gone asap I'm asking 60 obo. Text anytime! more
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New born kittens and mom


Ephraim, UT | 11 Hours
Fluffy had three kittens that are a week old. Fluffy is a beautiful loving cat who is litter trained. We are moving north for the summer and can't take her and her new litter with us. We are leaving tomorrow evening and they need to be in a good home by then. Text me for pictures and more information. The listed price of 110 dollars is for the whole family. more
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Purebreed Persian kittens


Blackfoot, ID | 12 Hours
Cats are located in Blackfoot, ID., what I have is 4 FEMALE, PUREBRED, EXTREME FLAT FACE, with the rare BEAUTIFUL SMOKED FUR, PERSIAN KITTENS that are 8 weeks and ready for new loving homes!!!! Both parents are here and ONLY indoor cats. I'll make the last couple pictures of them. And trust me, pictures do not do these persians justice. I tried my best to show their amazing fluffy coats, beautiful markings, smoked fur, and their extreme FLAT faces. They are 8 weeks as of 4/22, have all been eating solid food, and been using the litter box for the past couple weeks so they're pretty good on bein potty trained. They got vet checked today (monday) and their first groom is tomorrow!! The little solid grey girl is gonna be identical to her momma. Real flat face with the solid grey smoke fur!! THE SMOKE FUR is when the tips are real dark and it's really white underneath, u can kinda see it in the pic of her momma. The black/white baby girl is gonna be identical to her daddy. Real flat face, with black, white, and kind of an orangish/copper color markings and her front leg has a white stripe on it, just like her daddy's!!!The extremely flat, half grey and half white faced girl is amazing. Her whole top half is a real light grey smoked fur and her underneath is solid white. Her body matches her face haha!!And last but not least is the little teddy bear faced looking one. Shes awesome with a real good blend of the white and grey smoked fur. Her all white chest looks great when shes sittin up against the rest of her grey coat. All of these kittens personalities are wonderful! A really social, affectionate, and easy to love breed of cats. If ur not familiar tho, THIS BREED REQUIRES LOTS OF ATTENTION.....including being brushed and their eyes wiped (daily is best to stay on top of it). They are an EXTREMELY furry and FLUFFY breed of cats!!! Please, please, PLEASE, check into them b4 u want to rehome one just to make sure u have the time and the love that they require. And also to verify what they go for. Papered or not, they aren't very cheap and not seen around here very often either, which I love that!! These kittens aren't papered, their parents parents were, and i can show u 3 generations of these on the mothers side cuz my sister has her mom too! These kittens will require a rehoming fee with a delivery option to some surrounding areas, with a non refundable deposit that will come off the total rehoming fee of course. I dont want to drive all the way there with the poor little kitten and then peoples minds change. I'd like to make sure, that you are sure and your home can handle this breed. It'll just be the rehoming fee without a delivery fee, with a deposit to hold and I will update status of set kitten to "rehomed" if u want to come pick her up or make ur own arrangements. I think I've covered everything but if not, please text or call 2082434891 with any questions, concerns, or interest. Thank u so much for takin the time to read ALL of this!! I love these cats and want to make sure they all go to good homes again. I get pics, chat and share questions or ideas and things that work with the kittens owners from previous litters and enjoy keeping in touch. I have lots and lots of pics from birth to now if u would like to see more. Thanks again more
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Ogden, UT | 12 Hours
Male, he's very clean very respectful and quiet more
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Luna 2 Year Old Cat


Brigham City, UT | 14 Hours
She was a stay that was found pregnant. We took her in. We wanted to keep her but upon finding out that I am pregnant, we need to down size on the animals we have. She's very sweet and cuddly, loves kids, it take her a while to warm up to new animals but give her time. She is litter box trained. Not fixed yet. I am just asking a small rehoming fee of 20$ to ensure she goes to a good home. However that can be negotiated to the right person if needed. :) She used to be an outdoor and indoor cat but has recently just been indoors. She's about 2 years old approximately. Let me know if you're interested! more
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Sphynx kittens


Burley, ID | 14 Hours
We have 3 Sphynx / hairless kittens ready for homes! 13 weeks old. They are neutered, and have had both rounds of shots and wormer.. Very sweet and loving. Do great with baths and nail trimming, and are fully litter trained. Please do your research when considering a sphynx,. They have different needs than a regular house cat.. call or text. $1,100 cash ea, or will discount if you would like 2 kitties. They love to have a playmate. (pictures don't show true colors very well, but they are very pretty)Actually located near Caldwell, ID , but travel to the Burley, ID area all the time, so if your coming from out of state we can figure something out.. more
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South Salt Lake City, UT | 14 Hours
Baby kittens ready to go Saturday more
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Need Cat Gone!


Alpine, UT | 14 Hours
I hadn't realized how allergic I was to cats prior to getting this one.i need it gone as soon as possible. Litter and food provided as well as a cat crate for easy to carry transportation. more
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Kitti & Coco Looking For A New Home 7 Yrs Old


Midvale, UT | 15 Hours
Sweetest cats I've ever known! I have too many friends and family members that are allergic to them or I'd keep them. Indoor cats. Completely liter trained. Declawed. Spay and neutered. Orange and white cat (kitti) is a male. Black and grey cat is a female (coco). They are the best of friends. Chill super cuddly lazy house cats. They've lived with just me since they were kittens. Good with pretty much everyone. Don't love dogs buts just avoid mine. I prefer they go together since they love each other so much but that's not a deal breaker. I'll give them to someone for free so long as I know they're going to a happy loving home! more
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New Cat Litter tray with high sides


Bountiful, UT | 15 Hours
Brand new cat litter box with high sides (removable). broken piece in front only because I was trying to squeeze this to fit down beside the bathroom toilet but it didn't fit :( Never used!!!! You could put a blanket over the top to make a place for a pet to sleep too. $5. Bountiful. more
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6 year old beautiful cat


Mapleton, UT | 15 Hours
Trying to find a home for our 6 year old cat we are moving to a condo with no pets allowed it is white and very well trained to go in its litter box more
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Cat Super Adoption-Orem!!!


Orem, UT | 16 Hours
Come meet dozens of adoptable cats and kittens this Saturday at Petco in Orem. 11-5pm more
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Orange kitty


Herriman, UT | 18 Hours
I am trying to find a good home for this sweet kitty where he will gets lots of love and attention. He is 3 years old and has very good manners. (Doesn't get on kitchen table/counters, and doesn't scratch furniture.) Loves being around people, but doesn't sit on laps. He is mostly an indoor cat, but likes to play in the backyard a little during the day, but mostly likes to be where people are. He would prefer a home that has kids no younger than about 5 that will be kind to him (although he does tolerate young kids very well and rarely scratches). Or no kids at all would be fine too. And no dogs or cats. He comes with everything you need: a litter box, cat sand, food, a brush, some toys, cat scratching post and few other miscellaneous items. He has been fixed. We are trying to find him a new home for a friend that couldn't have him anymore. My 4 kids (ages 10, 8, 6, & 2) and I really like him but, sadly we can't take on anymore responsibilities and my husband wants him gone. more
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8 Week Old Male Kitten!


Kaysville, UT | 22 Hours
Beautiful little male kitten, he's super scared at first but once he gets to know you he's the sweetest thing in the world. He cuddles up with me nonstop I love him to death but my cat just had kittens and I can't keep him! Asking 60 obo. Text anytime! more
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Help us find Spike! Siamese Mix PLEASANT GROVE!


Pleasant Grove, UT | 1 Day
SPIKE is a LARGE neutered male. White with a large TAN PATCH on his back. He has BLACK ears/tail. Black spots under his nose and black mask around his BLUE EYES. He went missing from our house early morning on April 5 near 1210 E and 400 S in PG. Search dogs tracked his scent to Anderson Park at approx 950 E and 100 S in PG. We've had 1 possible sighting 1680 E near Cherokee Dr in Pleasant Grove, UT. We miss him so much. Please check your sheds, garage, trailers, bushes, window wells, wood piles, etc. Thank you so much for your help, your positive thoughts and/or prayers.$100 REWARD FOR ANY INFO LEADING TO SPIKES LOCATION AND RETURN. more
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